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October 20, 2017


Assault Old Penfield Road / Penfield Road 17-181086

On 10/10/17 at approximately 1442 hours Deputy Wilsey responded to RGH for the assault report. Upon arrival (V) said that he was working construction in the area of Old Penfield Road and Penfield Road when he confronted (S)  about the use of a nail gun. During the argument (S) punched (V) in the face several times that caused a laceration that needed stitches. Investigation ongoing.

Criminal mischief Panorama Creek Trail 17-182670

(V) states that on 10/12/17 between 0815 & 1521 hours an unknown person left a large scratch on her vehicle while parked at work. (V) said she suspects a co-worker that she does not get along with as this type of incident has happened in the past. 

Vehicle Larceny 1606 Penfield Road (Kindercare) 17-185048

(V) states that on 10/16/17 between 0730 & 0745 an unknown person smashed her front passenger window and stole her purse that contained $100 cash, an Iphone 6S, and several credit cards. Several of the credit cards were used a short time later at different locations in Spencerport where gift cards were purchased. 

Criminal Trespass (Arrest) Chippenham Drive 17-185982

On 10/17/17 at approximately 1348 hours deputies responded to Chippenham Drive for the report of a possible person inside a house as reported by the (V). Upon arrival deputies set up a perimeter and the house was cleared with a K9. The K9 located (S) Osvaldo Arguinozi (7/1/99) hiding in the basement and after refusing to obey commands he was subsequently bit. The rest of the house was cleared and it appears as no crime was committed. (S) is the boyfriend of (V)’s 15 year old daughter, but at no point was he given permission to be in the house. (S) was ROR’d in Penfield Court for criminal trespass 2nd and a stay away OOP was issued to the (V).


Petit Larceny 1311 Fairport Rd. (DiPrima’s Mobil) 17-183093
On 10/13/17 the manager of DiPrima’s, R-Orbaker, started his shift at work and found that the office safe was opened and missing approximately $600.00 in rolled coins. He reviewed surveillance footage from the day before and saw that a black male with green hat, blue shirt, blue jeans, and tan boots entered the office at 1400 HRS and stole from the safe which was not locked at the time. Further review of surveillance footage showed that the male appeared to be working with two other individuals who distracted the employees. Suspects left and walked past Perinton Automotive Center toward Tom Wahl’s but no suspect vehicle was seen. Deputy Thurston to follow-up with obtaining surveillance footage which Orbaker wasn’t able to burn at the time of the report.

Vehicle Larceny 101 Sullys Trail, Suite 30 (Crayon Campus Daycare) 17-185067

(V) states that on 10/16/17 at approximately 0822 hours she was dropping her child off at daycare and left her vehicle unlocked, running, and unattended for approximately 2 minutes. (V) said when she returned she found that an unknown person stole her purse that contained an old Iphone, $50 cash, and several credit cards. (V) was able to cancel the cards before any fraudulent charges were attempted. 

CPCS (Arrest) White Pine Circle 17-184656

On 10/15/17 at approximately 1605 hours Deputy Fitzpatrick and Saieva were checking the area of White Pine Circle looking for (S) Lauren Wurtenberg (10/21/89) who had 7 active felony warrants out of Macedon. Upon locating (S) she took off running and was quickly apprehended. (S) admitted to having cocaine on her person and after testing positive it was determined to have an aggregate weight of .14 ounces. (S) was turned over to Macedon PD and charges for CPCS 4th were later lodged at Wayne County Jail. Great proactive arrest.

Burglary St. Andrews Boulevard 17-186323

(V) said on 10/18/17 at approximately 0050 hours she was awoken by the sound of her dog barking and footsteps heading down the stairs. (V) said she thought it was her children and didn’t bother to check on it. Approximately an hour later (V) went downstairs to check things out and found a rear sliding glass door ajar and several rings missing from the kitchen counter. After checking the remainder of the house several credit cards and a valuable ring were also found to be missing. The credit cards were cancelled before any fraudulent purchases were attempted. 


Larceny Dryden Circle 17-182049

(V), an 88 year old senior living facility resident, states between 9/11/17 & 10/4/17 an unknown person stole a silver necklace with a turquoise stone on it from her dresser drawer. (V) said the only other people in her residence at that time were cleaners provided by the facility. Investigation ongoing.

Harassment French Road 17-182199

(R), a manager at the assisted living center, states that on 10/11/17 at approximately 1830 hours (S) John Bigness grabbed a resident by the arm and dragged her across the room after she would not listen to him and was acting out. This is an unapproved technique and subsequently caused bruising to the (V)’s arm. (S) had left the location by the time patrol arrived and refused to return to the scene, but did make verbal admissions to the incident. Per protocol, the Justice Center was notified and deputies continiue to investigate.

Larceny 3340 Monroe Ave (Marshalls) 17-181956

On 10/11/17 from 1249 hours to 1332 hours, a male black, in his 50’s, wearing a gray hat, gray sweatshirt, and jeans entered the Marshalls with a female white, 45 years old, 6 ft. tall, 300 lbs., with brown shoulder length hair. While inside of the store the male placed approximately $445 worth of clothes in a shopping cart and exited without paying for the merchandise. After being confronted by an employee the male left the clothing and ran west on Monroe Ave. The female stayed in the store and completed a purchase. The female left the store in a black ford Escape but the license plate came back to a blue Buick Century. 

Criminal Mischief (No Prosecution) 44 N. Main Street (Pittsford Dairy) 17-184551

(V) states that on 10/15/17 at approximately 1300 hours he observed 2 juveniles breaking windows to a vacant building in the rear of the property owned by Pittsford Dairy. (V) said when he confronted the kids they tried to ride off on their bikes. When (V) attempted to stop them one of the juveniles started swearing at him and kicked him. Another juvenile suspect later returned to the scene and confessed to breaking the windows. Both suspects agreed to help (V) fix the windows and (V) declined prosecution.

Larceny Trumbull Lane 17-185398

(V), who is 93 years old, reports that between 8/1/17 and 10/14/17 an unknown person stole 3 gold necklaces, 2 gold penants, and 2 gold bracelets from her apartment. (V) believes the cleaners provided by the Cloverwood Apartments may be responsible for the theft. Investigation ongoing.

Larceny Marsh Road 17-183925

(R), the Pittsford lacrosse Boy’s Youth Coordinator, states that between 10/13/17 & 10/14/17 (1930-1250) an unknown person stole 5 orange lacrosse goals from the location. The goals had an aggregate value of $1,500. 

CPFI (Arrest) Monroe Avenue 17-184318

(R), a bartender at the above location, states that on 10/15/17 at approximately 0120 hours (S) Divon Posey (4/29/94) ordered several drinks from the bar and attempted to pay with a fake $100 bill. (S) was detained outside of the location and immediately became irate with deputies. After a positive ID (S) was remanded to MCJ on 1,500/$3,000 by Judge Bernaki.

Forgery 3195 Monroe Avenue (Wegmans) 17-186201

(R), a loss prevention employee for Wegmans, states on 10/17/17 at approximately 1927 hours he was notified by one of the cashiers that a fake $100 bill had been passed. (R) said after reviewing video he observed 2 black males within a 10 minute time period go through separate lines and each pass a fake $100 bill. Both bills had matching serial number JB61364593A. Secret Service was notified

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