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February 23, 2017


UPM/CPCS 7th Colony Manor Dr 17-023725

MCSO deputies were dispatched to the above address for the strong odor of Marijuana. Responding deputies were able to identify the residents of the apartment as Kevin Thompson and Kyle Bansavage. Thompson and Bansavage agreed to allow the deputies to search their apartment. During the search the deputies discovered 3 mason jars containing marijuana, multiple smoking devices and a white rock substance that tested positive for Ecstasy. Both Thompson and Bansavage were processed at B-Zone and released on appearance tickets.

ID Theft 2nd Ivory Way 17-026063

The victim reports an unknown suspect used his personal information to open a store credit card in New York City. The card was then used to make fraudulent purchases.

CM 4th/GL 4th(Vehicle Larceny) 100 Marketplace Dr 17-028140

The victim reports an unknown suspect gained entry to her vehicle by smashing the driver side window while the vehicle was parked outside LA Fitness. The suspect then removed the victim’s purse that contained several credit cards and clothing from the back seat. There have been multiple vehicle larcenies with glass break as method of entry in area surrounding the mall over the past few weeks during evening hours.

GL 4th 1200 Marketplace Dr 17-027969

The victim reports she was grocery shopping at Walmart when an unknown suspect removed her purse from her shopping cart. She did not notice the purse was missing until she went to pay at the checkout. The purse contained multiple credit cards, a cell phone and cash.

PL/Resisting Arrest 10 Miracle Mile Dr 17-028092

Sears loss prevention observed the suspect place merchandise down his pants and exit the store. Once outside the store in the parking lot the suspect ran from Sears loss prevention and a deputy. The suspect ran into Dick’s Sporting Goods and knocked over several displays in an attempt to slow the deputy’s pursuit. The suspect was apprehended outside of Dick’s and identified as Dameon Williams. Williams was arraigned before Judge Donsky and remanded to MCJ in lieu of $2,000 cash $4,000 bond bail.

Asault 3rd 3150 West Henrietta Rd 17-027421

Miles Payne began arguing with a co-worker at the Texas Roadhouse over money. During the argument Payne struck the victim in the face several times with a closed fist. The victim suffered a swollen eye and a laceration to the chin. Payne was arrested and released on an appearance ticket.

Assault 3rd 1225 Jefferson Rd 17-026552

Christopher Gill located his ex-girlfriend at Tops on Jefferson Rd where she works as a cashier. Gill grabbed the female victim by the hair and pushed her into a set of shelves. Gill then punched the victim in the face with a closed fist before leaving the store. Gill was located in the City of Rochester and transported to Henreitta Court for arraignment. He was remanded to MCJ in lieu of $2,500 cash $5,000 bond bail.

GL 4th/CM 3rd (Vehicle Larceny) 1100 Jefferson RD 17-028757

The victim reports she parked her vehicle in the parking lot of Moe’s. When she returned to the car the driver side rear window of the car was smashed out and her purse was taken from the back seat. The purse contained cash and a debit card.

GL 4th/CM 4th (Vehicle Larceny) 650 Hylan Dr 17-029387

The victim parked her vehicle at Wegman’s when she returned she discovered the driver side window smashed and her back pack had been stolen from the vehicle. The backpack contained an IPad, a debit car and cash.

PL/CM 4th (Vehicle Larceny) 3150 West Henrietta Rd 17-029381

The victim parked her vehicle in the parking lot of the Texas Roadhouse when she returned to the car the front passenger window was smashed and her purse had been stolen from the vehicle.

Burg 3rd/PL (Vehicle Larceny) St. Patrick Dr 17-029662

The victim parked his vehicle in his attached garage overnight. The next morning he discovered someone gained entry to his garage through the unlocked man door and then entered the unlocked vehicle. Once inside the vehicle the suspect removed loose change from the interior of the vehicle.

GL 4th 369 Jefferson Rd 17-029762

On 02/19/17 the victim left her purse in a storage cubby at Altitude Trampoline park. When she returned the purse was gone. The purse contained a debit card and two cell phones. There have been multiple similar larcenies from the location recently.

PL 1460 East Henrietta Rd 17-029914

While the victim was playing basketball at the Rochester Sports Garden an unknown suspect removed his cell phone from his duffel bag. There have been several thefts of cell phones from gyms and local trampoline parks (Altitude) recently.

GL 3rd 1100 Jefferson Rd 17-029159

On 02/18/17 a white male suspect entered the Guitar Center store and removed 2 guitars from the store without paying for them. He was last seen getting into a vehicle and then leaving the parking lot west bound.

CPCS 5th/CPCS 7th (Update Arrest) 1000 South Ave 16-195776

Diana Napodano was transported to Highland Hospital after being involved in a personal injury MVA. A nurse at the hospital discovered a white bag, several vials containing a white substance, a crack pipe, pills marked m36, six packages of Suboxone and a small clear baggie containing white powder when she cut Napodano’s pants off. The substance in the vials tested positive for Cocaine and the white powder in the clear plastic bag tested positive for barbiturates.

MCSO reports the arrest of Napodano after receiving lab results back from the substances discovered on Napodano at the hospital. The pills were determined to be Methylphenidate and the white powdery substance tested positive for cocaine. Napodano turned herself in at Henrietta Court for arraignment on 02/17/17. She was remanded to MCJ by Judge Beikirch in lieu of $3,500 cash or $6,000 bond bail.

PL (Vehicle Larceny) 3150 West Henrietta Rd 17-030557

The victim reports she parked her vehicle in the parking lot of the Texas Roadhouse when she returned to her vehicle she noticed an unknown suspect had gained entry to the vehicle and stole a laptop computer, a digital camera and 2 scratch off lottery tickets.

GL 4th (Vehicle Larceny) Calkins Rd 17-030802

The victim reports between 02/20/17 and 02/21/17 an unknown suspect entered an unlocked vehicle parked in the driveway. The suspect stole a wallet containing the victims M & T debit card and other personal paperwork.

CM 4th Andrews Memorial Dr 17-030940

The victim parked his vehicle in the parking lot. When the victim returned to the car he discovered the front and rear windshields smashed. There was nothing taken from inside the vehicle.


DWI/MHA/Resisting Arrest/Harassment 2nd Probst Rd 17-028906

A MCSO deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in the driveway of Probst Rd. The deputy identified the driver as Cleopatra Laicer. During a conversation with Laicer the deputy observed an odor of alcoholic beverage and asked her to exit the car. Laicer agreed but then attempted to get back in the car. The deputy grabbed Laicer by the right arm to prevent her from getting back into the car. Laicer began yelling “let me go and let me go in my house.” Laicer continued to try and break free and began grabbing at the deputy’s duty belt. Laicer was eventually taken into custody and arrested for DWI.

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