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May 27, 2016



Vehicle Larceny Braunston Dr 16-090867

On 5/18, medication was stolen from the unlocked vehicle’s center console. 

Forged Instrument 2157 Penfield Rd (Wegmans) 16-091479

A counterfeit $10 bill was found, it is not known which register it came from. 

Stolen Auto State Rd 16-091376

From 5/18 into 5/19, the trailer was stolen from the driveway of a foreclosure under renovation. 

Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle Atlantic / Five Mile (Construction Site)

On 5/21 at 2112, a neighbor reported suspicious activity. Deputies located two Caterpillar tractors running & occupied by two teenagers. They had been left unlocked with the keys inside. Prosecution declined by the foreman.

Larceny Panorama Trail / Huntington Meadow 16-092860

On 5/21 at 1100, a communications worker was working in this area. Upon arriving home, he noticed his orange pallet jack fell out of the truck. He immediately returned to the area and noticed a dark Ford Ranger traveling southbound with the pallet jack in the bed. He was unable to turnaround in time to record the license plate or be able to follow it. 

Burglary (Attempt) Saybrooke Dr 16-092528

On 5/20 at 2145, the homeowner was in his backyard at a bonfire. He noticed a shadow out front and investigated. He saw a white male teenager about to enter his open garage (the door was open all the way). Upon confrontation, a second white male teenager emerged from the garage and they both fled on foot. Nothing was stolen. 

Burglary 1099 Empire Blvd (Bay Creek Paddling Ctr) 16-094073

From 5/22 into 5/23, someone broke a window and stole electronics. 

Vehicle Larceny State Rd 16-094253

From 5/22 into 5/23 the wallet and contents were stolen from the unlocked car. 

Larceny 2161 Route 250 (Target) 16-094830

On 5/24 at 1205, a landscaping company parked in the lot & left their truck/trailer. A witness observed 2 hispanic males approach in a white pickup truck & steal lawn equipment. 


Larceny (Phone Scam) Maridana Dr 16-091838

The victim followed the instructions of a man calling from area code 209 (Modesto, CA) in buying iTunes gift cards totaling $2,700, all to “fix” his “broken” computer. Deputies following-up to see if any local suspects can be identified.

Burglary Crossing Creek Dr (Construction Site) 16-084423

Between 5/6 to 5/9, someone entered unfinished & unlocked units to steal building supplies. 

Identity Theft Turk Hill Rd 16-094800

On 5/24, the victim reports someone accessed her bank account even though the credit card was not physically lost. Local credit card charges were noted.


Vehicle Larceny Monroe Ave 16-094309

From 5/22 into 5/23, electronics were stolen from the unlocked car. 

Notable Arrest 3200 Monroe Ave (Petco) 16-090226

On 5/17 at 1417, Petco employees reported a vehicle that crashed into the building. Upon investigation, Dep. Perruccio arrested the driver, Laura Weaver of Penfield, for DWI. She was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child as there were three children in the car. This also relegated the DWI up to a felony. She was remanded to MCJ on 10,000 cash or 15,000 bond.

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