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August 29, 2014


Grand Larceny     Chili Scottsville Road (Weidner Road PK) 14-161916

Victim reports that sometime between 1630 and 1750 on 08/21/14 an unknown suspect(s) broke the rear passenger side window of her 2012 Subaru Impreza which was parked in the parking lot at the above location. Victim said that her purse and its contents were stolen. The purse’s contents included four (4) credit cards and a 4th generation Ipod Touch. Tech work was completed and Deputy Mazzenga has the follow up.

Burglary         Cassandra Cir.                                                  Cr# 14-162971

Victim reports that on 08/23/14 between 0300hrs and 0900 hrs, an unknown suspect entered his unlocked garage and stole a Trek mountain bike. The victim located (2) helmets and a child seat, that were on the mountain bike, in the rear yard of the residence. A neighborhood canvass and tech work was completed. Deputy Albertelli to follow-up.

Petit Larceny      Chili Ave.                                                      Cr# 14-162455

On 08/22/14 at 1253hrs, a M/B suspect entered Walgreens and stole (3) bottles of Tide detergent from the shelves. The male then went to the service desk and attempted to return the bottles of Tide. When the male was advised that he couldn’t do the return, due to not having a receipt, the male left the store with the merchandise. The male then left the area in a white sedan. Security images are forthcoming. Deputy Prate to follow-up.

Grand Larceny          Chili Ave.                                               Cr# 14-165115

On 08/22/14, (S) Kristen Powell Dob: 11/20/85 went to the St. Pius Federal Credit Union ATM and made (2) fake deposits into her checking account totaling $1800. The suspect completed the deposits through the ATM, but did not have money in the envelopes that she deposited. Her account was credited the “alleged” deposit amount and the suspect proceeded to make withdrawals totaling $1600 from her account. Powell was located and arrested on the above charges. Powell was released on an APT.

Grand Larceny            Paul Rd.                                              Cr# 14-164967

On 08/24/14 at 0425hrs, unknown suspects went to the Paul Road Elementary School and stole $1200 in metal HVAC parts that had been stored alongside of the building. Security footage shows a late 1990’s- early 2000’s Ford F-150 with a large rack over the bed of the truck, pull up next to the stolen metal. (3) M/W’s and (2) F/W’s exit the truck and loaded the metal into the truck. Images of the truck and suspects were sent to MCAC and a bulletin is forthcoming. Deputy Schnars to follow-up.


GL/ID Theft              Lake Rd. East Fork                               Cr# 14-164298

On 08/22/14, victim discovered that he was missing his wallet and credit cards. Victim contacted his credit card company and learned that his cards were used in the Village of Brockport. Victim then suspected that his ex-girlfriend (S) Kelly Peters was involved and contacted her. Peters admitted to having his wallet and using his credit cards. Deputy Legault responded for the report and interviewed the suspect, who admitted to using the victim’s credit cards. The suspect turned over the wallet and credit cards to Deputy Legault. The suspect was processed and released on an APT.

Grand Larceny                     King St.                                     Cr# 14-164192

Victim is the owner of Curb Solutions and reports that on 08/22/14 at 1400hrs, an unknown suspect stole a Stinger snow salter from the property. Victim reviewed his security system and it shows a M/W in an older model 4dr Chevrolet Cavalier color purple, walking around the property. The male drags the 150lb snow salter to his vehicle and loads the salter into the backseat.

Petit Larceny             Drake Rd.                                           Cr# 14-163978

Victim owns a fruit stand at the above location. On 08/23/14 at 2100hrs, a M/W and F/W stole $25 worth of peaches and apples from the stand. The incident was captured on a security system the victim has on the stand. The video shows the pair take the items and then pretend to place money in the lockbox. The suspects then left the area in a 2013 Ford Focus NY GNK9593, which comes back to 16339 Ridge Rd. Holley, NY.


R.E/CM                        Peck Rd.                                           Cr# 14-163766

Victim reports that on 08/24/14 at 1435hrs, he was in his backyard cleaning his pool. The victim heard someone shooting nearby and then heard a bullet hit his house. The bullet struck the siding of the second story of his house. The victim then got into his vehicle to see if he could see who was shooting. The victim located a Ford Freestar, NY ACD2760  parked on the side of Peck Rd. with (2) F/W’s in the vehicle. The victim stated that the vehicle then drove off after he passed.

The above vehicle was later located by Deputy Mazzenga and he obtained a voluntary statement from (S) Jacqueline Power-Buchholz regarding the incident. The suspect admitted to target shooting in the woods at a neighboring property. The suspect stated that she was shooting at trees and thought she was far enough into the woods to be safe. The suspect was released on an APT on the above charge.

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