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July 14, 2017


GL 4th 125 Red Creek Dr 17-109310

The victim reports that she parked her rental car in the parking lot of 125 Red Creek Dr with the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked while she went inside. When she returned to the vehicle it was gone

CPSP 3rdArrest 1440 Dewey Ave 17-003340

Between 12/26/17 and 01/06/17 three guitars were stolen from Guitar Center at 100 Jefferson Rd in Henrietta. On June 8th the manager for Guitar Center located one of the stolen guitars listed on an E-Bay auction. MCSO researched the auction and discovered that Rochester Gold and Pawn was the company listing the guitar for sale on E-Bay. Patrol contacted Rochester Gold and Pawn and discovered the guitar had been pawned by Daniel Molina. Molina is currently incarcerated at MCJ on other charges. CPSP 3rd charges were lodged on Molina at MCJ.

GL 3rd 3259 S Winton Rd 17-115943

On 07/02/17 a black male suspect entered Blue Rock Liquor and distracted the clerk working the cash register by asking questions and playing the lotto. While the clerk was distracted a second black male suspect entered the store and went into the back store room where he began removing cases of high end liquor out the back door of the store.

GL 4th (Vehicle Larceny) Pinnacle Rd 17-116496

Between 07/05/17 and 07/06/17 an unknown suspect entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle parked in the driveway. Once inside the suspect removed her wallet from the center console of the vehicle.

GL 4th/CM 4th (Stolen Vehicle) Easton Cir 17-116559

The victim listed a vehicle for sale on Craigslist. On 07/05/17 a potential buyer met with the victim’s wife to look at the car. After showing the car to the potential buyer the victim’s wife rolled up the windows and locked the car. When she was leaving for work on the morning of 07/06/17 she noticed the vehicle was gone.

Exposure of a Person Post Hill Dr 17-114792

On 07/03/17 the female victim noticed an older model tan vehicle driving slowly through her neighborhood. The vehicle pulled into her driveway with a balding white male 30-35 years old wearing a white T Shirt and dark colored shorts with the fly unzipped driving the vehicle. The male asked the female who cuts her grass and stated he was a masseuse. He offered her a massage which she declined. The male then pulled his penis out and exposed himself to her at that point.

Burg 3rd/PL Arrest 1200 Marketplace Dr 17-116160

Walmart loss prevention observed a white male suspect wearing a Miami Dolphins hoodie, enter the store and select electronic devices from the shelf then secrete the items inside the hooded sweat shirt he was wearing. The suspect left the store and ran from loss prevention when they approached him. The suspect was spotted running into the La-Z-Boy store at 1000 Hylan Dr. MCSO located the suspect hiding in the women’s bathroom inside the location. The suspect was returned to Walmart where Walmart loss prevention positively identified him. The male was identified as Ted Baumgart. Baumgart was previously banned from all Walmart stores. He was arraigned in Henrietta Town Court and remanded to MCJ in lieu of $1,000 cash or $5,000 bond bail.

PL Wildbriar Rd 17-117371

(R) reports that between 07/06/17 and 07/07/17 an unknown suspect or suspects removed a white banner with multi-colored lettering that was secured to the ground with six (6) green colored 4’ stakes from in front of the above location.. The stolen banner read, “Kids Camp, Maker Fun Factory, July 24-28th, 9:00AM-12:30PM, ages 4-12”. The banner and stakes that were taken belonged to Victory Baptist Church.

PL (Vehicle Larceny) Surrey Hill Way 17-117876

Between 07/07/17 and 07/08/17 an unknown suspect entered the victim’s vehicle. Once inside the suspects stole cash that was in the center console.

PL (Phone Scam) Cobblefield Way 17-112431

On 06/29/17 the victim received a phone call from a person she thought was her nephew. The male voice told the victim that he was involved in a car accident in Baltimore and that he was in jail on DWI charges. The caller stated he needed cash for bail money. The victim sent the money to what she believed was an International Bail Bond Agency in the Dominican Republic. After sending the money the victim received a second call requesting more money. The victim then became suspicious and called her nephew in NYC and discovered he was never in jail.

Robbery 3rd/PL (Arrest) 770 Jefferson Rd 17-117419

On 07/07/17 two loss prevention employees for Home Depot observed a white male suspect enter the store and place several high value items in a shopping cart. The suspect was acting suspicious and looking around as if he was looking for someone watching him. The suspect then left the store without paying for the merchandise. Both loss prevention employees approached the suspect outside and advised him that he was being detained for stealing from Home Depot. The suspect refused to go back into the store and pulled away from the Home Depot employees when they attempted to stop him from leaving. The suspect was taken to the ground and held there until MCSO arrived. The suspect was identified as Michael Skvarek. MCSO transported Skvarek to Henrietta Court where he was remanded to MCJ with no bail due to prior felony convictions.

Burglary 3rd/PL (Arrest) 1 Miracle Mile Dr 17-119122

On 07/10/17 Anthony Gray DOB 12/24/60, entered the Foot Locker store at Marketplace Mall and concealed two jackets inside his jacket and left without paying for the items. Mall security located Gray by the east mall entrance. MCSO located the stolen property stuffed inside the sleeves of the jacket Gray was wearing. While processing Gray at the mall security office MCSO was informed that Gray has been banned from Marketplace Mall property for life on multiple previous occassions. Gray was arraigned in Henrietta Town Court and remanded to MCJ with no bail.

CPSP 3rd Castle Rd 17-119388

MCSO reports the arrest of Brandon Russo. Russo has been implicated in numerous car larcenies in the past few days to feed his Heroin addiction. MCSO has been able to recover a large amount of stolen property pawned by Russo at local pawn shops. Deputies were able to contact Russo and meet with him on 07/10/17. He was arraigned in Henrietta Court and remanded to MCJ in lieu of $10,000 cash or $20,000 bond bail.

Forgery 3rd/PL Castle Rd 17-118501

The victim reports her son stole a check from her checkbook and made it out to a female friend for $100.

PL (Vehicle Larceny) Pinnacle Rd 17-119323

The victim reports on 07/06/17 gift cards and multiple power tools were stolen from his work truck parked in his driveway. MCSO identified and recovered several of the tools from a local pawn shop.

GL 4th/PL (Stolen Vehicle) 2001 East Henrietta Rd 17-119995

On 07/11/17 the victim left the keys to his vehicle inside of his unlocked vehicle while he was at work. When he returned to the vehicle he discovered the vehicle was gone. A co-worker who rode to work with the victim left his cell phone in the vehicle that was taken at the same time.

CPFI 1st 2660 East Henrietta Rd 17-119250

On 07/09/17 the manager of Rite Aid discovered numerous bogus bills while counting money.


PL (Vehicle Larceny) Biondo Ct 17-117150

Between 07/06/17 and 07/07/17 (V) reports that her vehicle was entered by an unknown suspect or suspects who once inside went through her purse, glove box and center console taking cash, sunglasses and cigarettes.


Burg 3rd/Crim Misch 4th/PL 128 Cedars Ave 17-117280

(R) who is the Head Chef at Mill Creek Golf Club reports that between the dates 07/06/17 and 07/07/17 an unknown person broke the upstairs west window entered the building and took cash.

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