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February 1, 2016


Attempt Larceny from Vehicle 1180 Jefferson Rd. 16-012994

On 1/20/16 from 1315 hours to 1400 hours, an unknown suspect broke the rear window of the victim’s vehicle. The suspect possibly entered the vehicle and looked through the victim’s empty purse which was in the back of her SUV. Nothing was taken from inside of the vehicle. 

Criminal Possession Forged Instrument 4178 W. Henrietta Rd (Dunkin Donuts) 16-012974

On 1/19 at 1241 an M/B wearing a black jacket bought a $10 gift card and a small coffee with a $100 bill, and got $88.28 in change. On 1/20, Canandaigua National Bank notified Dunkin Donuts that the $100 bill was counterfeit. Video obtained and forwarded to MCAC. 

Larceny from Vehicle 100 Marketplace Dr. (LA Fitness) 16-014602

On 1/22/16 from 1755 hours to 1855 hours, an unknown suspect broke the front passenger window of the victim’s vehicle which was parked in the parking lot at the above location. The suspect entered the vehicle and stole the victim’s purse which was on the front passenger seat. 

Larceny/ EWOC (Arrest) Wegmans 650 Hylan Dr. 16-016393

On 1-25-16, at 2220 hours, Michael Jehlen 42 year’s old stole a $9.57 package of Bic Lighters from Wegmans. He did so in the company of his 4-year-old daughter. He was arrested and issued an APT.

Vehicle Larceny 525 Marketplace Mall (Regal Cinema) 16-017026

Between 1925/2130 on 1/26, someone punched out the driver’s keyhole and stole 3 pairs of Nike shoes, 3 Call of Duty video games, a black jacket, 20 oxycodone pills, and cigarettes all valued at $585. It was not noticed until the victim arrived home, and immediately returned to the cinema to make the report. 


Criminal Mischief 250 East St (Southco Inc) 16-013539

Someone keyed the victim’s car on 1/20 between 1225/1230. It could possibly be related to a road rage incident on Cheese Factory Road involving a black Dodge Charger. 

Stolen Auto 119 Bull Saw Mill Rd 16-016758

The victim’s non-running blue 1993 Dodge Ram pickup with no plates was removed from his property between 11/1/15 and 1/1/16, and not reported until 1/26/16. Teletype obtained. 


Larceny (Craigslist scam) 560 Quaker Rd 16-016906

The victim listed a pool table for sale on Craigslist. “Edward” contacted her from an area code in the Bahamas, & she agreed to sell him the table. She soon received two “checks”, one from Ohio and one from Florida. “Edward” then contacted her from a Los Angeles area code and explained that the extra money sent was for “her trouble” and to cash them, sending the rest of the money in a Moneygram to “Larry” in Chicago. “Larry” was going to make the pick-up. After the money was sent, “Edward” called back and said “Larry” was in a car crash and was in a coma, and to send more money to “Travis”, also in Chicago, to be the replacement delivery guy. She agreed to send more money. She finally figured out it was scam when her bank notified her she was overdrawn by $13,000. 

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