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April 10, 2014


CPCS 3rd                 Meadow Farms South                                       Cr# 14-065741

On 04/06/14, (S) Stephen Shearer Dob: 03/21/89 was observed passed out in his vehicle at the above location. The vehicle was running and deputies observed several baggies with a white powder on/around the suspect. The suspect admitted that the baggies contained heroin and that he had just used. A total of (10) bags of heroin were recovered from the vehicle. The suspect was subsequently charged with DWI and possession. The suspect also had an outstanding RPD warrant. Deputy Celeste’s report.

Petit Larceny          Chili Ave.                                                          Cr# 14-064295

On 04/03/14 at 2045hrs, (S) Amanda Munto Dob: 10/05/88 entered Target and stole $600 worth of speakers and diapers. The suspect loaded the items into a shopping cart and exited the store. The suspect was detained by security and turned over to Deputy Fisher. The suspect was processed and released on an APT.

Assault 2nd              Audino Ln.                                                       Cr #14-065752

On 04/06/14 at 0230hrs, victim and (S) Tabetha Keys Dob: 05/28/91 were at the above location watching a movie. During the movie, the victim and suspect began to argue. During the argument (S) Keys began to repeatedly punch the victim in the face and then struck the victim several times in the head with a beer bottle. The victim sustained a bite mark on her leg, lacerations to her face and large contusions to her head.  (S) Keys was taken into custody and arraigned in Riga Town Court

Petit Larceny             Chili Ave.                                                       Cr# 14-064164

Victim reports that he bought a thermal copier off of Ebay. Victim states that the item was shipped via UPS and was delivered to his apartment on 03/31/14 at 1344hrs, per UPS tracking. Victim states that the package was not at the location when he returned home. A downstairs neighbor reported seeing the package on the victim’s porch earlier that day, but did not see anyone take it. Deputy McClellan will be following up.

Burglary                     Cutter Dr.                                                      Cr# 14-065974

Victim reports that sometime between Sept. 2013 and 03/04/14, an unknown suspect broke into his home and stole property. Victim states that he went to a storage room on the rear of his house and discovered that the exterior door frame was broken. Victim checked the storage room and discovered that he was missing the following items: a Towle El Grand Sterling Silver Flatware set in a wooden box with the initials CWS engraved in the box, a Russian Imperial Franklin Mint ring and a violin. A neighborhood canvass and tech work was completed. Deputy Cubiotti to follow up.

Criminal Mischief          Scottsville Rd.                                            Cr# 14-067120

Management at 84 Lumber reports that between 04/07/14 1800hrs and 04/08/14 0715hrs, an unknown suspect cut a hole in the chain linked fencing at the location. Due to previous theft, management secured their outside materials and they report that nothing was taken. CIS and Deputy Wiebeld will be following-up.


CPCS                             Rt. 104/Drake Rd.                                       Cr# 14-067661

On 04/09/14 at 0004hrs, Deputy DiPilato conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at the above location. The operator (S) Thomas Hennekey Dob: 11/20/56 was subsequently arrested for AUO.  During the stop (S) Hennekey was found to be in possession of (2) baggies of cocaine and a metal crack pipe. The suspect was charged with CPCS and was released an APT.


Burglary                1449 Lake Rd.                                                      Cr# 13-189561

Inv. Zimmerman reports the arrest of Jesse Rose Dob: 02/07/92 and Aaron Zelter Dob: 07/06/93 for a burglary that occurred at Crosby’s Convenience store in October 2013, in which lottery tickets were stolen. During the investigation Rose and Zelter were identified as suspects. The suspects were eventually located and interviewed about the crime. Confessions were obtained and the suspects turned themselves into Inv. Zimmerman on 04/08/14. The suspects were arraigned at Hamlin Town Court and were remanded to MCJ on $5000/$10,000.


Burglary                                  Manitou Rd.                                         Cr# 14-065870

Victim is the owner of Pet Friendly located at the above address. Victim reports that on 04/06/14 when he came to work, he discovered that someone broke into his business and stole a safe containing $800 dollars. Victim checked the security footage that shows on 04/05/14 at 2325hrs, a suspect wearing a black hoodie, black ski mask, black gloves and black pants entered the office with a large crowbar. The suspect is seen attempting to open filing cabinet drawers and then is seen exiting the office with the safe. Deputies responded for the report and discovered a side door that was pried open. They also discovered a small crowbar left on the ground near the door. A neighborhood canvass and tech work was completed. CIS will be following up.

Burglary                                          Parma Center Rd.                        Cr# 14-043909

Deputy Philipp reports the arrest of Jonathan Miller Dob: 07/22/85 for a burglary that occurred in February 2014, in which a residence was burglarized and thousands of dollars’ worth of tree trimming equipment was stolen. On 04/08/14, Dep. Philipp and Inv. Firpo picked up Miller. Dep. Philipp and Inv. Firpo interviewed Miller and they were able to obtain a full confession to the crime. Miller was arraigned at Parma Town Court and was remanded to MCJ on $5000/$10,000.

Burglary                                           Park Sq.                                      Cr# 14-067591

Victim reports that between 03/28/14 and 04/08/14, an unknown suspect entered her apartment and stole a box of insulin syringes. Victim states that the syringes are kept in her bedroom dresser drawer and were last used by her on 03/28/14. Victim also added that her apartment is usually left unsecured. Tech work and a neighborhood canvass were completed. Deputy Perkins has the follow-up.


Burglary                                       Brockport Spencerport Rd.            Cr #14-063390

Victim reports that between 04/01/14 0900hrs and 04/02/14 1700hrs, an unknown suspect entered an open garage at the location and stole a Gary Fisher mountain bike valued at $500. The location is an apartment complex garage and there is no video surveillance at the location. Deputy Wood will be following up with the other tenants of the building.

Petit Larceny                   Brockport Spencerport Rd.                         Cr# 14-063287

On 04/02/14 at 1551hrs, an unknown M/W suspect entered Wal-Mart and stole $180 worth of chicken breast. The suspect loaded the items into a shopping cart and exited the store. The suspect then left the area in a maroon colored Chevy Astro Van. The suspect is described as a M/W, gray hair, wearing a tan jacket and jeans. Surveillance pictures were obtained and Deputy Wood will be following up.

Criminal Mischief/Att GL                   Owens Rd.                                  Cr # 14-065277

On 04/05/14 between 0200hrs and 0500hrs, an unknown suspect cut a hole in the chain linked fence at Lowes and attempted to steal a riding lawn mower. Management reports that at 0200hrs, employees responded to the location for a power failure. The location was checked and nothing suspicious was observed at that time. Deputy Morse will be following up.

Petit Larceny                                                         Brockport Spencerport Rd.                                    Cr# 14-066055

On 04/06/14 at 1510hrs, (S) Jenna Nesbitt Dob: 04/26/96 entered Wal-Mart and stole $70 worth of assorted clothing. When the suspect exited the store, she was stopped by security. The suspect was then turned over to Deputy Wood. The suspect was charged with PL and released on an APT.

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