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March 24, 2017


Robbery (Arrest) 480 Plank Road (Malchos) 17-044841

A cashier at Malcho’s reports that on 3/15/17 at approximately 2006 hours, (S1), a W/M, approximately 50-60 years old, 5’9, 150 lbs entered the store and asked for change for a $1 bill. When (R) opened the register (S1) attempted to grab the cash out of the register. (R) pushed (S1) away and (S1) grabbed the register and exited the store with it. (R) gave chase and tackled (S1) in the parking lot. At this time (S2), a W/M approximately 30 years old 5’10, 170 lbs, exited a dark colored Acura (HBD6648) and told (R) to give it up. (R) disengaged and (S1) and (S2) fled in the Acura E/B on Plank Rd.

Update: (S1) Kevin Wood (8/8/60) and (S2) Michael Frisch (7/3/86) were both arrested by Lancaster PD after committing a bank robbery in the area. (S1) and (S2) were both interviewed and gave confessions in regards to the bank robbery as well as several gas station robberies in Monroe County, which includes Malchos (480 Plank Rd). They are currently both being held in Erie County Jail. (S1) Wood is also currently on parole for Robbery.

Vehicle Larceny 1990 Brandt Point Drive (Walmart) 17-046218

(V) reports that on 3/18/17 between 2030 & 2130 hours at the above location an unknown person entered her unlocked vehicle and stole her wallet which contained a Soul debit card and her NYS license. (V) said several other small clothing items were also taken. Dep. Hart to follow up.

Larceny 1990 Brandt Point Drive (Walmart) 17-046189

(R), a loss prevention employee for Walmart, reports that on 3/17/17 at approximately 2200 hours he observed (S) Alessi Ramos (11/08/90) select a set of Braven balance speakers and a Tippman paintball gun and conceal them in a purple book bag. (S) then left the store without paying for the items and was confronted in the parking lot by (R). (S) dropped the items and fled the scene. (R) knows (S) from previous encounters and plans on pressing charges. 

Petit Larceny 100 Kidd Castle Way (Bay Winds Assisted Living) 17-045930
(V) reports that on 3/17/17 between 1000-1315 she stopped in at her place of employment, Bay Winds Assisted Living, to pick up her paycheck. While there, she left her purse in an employee “common area.” (V) reports the purse contained an envelope with $500 which she was supposed to deposit to M&T Bank for her mother’s mortgage but when she got to M&T Bank she realized the envelope was gone.

Petit Larceny (Arrest) 2157 Penfield Rd. (Wegmans) 17-045896
Deputy reports the 3/17/17 arrest of Komal Bhatta and Seeta Bhatta who purchased some items from Wegmans, but concealed other items and did not pay for them. The theft amount was $91.50 and consisted of beauty products, soap, tea, and grocery items. No prior arrests for either defendant and photos not yet in MORIS. Released on appearance tickets.


Larceny Santa Circle 17-038294

(V) states that on 2/26/17 he responded to an ad on craigslist for a iMac being sold for $600. (V) said that he was instructed to buy 2 “Reloadit” cards for a total of $600 and text the cards information to the suspect and in return he would send the IMac. To this date (V) has not received the IMac and the suspect’s phone is disconnected. (V) is in the process of trying to get Office Depot to refund the money.

Burglary 347 Hogan Road (J&L’s Pizza) 17-048076

(R), the owner of J&L’s Pizza reports that between 3/20/17 & 3/21/17 (2030-0800) an unknown person entered the business by kicking in a 12” by 15” basement window. The (S) then took a cash bag that contained approximately $290. The (S) then left the location through a back door that was found unlocked in the morning. 

Assault (Arrest) 25 O’Connor Road (Boces) 17-047505

Victim reports that on 3/20/17 at approximately 1215 hours he was sucker punched in the gym by (S) Evan Killian (5/23/99). (S) admitted to punching (V) after being called gay by the (S). (V) was transported to Strong Hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken jaw that required surgery. (S) was originally booked on Assault 3rd charges, but those charges will be upgraded to Assault 2nd


Vehicle Larceny 161 S. Wilmarth Road (Lehman Farms) 17-045517

(V) reports that between 1830 and 2030 hours on 3/16/17 an unknown person smashed her passenger side window and stole her purse that contained a Vera Bradley wallet and several credit cards. (V) was at the location (Lehman Farms) for horse riding lessons at the time of the larceny. 

Larceny (Arrest) Evergreen Lane 17-027142

Deputies report the arrest of (S) Katy Garfinkel (11/22/88) for Grand Larceny and Petit Larceny. Investigation revealed on 2/11/17 (S), who was babysitting (V)’s children, did withdraw $820 from a Citizens Bank ATM. (S) also made a purchase with one of the cards at a nearby Barnes and Nobles. (S) was identified by security photos at both locations and did make an admission to the theft, citing a drug problem. (S) was released on an appearance ticket. 

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