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Car Batteries

Car Batteries Information: It is illegal in New York to dispose of a car battery in the trash. Car batteries must be recycled, and NYS law requires RETAILERS (AutoZone, etc.) to accept, free-of-charge, up to two used batteries per month from any individual. When buying a new battery, a $5 surcharge is included. Return the old battery when purchasing a new one to avoid the surcharge.

Check with your local municipality (city, town, or village) as some departments of public works will accept car batteries when dropped off.

Scrap yards may take batteries as well (call first).

General Automotive Information: Automotive care items (ranging from batteries, fluids, fuel, cleaners and waxes) have a variety of options for recycling or proper disposal. NYS law requires service stations that change oil and certain major oil retailers to accept used motor from residents. Similarly, vehicle batteries must also be accepted by retailers (conditions apply). Automotive fluids such as brake, power steering, and transmission fluids; antifreeze, gasoline, diesel, and gas/oil mixes; cleaners and waxes will be accepted at Monroe County's HHW facility at the ecopark; appointment required. Please click here to access the HHW scheduler.


80 Steel Street
Rochester, NY 14606
Ben Weitsman of Rochester
Phone: (585) 254-0360  
(formerly Genesee Scrap)
1515 Scottsville Road
Rochester, NY 14623
Metalico Rochester Inc.
Phone: (585) 436-0713  
3848 Union Street
North Chili, NY 14514
Union Processing Corp.
Phone: (585) 594-1600  

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