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November 20, 2014


Larceny    1601 Penfield Rd;     14-212513

On 11/6/14 at 0420 hours MCSO responded to Tops Market at the above location for the reported larceny.  They reported a shoplifter who had been confronted after stealing from the location, but refused to comply and fled the scene before MCSO arrival.  A vehicle description (including Reg # BCB4105) was obtained as well as the description of the suspect.  Deputies Massaad and Zawadzki traveled to the RO’s home at 35 Norbrook Rd in Perinton.  The vehicle in question was there and still warm.  A male matching the description was seen inside.  The male answered the door and stepped outside onto the porch when deputies knocked.  After a few questions the male then stated “I’m gonna go check on something” and tried to re-enter the home.  He was detained as he attempted to get into the house, eventually being ID’s as the suspect in a show-up procedure a short time later.  Arrested was Brandon L. Holmes (9/8/77) of 36 Norbrook Rd in Perinton. 

Stolen Vehicle;     42 Ewald Drive;     14-218941

On 11/16 the victim parked his 1997 Cadillac ElDorado in his driveway.  At 2309 hours he heard what sounded like his vehicle starting in the driveway.  He ran outside to find his vehicle missing.  He states he did not see which way the car went.  He claims no outstanding loans on the vehicle and states that there are no other people that would have permission to use it. 

Larceny from Vehicle;     750 Panorama Trail (Home Depot);     14-218635

On 11/16 at 1030 victim parked his van at Home Depot and went inside for a few minutes.  He came out to find that an unknown person stole the following equipment from his van:  Chicago Reciprocating Saw, a ½” Drive Natabo Hammer Drill, a Paslode Framing Nailer, a Dewalt 18v Cordless Drille, an 18v Dewalt Cordless Impact Drill, and a set of Drill bits.  Victim states he accidentally left the side door of his van unlocked.

Larceny from Vehicle;     27 Sebastian Drive;     14-219090

Overnight from 11/16 to 11/17 an unknown person entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle in her driveway, stealing an Acker EKG Machine, Black rolling backpack, and various medical equipment. 


43 Nettlecreek Rd., Grand Larceny 3rd, CR# 14-216022

V-William Davidson states that at some time between 2000 on October 24, 2014 and 0800 on October 25 2014 an unknown person(s) entered his unlocked vehicle and stole his camera bag containing approximately $3250 worth of cameras and equipment. V-William originally reported this to RPD because he had believed it occurred in the city but now believes it occurred in his driveway.

Commercial Burglary;     161 Marsh Rd;     14-217313

Overnight from 11/13 to 11/14 an unknown person broke the front window at the Powers Farm Market and gained entry.  Once inside the suspect stole loose change from the front registers, rolls of pennies and nickels from a cabinet, an LG Flip Phone (727-4124), a Pink Lemonade from a cooler, and a CCTV control box.  A cup full of Slushie liquid was found on the counter next to the Slushie machine as well. 


102 Sunset Blvd., Grand Larceny 4th, CR# 14-216128

V-Adam Barton reports that at some time between 2100 on November 11, 2014 and 1100 on November 12, 2014 an unknown person(s) entered his unlocked vehicle while it was parked in his driveway and stole a laptop and pair of headphones that are collectively valued at $1100.00 

Suspicious Person/Vehicle;     Linden Oaks/Route 441;   

On 11/16/14 at 12230 hours Deputy Justin Smith stopped NY Reg#FMW3727 (2011 Chevy Aveo, color gray) after the report of a reckless vehicle in the area.  Operator Peter Abbott (8/17/77, Moris #265460) was determined to be operating on a Revoked NYS DL.  Multiple spools of copper wire were located in the vehicle.  Abbotts’ story regarding the wire was shaky at best and a local business that was closed and under construction had several similar spools of wire visible through the windows.  The wire was secured into property while the origins of the wire is investigated.  Abbott has an extensive criminal history.

Commercial Burglary 3rd (Arrest) Follow up from above incident;     360 Linden Oaks;      14-219965

On 11/18 at about 1500 hours Sgt Hoke, Deputy Mele, and Inv Wildman responded to the above address upon a call from the site foreman.  It was reported that employee Peter Abbott was on location and was responsible for a theft of wire from the location over the weekend.  This was in relation to the prior FIF from Deputies Perkins and Smith where Abbott was stopped leaving the area on Sunday with wire spools in his vehicle.  It was determined that Abbott was captured on video entering the location via a window, returning to his vehicle with spools of wire.  Abbott was detained and transported to Zone A where he was interviewed by Inv Tahara.  Abbott was charged with Burglary 3rd/GL 4th and remanded to MCJ without bail based upon prior felony criminal history. 

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