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July 18, 2014


Burglary                         Chili Ave.                                       Cr# 14-132196

Verizon Wireless reports that on 07/10/14 between 0318hrs and 0320hrs, an unknown suspect smashed the front glass door and stole approx. $4000 worth of cell phones. The suspect is described as follows: male, 6’ 180lbs, gray hoodie, dark colored jeans, white sneakers, black gloves and had a bandana/mask covering his face. A neighborhood canvass and tech work was completed. CIS to follow-up.

Petit Larceny                  Chili Ave.                                       Cr# 14-134731

Management at AT&T reports that on 07/13/14 at approximately 1600hrs, a M/B suspect stole an Apple iPhone 5s from the display rack. The employee went to a back office briefly and returned to the front of the store to find the male gone. When the employee checked the IPhone display, an IPhone 5s was missing and the security wire was cut. No other customers were in the store at the time.

Burglary                        Bellaqua Estates                             Cr# 14-135284

Victim states that on 07/14/14, she went to get her purse and noticed that the purse was missing from the kitchen table. Victim checked with her mother and the both of them checked the house with negative results. There was no force entry made to the location and the residents state that the garage man door was unlocked. The victims also discovered a bicycle that they had in the shed, laying in the yard. It is believed that a suspect attempted to leave on the bicycle, but left it behind due to it having a flat tire. A neighborhood canvass and tech work was completed.

Grand Larceny               Scottsville Rd.                                Cr# 14-135356

Victim is employed by J&E Business Consulting which is located at the above business park. Victim states on 07/10/14 he accidently left his briefcase with his Mac Book Pro and IPad inside an office at the location when he went to a meeting in Buffalo. Victim states that he checked with co-workers and the leasing office manager for the property with negative results.  Victim did not know if the building had a security system.


Burglary                       W. Ridge Rd.                                     Cr# 14-135426

Victim reports that between 07/07/14 and 07/14/14, an unknown suspect entered her apartment and stole property. Victim stated that she was staying at her boyfriend’s house for the week and upon returning to her apartment discovered items missing.  There was no forced entry and victim states that the lock can be easily defeated. Taken from the apartment was a microwave, a lamp and a PSP gaming system. A neighborhood canvass and tech work was completed.


Grand Larceny 4th               North Avenue                             Cr# 14-130878

Victim reports that between 07/07/14 (1830) and 07/08/14 (0800) his wallet was stolen out of his vehicle which was parked in the driveway of his residence located above. The wallet’s contents included an ESL Credit card. This card was used to attempt to make a $483.84 purchase at the Gates Walmart and used to make a $78.00 charge at an unknown Sunoco gas station.

Burglary                    James Moore Circle                              Cr# 14-135760

Victim reports that on 07/14/14, she noticed that she was missing several rings and other pieces of jewelry from her bedroom. Victim states that she last saw the jewelry around 06/23/14. There is no damage to victim’s residence. On 07/15/14, Inv. Ponticello recovered some of the victim’s jewelry that had been sold by the niece at Greece Coin. The investigation is on-going. CIS to follow-up.


Burglary/PL              Fourth Section Rd.                                Cr# 14-130454

On 07/08/14, (S1) Jessica Ferguson and (S2) Sharon Ferguson entered Wegmans and stole assorted food items valued at $26 dollars. The pair concealed the items in their purses and exited the store. They were stopped by security and turned over to MCSO. (S1) Jessica Ferguson was previously banned from Wegmans and was charged with burglary/PL. (S1) was arraigned at Sweden Court and remanded to MCJ. (S2) Sharon Ferguson was not previously banned wand was released on an APT.


Attempted Burglary             Buffalo Rd.                                 Cr # 14-132331

Management at Dollar General reports that between 07/09/14 2130hrs and 07/10/14 0745hrs, an unknown suspect attempted to gain entry through the front door by prying the cylinder lock. Management reports that the locks were brand new and were just installed two weeks ago. When an employee went to open the store, the cylinder lock was found to be loose with obvious pry marks on it. A neighborhood canvass and tech work was completed.

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