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It's all about AWARENESS. It is our job as a community to take care of our surroundings, but often times we neglect to realize the impact our actions have on the environment in which we live. By choosing to become more proactive as a whole, citizens can effectively raise awareness among the public and open people’s eyes to the constant changes in the environment. The Department of Environmental Services is committed to helping improve our community, and it all begins with education.

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Kid's Corner


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Teacher's Corner

The children are the future of our society, and if they can be made aware that their actions affect the world around them, they can have a significant impact on the well-being of the community. When it comes to educating students about the environment, it is important to keep things fun and interesting. Kids need the opportunity and freedom to explore “outside of the box.” The Department of Environmental Services has done its best to research and produce new and exciting ways for them to learn about the world around them.


Experiential Education

By creating interest and allowing participation, hands-on learning typically stimulates students’ curiosity and receptiveness more than reading alone. Rather than having a single project for an entire class, students should be encouraged to define several projects related to a specific topic and work together in small groups. Students will begin to develop a more vested interest in their community when they can participate in aspects that interest them.

Pre and post-assessment activities are a useful tool for evaluating student learning and progress. The pre-assessment tool can be as simple as posing a carefully crafted question to students. At the end of the project/activity, students are asked to respond to the same question/scenario. From their reflective works, students can also be encouraged to discuss the importance of sharing their knowledge and experiences.




Effective Service Learning

SERVICE LEARNING is a combination of teaching, learning, and reflecting, while at the same time benefiting the community as a whole. It can establish clear educational goals that require the application of concepts, content, and skills from academic disciplines, while involving students in the construction of their own knowledge. Service Learning engages students in tasks that challenge them cognitively and developmentally, in addition to meeting genuine needs in the school or community.


Programs / Activities

Ink Jet & Cartridge Recycling

Reuse-A-Shoe Program

Elementary Activities (K-5)

Intermediate Activities (6-8)

Secondary Activities (9-12)


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