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June 24, 2016


Falsely Reporting Dallas Dr. 16-110986

On 6-17-16 at approximately 2000 hours, the homeowner received a phone call from an anonymous number. The male caller, who was difficult to understand, told him he was with the bomb squad and that they needed to evacuate the residence because he placed a bomb in the house earlier in the day. The male called a total of three times stating the same. The residents evacuated, even though the homeowner’s grandparents had been home all day and verified no one else had been there. Deputies and K-9 checked the residence with negative results. 

Larceny to Vehicle 3775 Union St. (Black Creek Park) 16-111604

On 6-18-16, between 1700 and 2000 hours, someone smashed the rear passenger side window of the victim’ s vehicle and stole her purse with its contents from the back seat of her vehicle. 

Larceny Bellmawr Dr. 16-112849

Between 6-19-16 and 6-20-16, someone stole the victim’s green Cannondale mountain bike. The bike was left in a friend’s driveway, unsecured during the time period. 


Criminal Mischief Sandy Brook Dr. 16-109589

On 6-14-16, a 3-5 year old male, scratched the length of the driver’s side of the victim’s pick-up truck, as well as the passenger’s door. This was relayed to the victim after the fact by the park management who was told by another resident. 

Graffiti 430 Hamlin Clarkson Town line Rd. (Mark’s Pizzeria) 16-109952

On 6-14-16, between 1930 and 2000 hours, two young males scratched with a stone a racist word twice and a swastika symbol in the pavement of the business. The graffiti was able to be power washed and is now barely visible. There are no African Americans or Jewish people working at the business. 

Burglary Barringer Dr. 16-113482

Between 6-19-16, and 6-20-16, someone stole cash and collectible coins from the victim’s home. 


Larceny 2277 Union St (Town & Country Eye Care Assoc.) 16-109503

On 6-15-16, two black males entered the location, 1 filled out a new patient card while the other walked around the sunglass area. After the two left, an employee noticed two pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses were missing. 


Stolen Vehicle Cedar Terrace 16-111927

Between 6-17-16 and 6-19-16 and unknown person stole the victim’s 2008, Triumph motorcycle. The front wheel was locked and the victim maintains custody of both keys. 

Larceny 98 South Ave (Tops) 16-112645

On 6-20-16, a white male in his 20’s, 170 lbs,, stole 8 cans of Enfamil and 50 assorted candy bars, 

Larceny to vehicle Lake Ave 16-113406

Between 6-20-16, and 6-21-16, someone entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole the victim’s Garmin GPS unit, and his medications. 


Larceny 300 Owens Rd. (Lowes) 16-110837, 110760

On 6-17-16, Lowes reported that on 3-30-16, a white male stole 2, GenIQ 1600 Watt inverter / generators and a Dyson Ball vacuum. Lowes also reported on 6-17-16, that on 6-16-16, the same male stole a $999.00 Rinnia tank-less water heater. 

Larceny 4614 Lake Rd (Crosby’s) 16-109368

On 6-15-16, an approximate 30 year old white male, stole 13- 4 packs of Red Bull energy drink ($90.87). 

Burglary 655 Gallup Rd. (Arrowhead Golf Club) 16-112685

Between 6-18-16 and 6-20-16, someone broke the rear window of the victim’s houseboat that was moored at the above location. The person then gained entry and removed a TV and the marine antenna from the top of the boat. 

Larceny 6265 Brockport Spencerport Rd ( Walmart) 16-112668

On 6-20-16, a small, white male stole 7 various refrigerator filters worth $413. 

Larceny Woodlands Way 16-108937

Between 6-1-16 and 6-15-16, someone removed 1, NY registration plate from the back of the owner’s van. The vehicle is disabled and has been in the parking lot for the last month.

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