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Welcome to Monroe County, New York!

We’re a community of innovators on the cutting edge of scientific research and discovery; a community of artists featuring world-renowned performers, a top-flight orchestra and one of the nation’s premier schools of music; a community of entrepreneurs home to some of the world’s best known brands and fastest growing startups. But most importantly, we’re a community with limitless potential and endless possibilities.

We like to say we’re the best mid-sized community in America!

A Community of Innovators

Picture of downtown Rochester.Ever since George Eastman invented commercial photography, Monroe County has been a world leader in imaging technology. Today, we’re not only on the cutting edge of imaging, but biotechnology, telecommunications, optics, photonics, and much more. In fact, we rank among the top three communities in the nation in the number of patents granted per capita. Monroe County and the City of Rochester are home to the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology, two of the finest research institutions in the nation. The discoveries made on the campuses and research centers in our community have led to the development of new medical treatments and more powerful computer chips, and have helped the scientific world move forward by enhancing understanding in the fields of physics, biology, and chemistry.

Our goal as a community is to turn these discoveries into new industries—creating jobs and enhancing our quality of life. See Related Links for information on how you or your business can help us to meet this goal.

A Community of Artists

Picture of the Eastman Theatre.The clatter of an orchestra tuning up, the grace and beauty of world-class dance, the laughter of an audience—these are the sights and sounds of Monroe County. We’re home to the world-renowned Garth Fagan Dance Company, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, the Rochester Broadway Theater League, the Downstairs Cabaret, the Memorial Art Gallery, the Rochester City Ballet—well, you get the picture. We love the arts here and there’s always something to experience from the biggest shows to the latest up and coming artists.Our community is home to the Eastman School of Music, one of the top music schools in the country and many of its students perform in the historic and world-renowned Eastman Theatre.

Here in Monroe County, we are confident that our quality of life is second to none.

A Community of Entrepreneurs

Picture of polar bear at the Seneca Park Zoo.

Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb—some the world’s most recognizable names in business make their home in Monroe County. However, we’re also home to smaller and fast growing firms like PaeTec Communications and Harris Interactive. Most importantly, we have a diverse economy that’s fully integrated into the global marketplace–which is why companies from our area export more products to foreign markets than 40 entire states! As County Executive, I have been proud to lead a county government that is committed to keeping taxes stable and working with businesses to locate or expand here and create jobs. In Monroe County, we’ve put jobs first; working to keep property taxes stable for 10 straight years and developing a package of economic incentive programs that is one of the most competitive in the nation.

By the way, did I mention that we have five of the top 100 school districts in America and the typical commute is less than 21 minutes?

What are you waiting for? If you looking to expand or relocate your business, look no further than Monroe County.

Limitless Potential, Endless Possibilities

Monroe County is a great place to live, work and raise a family. But the best part about living in Monroe County is that our best is yet to come. We’re dedicated to improving our community and looking for new faces, new friends, and new ideas to keep our community moving forward.

Thanks for visiting the! Feel free to contact us to let us know what you think.

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About County Executive Maggie Brooks

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks has earned a reputation as a dedicated and respected leader since being sworn in as Monroe County’s fifth County Executive on January 1, 2004. She is the first woman to lead the County of Monroe since its establishment in 1821, garnering a decisive 65 percent of the vote in her first election. Well-known for her fiscally responsible leadership and commitment to best serving the interests of local taxpayers, she was re-elected to a second term in 2007 by a resounding 74 percent of the vote — the largest margin of victory by a candidate for Monroe County Executive in history

As County Executive, Maggie is the chief executive officer for Monroe County, a chartered county government with an annual operating budget of $932 Million, a workforce of nearly 4,500 employees, and a population of 744,000. Maggie oversees a broad range of governmental operations which affect the safety, health, and general wellbeing of the local community and its residents.

Upon taking office as County Executive in 2004, Maggie made putting taxpayers first her Administration’s overall top priority. Due to her long-standing commitment to fiscal-responsibility, Maggie’s first three Monroe County Budgets all held the line on overall spending and kept the property tax rate flat. Her fourth budget lifted the burden of Medicaid from the shoulders of County property taxpayers and maintained quality of life services, while actually reducing the property tax rate. The 2009 Monroe County budget maintained the previous year’s property tax rate cut, even in the face of a deepening national economic downturn. Maggie’s 2010 and 2011 budgets also froze the property tax rate and held discretionary spending below the rate of inflation, all while responsibly-funding quality of life services.

As a result of Maggie’s efforts to protect taxpayers, Monroe County is one of only four of New York State’s 62 constituent counties that have not raised their property tax rates since 2004. Of its comparable peer counties, Monroe County is the only to have not raised its property tax rate over the time Maggie has served as County Executive.

Another of Maggie’s top priorities has been strengthening the local economy through job creation. Under her leadership, Monroe County has assisted nearly 1,000 local businesses to set up shop or expand their operations locally. Those projects have resulted in $2.8 Billion in new investment, the creation of nearly 15,000 local jobs and the retention of almost 65,000 jobs in Monroe County. Together, that amounts to approximately 80,000 local jobs, equating to roughly one in every five jobs held in Monroe County in 2011.

Maggie has made “thinking green” a priority in her Administration and continues to work to ensure that our community has a greener and more sustainable future. Maggie’s sustainability strategy has included: launching Green Fleet, a promise that all county fleet vehicles would utilize alternative fuels or hybrid technologies by the end of 2012; the establishment of a state-of-the-art green energy bio-fuel power plant at the Mill Seat Landfill; and a green building design requirement for all newly-constructed county facilities, which is tailored to comply with the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Design (LEED) standards.

Maggie is currently President of both the New York State Association of County Executives and the County Executives of America organizations.

Maggie resides in the Town of Webster with her husband Robert Wiesner and is the mother to two daughters, Julia and Jensen. She is a graduate of Ithaca College.

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