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September 22, 2017


CM 4th Sperry Dr 17-163417

On 09/13/17 the victim was at home when an unknown suspect slashed the front driver side tire of his pickup truck. It appears the suspect used a claw hammer to slash the side wall of the tire.

CPW 2nd 1225 Jefferson Rd 17-163486

On 09/13/17 deputies were responding to Staples for a customer trouble. Upon arrival a Staples employee stated he was threatened by an occupant of a tan vehicle leaving the parking lot. A deputy initiated a traffic stop at 1225 Jefferson Rd and observed four occupants in the car. Deputies smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. As the occupants were being removed from the car a deputy saw a 9mm round on the rear driver side seat and a handgun was laying in on the floor behind the driver seat in plain view. The occupants were identified as Vernelle Barnes, David Williams, Kayla Dade and Fantasia Washington. Barnes and Williams were charged with CPW 2nd and arraigned in Henrietta Court where they were remanded to MCJ without bail due to both being predicate felons.

Falsely Reporting an Incident 1st 4000 East Henrietta Rd 17-163946

On 09/14/17 a student at the Roth Middle School found a bomb threat written on a bathroom wall. It is unknown how long the note has been on the wall. The school was evacuated and all after school activities were cancelled for the day. A K-9 sweep of the building was completed with negative results.

GL 4th Arrest 1200 Marketplace Dr 17-162499

MCSO reports the arrest of Shikerra Small for GL 4th. Between 08/04/17 and 09/10/17 Small was employed as a cashier at Walmart. During that time frame she routinely took food and drink items from the store, took cash from the register and rang up personal purchases without rendering payment for the items. Small was released on an appearance ticket.

Burg 2nd/GL 3rd 175 Jefferson Rd 17-158214

The victim states while she was staying at the Radisson Hotel between 09/05/17 and 09/06/17 an unknown suspect stole her diamond engagement ring. The ring was left on a TV stand in the room while the victim went to breakfast. When she returned the ring was gone.

Update Arrest:

MCSO reports the arrest of Lakendra Cotton for the above crime. Cotton was formerly employed as a house keeper at the Radisson. An Investigator spoke to Cotton at her home and she admitted to taking the ring from the room. Cotton turned herself in at B-Zone and was arraigned in Henrietta Town Court and released ROR.

Falsifying Business Documents 2nd 118 Genesee St 17-162448

MCSO recovered the stolen ring from the above crime at West Main Jewelry and Pawn. The ring was pawned by Lakendra Cotton on 09/06/17 at which time Lakendra signed a receipt stating that the item was not stolen. Lakendra was processed and released on an appearance ticket.

Crim. Poss. Forged Instrument 1st/PL 650 Hylan Drive 17-164815

Between 09/11/2017 and 09/12/2017 at (S1) described as a H/M/ 5’10” 195 lbs with black hair and (S2) described as M/B 5’11” 180 lbs with black hair on three separate occasions passed counterfiet $100 bills while purchasing small valued items.

PL Thruway Park Drive 17-164421

Between 08/13/17 and 09/13/17 (V) reports two of his personal checks from his were used to open a new checking account at one of the ESL Banks in the Town of Irondequoit.

CPW 4th Thruway Park Drive 17-166040

On 09/18/17 MCSO reports the arrest of Lonnel D. Brinson of 15 Egret Drive in West Henrietta. A deputy conducted a traffic stop at the above location with Brinson as the driver. Upon his arrest for traffic charges, Brinson had a switchblade knife concealed in his waistband. A glassine baggy was also located in the vehicle upon the search.

Burg 2nd/GL 4th (Stolen Vehicle) Falcon Dr 17-166149

On 09/18/17 the victim discovered his vehicle was stolen from his driveway. The victim left the keys on a key stand next to the front door of the house. The keys were missing and it is believed that the front door was left unlocked during the overnight hours.

Attempted Vehicle Larcenies Falcon Dr/Overland Trail neighborhood 17-166147, 166172, 166198

During the overnight hours between 09/17/17 and 09/18/17 three vehicles were entered on Overland Trail and Falcon Drive. All three vehicles were rummaged through with nothing taken.

GL 4th (Vehicle Larceny) Prairie Trail 17-166150

The victim’s vehicle was left unlocked in the driveway during the overnight hours between 09/17/17 and 09/18/17. During that time frame an unknown suspect removed her purse containing cash, a checkbook and credit cards from the interior of the vehicle.

PL (Vehicle Larceny) Falcon Dr/Overland Trail 17-166171, 166243

Between 09/17/17 and 09/18/17 an unknown suspect entered unlocked vehicles at the above locations. The suspect took loose change and a Fitbit from the interiors of the vehicles.

GL 4th/CM 4th (Vehicle Larceny) West Jefferson Rd 17-167173

GL 4th/CM 4th (Vehicle Larceny) West Jefferson Rd 17-167190

On 09/19/17 an unknown suspect entered two vehicles parked in the parking lot by smashing windows. Once inside the suspect removed purses that contained cash and credit cards.

GL 4th/CM 4th (Stolen Vehicle) Easton Cir 17-116559

The victim listed his vehicle for sale on Craigslist. On 07/05/17 a potential buyer met with the victim’s wife to look at the car. After showing the car to the potential buyer the victim’s wife secured the vehicle. When she was leaving for work on the morning of 07/06/17 she noticed the vehicle was gone and there was a pile of broken glass in the driveway.


Information was developed via Facebook that a suspect, Christopher Scott, was selling a vehicle with the engine from the stolen car in it. MCSO obtained a search warrant that was executed at Lamont Place Rochester on 09/15/17. The car was seized and towed to MCSO fleet where the victim identified the engine as the engine that was in his car that was stolen from his driveway on 07/05/17. An Investigator has submitted for an arrest warrant on Christopher Scott.


GL 3rd Honeoye Falls 5 Points Rd 17-165889

The victim reports between 09/08/17 and 09/14/17 she discovered high value items missing from the basement of her home. The missing items are jewelry, antique dishes and a doll.


PL Browns Rd 17-163304

The victim reports between 09/11/17 and 09/13/17 an unknown suspect removed two weed trimmers from an unlocked trailer on his property.

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