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September 11, 2015


Burglary                            Orange Tree Circle.                                   Cr 15-15954

Between 9/3/15 at 2015 hours and 9/4/15 0715 hours, someone entered the victim’s garage and removed a white, $1,200 “Tourmalet” road bike. Entry appeared to have been gained through an unlocked sliding glass door that leads to the garage. 

Criminal Trespass                     Stenwick Dr.                                       Cr 15-159517

On 9-4-15 at 0434 hours the victim, reported that he woke up after hearing his dog barking. He opened his bedroom door and saw a shadowy figure exit through the sliding glass door then run around the west side of the building. Victim stated a short time after the incident, a resident from another building came from the east side of the building who saw a person come out of the apartment


CrimMisch./ Discharging a Firearm W/I 500’ of a Dwelling            Cr 15-160736

At 2100 hours, a resident heard 3 gunshots. He looked outside and observed 2 vehicles travelling west bound on Lawton Rd. The resident checked the area and found 3 holes in a road sign approximately 50’ from his residence. No other damage was located; Town of Clarkson was advised of the damaged road sign.

Burglary                        Lake Rd.                                                          Cr15-159879

Between 9/2/15 0000 hours and 9/3/15 0800 hours, an unknown person entered the victim’s barn through an unlocked side door. The suspect stole approximate 200’ of copper wire that was used for welding. No damage, nothing else was taken. 

Burglary                     Lake Rd                                                               Cr15-162190

Between 9/4/15 1000 hours and 9/7/15 1930 hours, victim  reports someone entered his residence and stole a 6 shot Taurus  66 revolver, several pieces of jewelry, pre 1900’s coins ,and a replica Rolex watch. Pry marks were located on an interior window on the unsecured porch.  


Burglary /Larceny            Lake Rd East Fork                                      Cr 15-158251

Victim reports that between 8/27/15, 1800 hours and 9/2/15 0830 hours, someone removed two batteries from his Milton/Caterpillar RoGator 854 sprayer (farm equipment). The battery compartment was unable to be secured and the sprayer was parked in a secluded area. The owner of the property later called back and reported that additional property was missing, including.  

Identity Theft                                                                                           Cr 15-158469

Victim reports that between 8/20/15 0800 hours and 9/2/15 0641 hours, someone cashed two checks totaling $2,540 drawn on her account. She stated the checks were out of order and that they were from an M&T branch in Amherst, NY, where she does not conduct her banking. 

Grand Larceny               Brick Schoolhouse Rd                                    Cr 15-162492

Between 8-1-15 and 9-8-15, someone entered the victim’s yard and removed approximately $2,250 worth of auto rims. The victim had stockpiled approximately 150 auto rims where he scraps cars. Dep. Stevens investigation.


Criminal Trespass  (Arrest)                                                                      Cr 15-157944

On 9/1/15 at 2150 hours, the victim reported a person had just placed a ladder against the back of the residence. Patrol located fresh footprints in the wet grass. Victim also reported recently having problems with her ex-husband Stephen Simpson. During this time period the victim also had several missed call from Stephen. Upon calling him back, Stephen told the victim he placed the ladder there and that he wanted to see if she was dating. Dep. Wood located Stephen at his nearby residence and placed him under arrest without incident. Stephen was arraigned and remanded to MCJ; Order of protection issued.


Burglary / Larceny        Peck Rd.                                                            Cr15-158962

On 8/29/15, between 0230 hours and 0700 hours, someone entered the victim’s garage and removed a $600 Blue, BMX Bicycle. The victim may have left the overhead garage door open during the time frame.

Larcenies                Peck Rd                                      Cr 15-1162395, 162553, 162440

Between 9/7/15, 2200 hours and 9/8/15, 0350 hours,  suspects entered the vehicles at 3 locations and removed a Lowes Credit, Gift Cards for Subway, Lowes & Home Depot, a check book, Under Armor Gloves, cordless drill, loose change, I Phone 4, $500 cash, Credit cards, Blank  check, Samsung  S5 & S6 cellphones, $250 cash..


Criminal Tampering / Trespass        Savage Rd                                     Cr 15-159540

On 9/3/15, between 2130 hours and 220 hours, an unknown person dumped a truck load of wood from an old garage or barn in the victim’s yard. Garbage and nails were included with the wood.

Criminal Mischief             Chili Riga Renter Rd                                   Cr 15-162492

Between 9/5/15 1130 hours and 9/8/15 1020 hours, an unknown person attempted to kick open the door of a shed. 

Entry was not gained, but the door was damaged. 


Larceny (Arrest)           Brockport Spencerport Rd (Byrne Dairy)    Cr 15-160943

Between 6/9/15 and 9/2/15, employee Zachary Sikula stole approximately $381.48 on several different occasions.

Criminal Mischief            Lake Rd.                                                         Cr 15-159278

On 9/3/15 between 1715 hours and 1800 hours, victim reports someone punctured her above ground pool. She located two superficial slits on the back wall of the pool. The damage was consistent with a sharp object being slashed across the wall at an angle.

Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle     Shumway Rd,                                    Cr 15-158888

On 9/3/15, Victim reported that a recently hired employee had taken his 2005 Chevrolet Colorado pick-up truck and not returned it. Later that day, the vehicle was recovered by the owner in Rochester in the area of 336 S Goodman St. Victim still requests prosecution. 

 Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle       Royal Gardens Way                       Cr 15-160359

Between 9/3/15 at 1500 hours and 9/5/15, 1100 hours victim reports someone took her 2006 Chevrolet Impala from her parking lot. 


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