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June 23, 2017



Petit Larceny 810 Paul Rd (Kmart) 17-103522

On 6-16-17 deputies responded to Kmart for the report of a larceny. Loss prevention employees stated that they confronted the suspects after they passed all points of sale. Stolen items included clothing and makeup with a value of $194. The suspects gave some of the items back but then left in a red Chevy Malibu.

Burglary 2nd/G.L. 4th/UUV__ Chili Ave. 17-103824

Victim reports that between 1200hrs 6/16/17 and 0430hrs 6/17/17 an unknown suspect entered his home and stole jewelry and cash totaling $5,525. Also taken was a 2018 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Issuing a Bad Check 2998 Chili Avenue (St. Pius X Federal Credit Union) 17-105270

On 6-19-17 (1131) MCSO responded to the above location. In sum and substance Michael Lettice (8-10-47) came into the credit union and attempted to open up a debit account. The credit union recently received a fraud alert regarding Lettice which stated he was known for passing bad checks and opening fraudulent accounts. Lettice presented a check for $600 Dollars to the credit union during his attempt to open up a debit account. Lettice admitted that the account the $600 dollar check was being drawn on had no money in it. Lettice was arrested and charged with the above offense.


Grand Larceny (from vehicle) Roths Cove 17-102440

Victim reports that between 6-14-17 and 6-15-17 from 1500hrs to 0700hrs an unknown person went into his unlocked 2017 Chevy Silverado. Stolen was his tool bag containing $1400 worth of tools and $200 cash. Some of the missing tools were a Dewalt bit set, Klein linesman wire strippers, 2 side cutters, 8 screwdrivers, needle nose pliers and 2 channel locks. Kobalt tools included 4 nut drivers, an allen wrench set, and ratcheting wrenches with color tape on them. Milwaukee tools included M12 drill set and a 6 inch extension. Also stolen was a hole saw, impact drill, and various crescent wrenches as well as a Kodak temporary access badge.

Grand Larceny 4 Highview Trail 17-104245

Sometime between 6-16-17 (1000) and 6-17-17 (1800) an unknown suspect called the victim(s) at the above address and purported to be their granddaughter. The female suspect stated she had been arrested for drunk driving in Miami Florida and needed money to pay for a lawyer. A male then spoke to the victims and identified himself as an attorney and directed the victim to purchase $3, 898 in Best Buy gift cards to pay for Bail. On 6-17-17 the female suspect called the victims back and requested $3700 in additional Best Buy gift cards as she now needed money for court fees and a plane ticket home. The victims again complied and went to Best Buy where they purchased more gift cards. At the time of both purchases the store clerk asked the victims if they were being scammed. After the second purchase the victim decided to research the phone number he was being contacted from and found that the area code was from Canada (not Miami). The victim was able to cancel 6 of the 8 gift cards he purchased and receive a refund.

Grand Larceny 4th__ 1 Camp Rd._17-104350

(V) Reports that between 1445hrs and 2015hrs on 6/17/17 her vehicle was parked in the parking lot of area #4 of Hamlin Beach

State Park when an unknown suspect entered the unlocked vehicle and stole her wallet which was in the glove box. The wallet

contained her family’s social security cards, a Kay Jewelers credit card, and other miscellaneous items.


PL 300 Owens Road (Lowe’s) 17-101408

On 6-7-17 (1512) a white male suspect wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans stole a 20 inch Husqvarna Chainsaw from the Lowe’s store located above. The suspect exited the store and left in what appeared to be a white Pontiac Vibe. The theft was confirmed by loss prevention after surveillance video was viewed.

GL4 Lake Road N. Commercial Location 17-101420

On 6-13-17 (0730-1400) an unknown suspect stole a hot pink wallet and its contents, including credit card(s), from an unlocked vehicle (windows down). The vehicle was parked in the back parking lot of the above location. There was a declined charge at the Smoker’s Choice in the village of Brockport, and a declined purchase at the Walmart in Sweden on the victim’s credit card(s).

PL Campbell Road 17-102458

Sometime between 6-14-17 (2100) and 6-15-17 (0700) an unknown suspect(s) stole a laptop computer (HP Pro Book), bag, and headphones from an unlocked vehicle at the above location.

PL Lake Road 17-102122

On 6-11-17 (1050-1233) a white male suspect (appx. 5’8”, 150lbs, blue t-shirt, shorts, blue nike shirt) returned a mail box at Runnings located above. The male then purchased a different mail box and left. Store employee(s) later found multiple items in the store that had been removed from their boxes and stolen. The items stolen include: Dewalt 60v 7 ¼” Circular Saw (052967), Dewalt 60v Reciprocating Saw (060965), Brown Wolverine Work Boots. Surveillance showed the suspect placing these items into his cart; however it did not capture him removing the items from the boxes. It is theorized that the suspect used the mail box he purchased and or its packaging to secrete the items he stole. 

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