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February 5, 2016


Larceny Scarborough Pk 16-018276

The person fell victim to an IRS phone scam and is now out some money sent via Moneygram to NC. 

Larceny Oakbriar Ct 16-019049

The victim’s money order was stolen. 

Vehicle Larceny Highledge Dr 16-020459

Between 1500 1/31 & 0700 2/1, the laptop computer was stolen from the unlocked vehicle in the driveway. 

Vehicle Larceny Pineview Dr 16-020543

A laptop computer was stolen from an unlocked car in the driveway between 1800 1/31-0956 2/1. 

Burglary Gebhardt Rd 16-021309

On 2/1 at 2100 hours, the victim observed a shadowy figure in the hallway and called out to it. The figure fled back down the stairwell and out the back door. 911 was not called until 1147 on 2/2. Upon inspection, it was learned that the suspect likely shouldered their way into the home as the interior door-lock chain was broken from the inward force. A single pry mark was also noted on the door jamb. Nothing was stolen. 


Suspicious Incident Dahlia Dr 16-017348

On 1/27 from 0900 to 1130, the victim noticed that her garage door opened three times. Each time it opened, she waited about five minutes before looking around for anyone. Nothing is stolen from the garage and it appears nothing was disturbed. Dep. Reale noticed one set of footprints leading to the front door, but a few of them were partially snow-covered. It is possible the garage door remote keypad could have been malfunctioning, or may have been otherwise tampered with (however, no physical evidence suggests that).

Attempted Larceny Neuchatel Ln 16-017532

The victim was called from a Montreal, Canada area code and was led to believe a family member needed $4,000 in iTunes gift cards in order to avoid jail for hitting a police car. The victim purchased some gift cards, but then got suspicious and called his real family member. The scam was never finalized. 

Burglary 908 Fairport Rd (Tim Horton’s) 16-018655

Between 1/28 at 2230 and 0403 on 1/29, the suspect stole $749 cash from the safe. CIS following-up.

Larceny Bradford Hill Rd 16-018727

The victim listed a camera for sale on Craigslist. He received what he thought was a Paypal payment online, & sent the package to Montezuma, Georgia. Payment never received. Paypal states they were not used. 

Vehicle Larceny 140 Park Rd (Powder Mills Park) 16-019656

Between 1715/1904 on 1/30, someone smashed the driver’s window and stole the purse/contents. 

Vehicle Larceny Whitney Rd 16-020535

Between 1700 1/29 & 0830 1/30, someone smashed out the passenger window of the work van and stole assorted power tools. 

Possession of Controlled Substance 3RD 31F / Marsh Rd 16-020863

Dep. Forster stopped a red Kia sedan (GYJ1279) for traffic violations. (A) Kyree Green (02-25-88) of 216 Privet Way in Chili was arrested for Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (AUO) in the First Degree with his license having been suspended 26 times. During the search of his person, an Oxycodone pill was found in a pocket, along with six glassine baggies containing a white powdery substance that field-tested positive for cocaine. In addition, he had about 100 empty glassine baggies, a scale, and a large amount of cash. He was arrested for AUO 1ST, and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 3RD (Class B). He was taken to jail.


Vehicle Larceny 3400 Monroe Ave (R.A.C.) 16-018124

On 1/28 between 1140/1150, the victim’s front pass window was smashed & purse/contents removed. 

Burglary Vantage Dr 16-019080

Between 1130/1715 on 1/29, the victim’s computer was stolen. No forced entry.

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