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July 31, 2014


Larceny from vehicle;     1384 Empire Blvd;     14-146164

On 7/29 between 1800 hours and 2115 hours an unknown person entered the rear area of the victim’s pick-up truck while he was eating at Basil’s.  The truck bed was secured by a cap which was not damaged in the process.  Stolen was a Toro Weed Eater and an Echo Chain Saw in a case.  

Burglary;     2033 Fairport Nine Mile Pt Rd;     14-141229

At some point between 0750 and 1630 hours on 7/22 an unknown person entered the victim’s home via an unlocked window at the rear of the home, damaging the screen in the process.  Jewelry, a Tom Tom GPS, and silverware was stolen

Larceny from vehicle;     74 Corral Dr;     14-141045

At some point during the overnight from 7/21 to 7/22 an unknown person entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle in his driveway and stole a Garmin GPS.

Larceny of purse;     1955 Empire Blvd;     14-141333

On 7/22/14 at 2121 hours a male white stole the victim’s purse from her shopping cart while her back was turned.  She didn’t immediately know the purse was gone, but the incident was captured on video upon review.  The male is described as a male white, 6’0”, 210#, wearing light colored shorts, a gray t shirt, and a dark BB Cap.  The male shoved the purse under his shirt and left the store, getting into a silver 4 door sedan with tinted windows.

Criminal Mischief 3rd; 9 Canterbury Trl; 14-141936

Victim reports that during the overnight hours of 7/22/14 an unknown suspect placed numerous dents and scratches on the victims 2013 Kia Optima while the vehicle was parked in the driveway at the above address. 

Larceny from vehicle;     48 Edenfiled Rd;     14-143115

At some point between the overnight from 7/24 into 7/25 an unknown person entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole his silver MacBook Pro laptop and accessories. 

Larceny (Flim-Flam);     2055 Fairport Nine Mile Point Rd;     14-143071

On 7/24 at 2112 hours a male black approx. 5’6” and 140 lbs entered Don’s Original and approached the ice cream counter, asking for change for a $50 bill.  The male took the typical course of confusing the cashier with multiple change requests and was able to leave with an extra $50.  The male was apparently wearing a ‘Bass Pro Shop’ baseball cap and got into a waiting white or silver sedan.  Video may be available of the incident and Deputy Shannon will be conducting the follow up.


Burglary;     14 Foxoboro Lane;     14-144418

At some point between midnight and 0500 hours on 7/27 an unknown person entered the victim’s home and stole (2) purses from the kitchen counter.  The victim had heard her crated dogs barking overnight and went downstairs to check, noting that the kitchen door to the garage was ajar- also noting the man door from the garage to outside was also ajar.  No activity was noted on the credit cards contained in the purses, but it was later discovered that a gray and blue Trek mountain bike was stolen from the garage also.

Criminal Mischief;     325 Eaglehead Rd;     14-141615

On 7/22 between 1915 and 2000 an unknown person damaged a party tent, rope bridge, and numerous basketballs at Creative Themes Day Camp.   Two black males and a white male were caught on security cameras damaging the property, but sun glare made it difficult to make out faces or clothing.    They report this as an ongoing issue here. 

Auto Stripping;     1387 Fairport Rd (ARC of Monroe County);     14-141631

At some point between 7/18 and 7/21 an unknown person cut off one of the catalytic converters from a work van.  No video is available where the offense occurred.  According to the maintenance supervisor this is the 6th vehicle at the 3rd location to be hit over the past few months. 

Grand Larceny 4th; 4395 Rt. 250; 14-142375

Victim reports that sometime between 7/16/14 and 7/17/14 an unknown suspect stole his 1998 Chevrolet 1500 pick-up truck from JG Ranch.  The truck is not currently registered but is described to be red and gray in color. 

Auto Stripping;     1387 Fairport Rd;     14-144253

At some point between 7/20 and 7/26 an unknown person removed the catalytic converter from a 2004 Ford Econoline work van which was park at the business.  No security cameras at the location. 


Commercial Burglary;     5 Monroe Ave;     14-145581

At some point during the overnight hours from 7/28 to 7/29 an unknown person smashed in the front door at the above address, the ‘Fixing Fox’, entered the store, and stole property.  Stolen was at least 1 iMac, 1 MacBook Pro, and 2 Toshiba Laptops.  Additional property is suspected stolen, but an inventory would need to happen first.  

Larceny from vehicle;     3100 Monroe Ave;     14-145632
At some point during the overnight hours from 7/28 to 7/29 an unknown person entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole (90) hydrocodone pills from the center console.

Larceny from vehicle;     58 Kirklees Rd;     14-145218

At some point during the overnight hours from 7/27 to 7/28 an unknown person entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle in his driveway and stole credit cards, an iPhone 4S, and $300 cash

Disorderly Conduct (Arrest);     Country Club Rd/E.Commercial;     14-140886

Subsequent to a domestic offense and arrest for harassment, suspect Daniel Morrison became irate and started screaming obscenities to the tune of, “Fuck you guys”, “Go fuck your mother”, and other choice statements.  He was repeatedly asked to stop screaming in public, as the fits of vulgarity were happening in front small children and neighbors.  His tirade continued in the back of the patrol car and he made references to destroying all the property in the home and burning his house down.  The suspect was arraigned and released by ER Justice Brown-Steiner and immediately returned back to the family home where he violated the order of protection that was in place.  The suspect was then remanded to the county jail.

Suspicious Male;     3340 Monroe Ave;     14-141883

An employee of Scott Miller Salon reports that on 7/23 at 1613 hours a male followed her to her car when she left work. The male apparently asked ‘Is that a designer bag??’.  He also made some statements that didn’t appear to make sense.  The same male was seen trying door handles in the parking lot that same day.

Larceny;     27 Falcon Trail;     14-144635

At some point between 7/20 and 7/27 an unknown person removed a white gold ring with center cut diamond from the victim’s dresser.  There is no reason to believe the home had been burglarized during this time frame.  A contractor had been doing work in the house during the time frame.

Larceny;     29 Van Cortland Dr;     14-144441

On 7/27 at 1204 hours a 15-year-old victim observed a 20-25 year old male enter her driveway and leave on her purple mountain bike (no further description).  The male rode towards the Village of Pittsford along a path.

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