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February 12 2016


Aggravated Harassment Gennis Dr 16-022421

The victim received telephonic threats of bodily injury. 

Larceny 1601 Penfield Rd (Tops) 16-023265

On 2/4 at 2040, a white male stole groceries, departing in a minivan. 

Burglary Penfield Rd 16-024620

On 2/6 between 1100/1900, someone entered the house through an east window and went into the basement. Electronics were stolen. 

Burglary Penfield Rd 16-025131

Between 2/5 at 1700 and 2/7 at 1030, someone entered the location by cutting the screen on a lower-level window on the SE corner and opened the interior unlocked window, only some food was stolen. 

Burglary Penfield Rd 16-025578

Between 1600 2/7 & 0858 2/8, the suspect smashed out a glass panel on the back door. Several firearms were stolen.


Larceny Falcon Trail 16-024382

The victim received a letter from “Publishers Clearing House” advising she had won $1.5million. A “check” for $7,300 was enclosed for “processing fees”. She followed instructions to deposit the check and then overnight $5,200 to an out of state address. The bank later informed her the deposited check was fake. 

Larceny 1 Dave Paddock Way (Fairport HS) 16-026666

A student had his iPhone stolen from the locker room after leaving it in the open. The suspect switched out an older iPhone and took the newer one. 


Vehicle Larceny 55 Sutherland St (Sutherland HS) 16-026016

On 2/8 between 1710/1953, the vehicle’s rear passenger window was smashed out. A bag containing clothing and toiletries was removed, but found in the snowbank at the edge of the parking lot with all the contents accounted for. The only theft was $18 cash that had been in plain sight on the dash.

Vehicle Larceny 2797 Clover St (Lock 32) 16-025985

On 2/8 between 1700/1835, the vehicle’s front passenger window was smashed out. His gym bag containing a wallet was stolen. 

Criminal Trespass 3660 Monroe Ave (Pittsford Garden Apts) 16-025522

Between 2/6 – 2/8 the suspect smashed out the window to the main office, went inside, and moved miscellaneous items around. Nothing was stolen or damaged (besides the window). 

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