Zone B Weekly Crime Report

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January 12, 2017


GL 4th 790 Jefferson Rd 17-001402

The victim was in the parking lot of Buy Buy Baby when she was approached by a black female suspect who asked the victim if she lost her wallet and showed her a black wallet. A male black suspect then approached the victim and opened the wallet and discovered a large amount of money in the wallet. The male suspect then suggested that the three parties should split the money up rather than turn the wallet in. The suspects would split the money but wanted to see that the victim is employed and not someone on welfare before splitting the money. The victim retrieved cash from her home and withdrew money from her bank account which she gave to the female suspect. The victim was told to go inside Buy Buy Baby and wait for them to split the money in the wallet. The victim went in the store and waited for 15 minutes when the victim returned to the parking lot she discovered both suspects had left with her money.

Crim Poss of Public Benefit Card 3rd Calkins Rd/Pinnacle Rd 17-003686

A MCSO deputy observed Gul Nawaz use multiple NYS Benefit cards to pay for the items in his shopping cart. The deputy asked the cashier about the transaction and she informed him that Nawaz used 3 to 4 different cards and that he was not pictured on any of the cards Nawaz was observed leaving the parking lot in a SUV with a suspended registration. Investigating deputy initiated a traffic stop and took Nawaz into custody for the traffic violations. During a search incident to arrest the deputy located 7 NYS Benefit cards on Nawaz. Nawaz was released ROR on an appearance ticket.

PL Hollybrook Rd 17-004127

The homeowner reports between 01/06/17 and 01/08/16 and unknown suspect entered his vehicle and removed a pair of gold Harley Davidson prescription sunglasses.

Burg 2nd/PL/CM 4th Farrell Rd Ext. 17-004025

The homeowner states between 01/06/17 and 01/07/17 an unknown suspect entered her house by breaking a window. Once inside the suspect removed 2 televisions from the residence.

GL 3rd 100 Jefferson Rd 17-003340

The manager for Guitar Center reports between 12/26/16 and 01/06/17 an unknown suspect stole three guitars from the store. The loss was discovered after inventory was done on 01/06/17.

GL 4th/Falsifying Business Records 1st 1200 Marketplace Dr 16-223158

Between 12/12/16 and 12/18/16 Sammirrah Riggs activated gift cards and then cancelled the transactions on the register while employed by Walmart. Riggs stated she then used the cards to make purchases from Walmart and to pay her rent. Riggs was released ROR on an appearance ticket

PL 1200 Marketplace Dr 16-223015

Tysheika Newsome was employed as a cashier at Walmart. While working a cash register on 12/15/16 Newsome charged a customer for a gift card that the customer did not purchase. Newsome was seen on store video setting the card aside at her register and then placing the card in her pocket when the customer walked away. Newsome then used the gift card to purchase items from the store. Newsome was released on an appearance ticket.

CPFI 1st/GL 4th S. Winton Rd 17-004853

The victim reports writing two checks on 01/02/17. The checks were placed in the victim’s mailbox for mail pickup. On 01/06/17 the victim noticed the checks posted to her account as cashed in larger amounts to a person the victim does not know.

GL 3rd 1540 Jefferson Rd 17-004302

The manager for Sunoco reports that between 01/04/17 and 01/08/17 an unknown suspect removed a shipment of lottery tickets that came into the store.

GL 4th East River Rd 17-004847

The victim left a Western Snow Plow in front of his driveway on 01/09/17. When he returned home the plow was gone.

Auto Stripping 3rd/PL 200 Park Point Dr 17-005905

The victim reports he was at Shramrocks Bar between on 01/10/17 and 01/11/17. While he was inside the bar he left his vehicle parked unlocked in the parking lot. When the victim returned to the car he discovered someone had entered the car and removed a car stereo from the dash and a backpack.

PL/Possession of Anti-Theft Device 3150 West Henrietta Rd 17-004516

Loss prevention for Kohl’s observed a black male and a black female suspect enter the store and begin filling a shopping cart with merchandise. The male suspect was observed using pliers to cut anti-theft devices off of merchandise before placing it in the cart. The female exited the store alone while the male was pushing the cart out the door without paying for the items. As the male approached the front door he saw MCSO deputies and abandoned the cart running back into the store. He eventually fled the store out the south entrance and was taken into custody by MCSO. The suspects were identified as Demetrius Jackson and Tyasia Nelson. Both were released ROR on an appearance ticket.


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