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June 16, 2017


Larceny 2157 Penfield Road (Wegmans) 17-098324

(R), a loss prevention employee at Wegmans, states on 6/8/17 at approximately 1701 hours she observed known suspect, (S) Paul Weber (2/1/94), steal $294.84 worth of Enfamil powder from the location. (R) followed (S) into the parking lot who then dropped the merchandise and fled the location. 

Vehicle larceny Elderwood Court 17-099936

On 6/10/17 from 2255 hours to 0715 hours, an unknown suspect entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle which was parked in the parking lot at the above location. The suspect took $10 in change and a phone charger from inside of the vehicle. No other vehicles in the parking lot were opened. 

Vehicle Larceny Harmon Road 17-099736

(V) reports that between 6/9/17 and 6/10/17 (2300-0600) an unknown person went through her unlocked vehicle and stole 3 bottles of prescription medication. A neighborhood canvas yielded negative results.

Burglary Wilbur Tract Road 17-099637

(V) reports that between 6/3/17 and 6/6/17 (0530-1600) an unknown person entered his unattached garage by breaking the lock on the door. While inside the suspect stole a Homelite generator, Stihl brush cutter, Craftsman socket set, and a Fulton folding tongue for a trailer hitch.

Trespass (Att. Vehicle Larceny) Jackson Rd. 17-098621

On 6/9/17 at 0308 HRS an unknown M/W approximately 5’10 and 150 lbs. was caught on surveillance video walking through a gate posted with No Trespass signs on the above residential property and attempting to get into the victim’s vehicles, but both were locked and entry was not gained. 

Vehicle Larceny Cassidy Ct. 17-099070
V1 and V2 report that, between 6/8/17 at 2100 HRS and 6/9/17 at 0700 HRS, an unknown S entered their Mercedes van and stole $800 in cash from a wallet and a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses worth $150. Most likely related to above job as the properties are almost touching. 

Vehicle Larceny 1717 Linear Park Dr. (Linear Park) 17-099157

V went to Linear Park on 6/9/17 and left her van unattended from 1930-2010 HRS. The van was locked but V’s purse was left under the front passenger seat. When V returned to the van she discovered her driver’s side front window had been smashed and the purse and its contents were gone. Value of purse, cash, makeup, and gift cards totaled $345 in addition to 3 credit/debit cards stolen.

Vehicle Larceny 99 Whitney Road (Spring Lake Park) 17-101212

(V) reports that on 6/8/17 between the hours of 1245 & 1330 an unknown person entered her Ford Explorer and stole her Vera Bradley purse that contained $7 and a check book. (V) said she locked her doors while at the park but left all her windows rolled half way down. A neighborhood canvas yielded negative results.

Stolen Vehicle Empire Boulevard 17-101306

(V) reports that on 6/13/17 at approximately 2200 hours he parked his vehicle at 1384 Empire Blvd and walked down to his boat where he slept for the night. (V) said when he awoke at approximately 0800 the vehicle was gone. (V) checked with an employee at the location who was able to pull up security footage of the incident and found that at approximately 0330 hours a sedan pulls up to the jeep and an unknown race female exits the vehicle. The female then gets into the jeep and drives away. (V) said that he has every key to the vehicle, but the jeep has a soft top and soft windows. 


Larceny (Arrest) 1 Dave Paddock Way (Fairport High School) 17-097236

(V) parked his Specialized Hard Rock mountain bike at Fairport High School at approximately 1630 hours on 6/6/17. When (V) returned at 1920 hours the bicycle was missing. Security footage later revealed that the bike was taken by (S) Joshua Robinson-Milligan (3/14/00) who proceeded to throw the bike in the canal because it had a flat tire. (S) was taken into custody and released on an appearance ticket to Perinton town court.

Unlawful Possession of a Skimmer Device 650 Moseley Road (Mobil) 17-098164

(R), a technician for Prime Time’s Service, states that on 6/8/17 at approximately 1227 hours he was servicing pump #10 at the Mobil gas station when he located a skimmer device on the pump. At this time it is unknown when the device was placed on the pump or how long it had been there. ECU to follow up.

Vehicle Larceny Ayrault Rd. 17-099385

On 6/10/17 from 0745 hours to 0848 hours, an unknown suspect entered the victim’s locked vehicle by breaking out the front passenger window to her vehicle. The suspect took the victim’s pink Michael Kors purse which contained credit cards and $100 cash. At the time of the report the cards were not used. Deputy Prokop will continue the investigation.

Vehicle Larceny Cobbs Lane 17-100290

(V) reports that on 6/11/17 between the hours of 1630 and 1715 an unknown person stole her purse that contained several credit cards and an IPhone 5S from her locked vehicle. (V) said she locked the vehicle when she left to walk the canal path and when she came back the vehicle was still locked. The cards were all cancelled and there was no reported suspicious activity.

Burglary 1 White Pine Circle (Kids Care) 17-101160

(R), an employee at Kids Care, states that on 6/13/17 she noticed that 2 gallons of juice were missing from the location. (R) said that she checked the businesses security cameras and found that on 6/11/17 between 0220 and 0222 an unknown race male and female teenager entered through the front door which has a faulty lock. The teenagers then steal the juice and leave the location. 


Larceny 3349 Monroe Avenue (Pearle Vision) 17-098090

(R), an employee at Pearle Vision, states that on 6/8/17 between the hours of 1003 & 1014 a known suspect, (S) Jared Adamski (7/4/96), came to the location and stole a pair of Oakley sunglasses ($300) and a pair of Versace frames ($330). (R) said that (S) placed the sunglasses in his pocket while another known person (PK) Thayer Colella (7/13/98) distracted employees by getting an eye exam. 

Vehicle Larceny 631 Marsh Rd. (Great Embankment Park) 17-099450

On 6/10/17 from 0925 hours to 0955 hours, an unknown suspect entered the victim’s locked vehicle by breaking out the rear driver side window to her vehicle. The suspect took the victim’s Louis Vuitton handbag which contained credit cards and $10 cash. At the time of the report the cards were not used. 

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