Construction, Planning and Environmental Information

2013 Parking Lot Improvements

Review parking facility infrastructure for repair, renewal or replacement - regular annual program for updating the surface lots and garage.

2013 Terminal & Airfield Construction

Refurbish of Passenger Loading Bridges

This project will provide for the refurbishment of existing jet way loading bridges.  This refurbishment program will continue the useful life of this important equipment.

Project Funding: Local Funding

Rehabilitate Taxiways A1, A3 and N

This project rehabilitates three of the existing exit taxiways from Runway 4-22, the primary Airport runway.  Taxiways A-3 and A-4 were constructed in the 1960's and require major structural rehabilitation to the existing asphalt pavement.  Taxiway A-1 will be reviewed for conformance to current design standards for pavement width and it is proposed that the concrete pavement be rehabilitated and widened should this be required to meet standards.  Work on both Taxiways will include drainage, lighting, signage and markings.

Project Funding: FAA Grant

Project Period: January - December 2013

General Aviation Apron Rehabilitation

This project rehabilitates and reconstructs the existing aircraft aprons on the south side of the airfield and will include pavement, drainage improvements, electrical improvements and pavement markings.  The configuration of pavement in this area of the airport has evolved by combining former runways, taxiways, aircraft parking and vehicle parking lots.  These paved areas need to be reconfigured to improve safety for both aircraft and vehicle movements.

Project Funding: FAA Grant

Project Period: January - July 2013

EMAS System Improvements

This project rehabilitates the Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) located in the Runway 28 overrun at the west end of Runway 10-28.  This product provides for the deceleration of aircraft that were unable to stop on the runway during their operations.  The design aircraft and runway geometry has changed since the system was installed in 2001. 

 Project Funding: FAA Grant

Project Period: January - December 2013

Tunnel Lighting Re-fit

This project will replace the existing lighting located in the Runway Safety Area (RSA) tunnels that run between Scottsville Road and the ROC Terminal Roadway, along I-390.

Project Funding: Local Funding

Project Period: May - December 2013

1500 Gallon ARFF Vehicle

This project will provide for the purchase of replacement equipment to be used for airport firefighting and rescue.  This scheduled and planned heavy equipment replacement program allows the Airport's airfield to remain operational and functional year round.

Project Funding: FAA Grant

Fuel Farm Operations Building

This project will construct a new 700 SF fuel farm operations building including site work, architectural structure, mechanical, plumbing and electrical work.

Project Funding: Local Funding

Project Period: August - December 2013

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