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FAQs-Frequently asked questions for difficult to manage items. Many of your questions can be answered here or by using the ecopark Prospector search tool to the right.
When do you need a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) appointment?  The only time you need an appointment is when you have an item listed under HHW on the Special Collection event list. All other items may be dropped off during operating hours except fee-based services (refrigerant-containing appliances and passenger vehicle tires) and unwanted medications. Those items can only be dropped off on a Special Collection day but no appointment is necessary.

Who can use the ecopark? The facility can be used by Monroe County households/residents only (no businesses, nonprofits, churches or out-of-county households/residents).
Does the ecopark accept tires? Yes, the ecopark does take passenger vehicle tires. There is a $3 per tire charge for this service (only credit or debit cards accepted for payment). Follow this link to Special Collection event schedule. No appointment is necessary but, you must come on a Special Collection event day.
Does the ecopark accept unwanted medications? Yes, the ecopark will accept phamaceutical waste from Monroe County residents (no businesses) only. Law enforcement staff must be on-hand when medications are accepted during Special Collection days only--no appointment is required. There are other places in Monroe County for residents to bring medications. Click here for a listing of these and for a full schedule of Special Collection days. Empty prescription bottles are accepted during all operating hours.
Does the ecopark accept paint? Yes, the ecopark takes paint through the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) program. Any volume of oil-based paint or more than 1/3 of a can of latex paint can be taken to the ecopark HHW program on Special Collection event days with an appointment (less than 1/3-can of latex paint should be dried out and placed in the garbage with the lid removed). Please follow this link to make an appointment on the HHW Scheduler.
Does the ecopark accept yard waste? At the present time, the ecopark does not accept yard waste for composting. An alternative to disposal would be to set up a small composting area in your yard. There are many informative composting sites ( available on the internet to help you through this.
What # plastics does the ecopark accept? The Monroe County Recycling Center now accepts plastics numbered 1 through 7. These can be put in your curbside recycling bins ( or brought to the ecopark during operating hours and placed in the appropriate container. Bulky plastics (Rubbermaid storage units, large Little Tykes toys, playground parts, infant car seats, lawn furniture, etc.) are also accepted at the ecopark.
Does the ecopark accept propane tanks? Residents are encouraged to reuse propane tanks or to join an exchange program. However, the ecopark will accept one and 20-pound propane tanks during operating hours.
Do we accept household hazardous waste (i.e. chemicals, cleaners, oil, pesticides, etc.)? The ecopark does have a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) program. If you have HHW items, you need an appointment which can be made via the Scheduler or by calling 753-7600 (Option #3). Used motor oil should be taken to service stations that change oil, which are required to take it by state law free-of-charge. Items acceptable at the HHW program are listed on the Special Collection events page.
Does the ecopark recycle yard waste? No, the ecopark does not perform this task. If you have further questions about yard waste composting, contact your local municipality.
Does the ecopark shred confidential documents, or mail?  The ecopark does accept documents for shredding. During business hours, you can bring your documents to the ecopark where they will be locked in secure storage until removed by a contracted shredding company. 
Does cardboard need to be broken down? Yes, just like the curbside recycling program, your cardboard should be broken down as much as possible.
Does the ecopark recycle gas-powered lawn mowers, or other landscaping equipment? Residential equipment will be accepted at the ecopark if all fluids have been properly drained (drained fluids are accepted at ecopark HHW collections).
Does the ecopark accept old gasoline and gas/oil mixes? Yes, the ecopark takes old gasoline and gas/oil mixes from residents—an appointment is required.
Does the ecopark accept old empty gas cans? Old gas cans are either metal or plastic. In either case, they have contained flammable material and cannot be accepted at the ecopark.
Does the ecopark accept old appliances with Freon still in them? Freon-containing appliances need to be brought to the ecopark during Special Collections with no appointment necessary. A licensed professional remove the Freon and the metal be recycled. A $15 fee will be charged and credit or debit cards are the only accepted type of payment.
Is there a business for Freon removal? Yes, most heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) companies can refer you to someone who can do this.
Who takes alkaline batteries? Household alkaline batteries may be disposed in the garbage. The ecopark will not accept alkaline batteries. If you would like to recycle your alkaline batteries, Waste Management—a partner in the ecopark project—has a fee-based mail-in program. Information on the program is located at this website: Additionally, Batteries Plus accepts alkaline batteries for recycling for a fee of $1 per pound (1100 Jefferson Road - 14623).
Does the ecopark accept used motor oil? No. State law requires service stations that change oil to accept used motor oil free-of-charge.
Does the ecopark accept 55 gallon drum containers - with unknown product? No—please contact the HHW coordinator at 753-7553 for information on how to handle situations like this.
Does the ecopark accept Computers/Radios/TV, VCR-just about any electronic items? Yes, we can take these items at the ecopark during any operating hours. You can also use the Prospector tool to search for other locations to take this material.
Will the ecopark pick items up? The ecopark program does not include pickup service. There may be a few companies/charities that will pick up certain materials, go to the Prospector and look for pick-up services on the results page.
Why do I need an appointment? Appointments are required for you to drop-off all Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW). Appointments are necessary to help gauge staffing levels and for safety. If you have any item listed under HHW, then you must have an appointment.
Where are you located? The ecopark is located at 10 Avion Drive, Chili, NY 14624. You can get driving directions and a map at this link.
Does the ecopark accept household garbage? No, the ecopark does not accept garbage, only recyclable materials and Household Hazardous Waste. Our partner Waste Management of NY operates two landfills within Monroe County: and are the websites for these locations.
Does the ecopark accept compact fluorescent light bulbs, cleaners, propane tanks, mercury (thermometers)? Yes, see the Items Accepted listing.
Does the ecopark accept mulch from tree stumps that were ground up? The ecopark does not take mulch or other organic material.
Does the ecopark accept Styrofoam? Yes, CLEAN, WHITE packing-type Styrofoam is accepted including packing peanuts (in plastic bags) and block-type protective packaging (i.e. for electronic components)--no tape or stickers allowed. Meat trays, egg cartons, take-out containers, cups, etc. ARE NOT accepted. Styrofoam is a very difficult material to recycle. Our recommendation is to look for alternatives when purchasing products that are packed in Styrofoam.

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