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January 20, 2017


CM 4th/PL Park Point Dr 17-006264

The victim reports between on 01/10/17 and 01/11/17 an unknown suspect entered her vehicle by smashing the front passenger window out of the car. The suspect then removed the aftermarket car stereo, a GPS and a cell phone charger.

CM 4th East Henrietta Rd 17-006643

The victim reports an unknown suspect smashed the rear window of his car on 01/11/17. Nothing was taken from the vehicle.

Attempt Burglary 2nd Wildbriar Rd 17-006564

On 01/11/17 the homeowner was at home when he heard the door from the attached garage to his kitchen creak. The resident opened the door to investigate he did not see anyone in the garage but he did notice a door to the back yard ajar. At this time nothing appeared to be missing from the garage.

Burglary 2nd/PL Wildbriar Rd 17-006589

While investigating the above burglary a K-9 track led to another address on Wildbriar Rd. where a purse and credit cards were located outside the house on a table. Deputies located a plastic chair sitting below an open window that led into the dining room of the residence. Deputies also noticed the sliding glass door was open. Contact was made with the residents who verified that the purse and contents belonged to a female resident. The victims report the only item missing is a tablet computer.

GL 4th 300 Jay Scutti Blvd 17-007181

The manager for Gander Mountain reports that two black male suspects entered the store on 01/12/17 and proceeded to the winter clothing section of the store. One of the males put on a jacket and exits the store without paying for the jacket. The other suspect filled a Gander Mountain bag with winter clothing and then waited at the entrance door to the store for his counterpart to re-enter the store and trigger the door to open. Both suspects left the store without paying for the merchandise.

PL 760 Jefferson Rd 17-007532

An employee of the Macaroni Grill was pulling into work when she noticed a pickup truck parked at the loading dock. The employee then saw a white male suspect on the loading dock throw a beer keg in the back of the truck and leave in the truck.

GL 4th 10 Miracle Mile Dr 17-007630

Loss Prevention for Sears observed two male black suspects enter the store and proceed to the Kitchen Aid Mixer display. Each suspect picked up a mixer and exited the store without paying for the items.

Attempt GL 3rd 2325 Marketplace Dr 17-006306

Loss Prevention for Target observed a known black male suspect enter the store on 01/11/17. The suspect grabbed a shopping cart and selected several items from the grocery, men’s clothing and electronics sections of the store. He then proceeded to a fire exit at the back of the store and tried to exit the store. He was confronted by a Target employee at which time he abandoned the cart and left the store.

Burg 2nd/PL 2100 Hylan Dr 17-009452

The victim reports he left his apartment and when he returned he discovered the cabinet doors open and property moved around inside. The victim reports the suspect stole clothing, costume jewelry, candy and a pillow case from his apartment.

Criminal Trespass 3rd 2100 Hylan Dr 17-009467

While investigating the above Burglary responding deputies discovered the man door to the garage of the Leasing Office was unsecured. Upon checking the building the kitchen area and two offices inside the building appeared to have been ransacked.

Suspicious Condition (Possible Burglary 2nd) 2100 Hylan Dr 17-009475

Suspicious Condition (Possible Burglary 2nd) 2100 Hylan Dr 17-009487

While investigating the above Burglaries MCSO deputies discovered two other apartments unsecure. Interior sweeps of the apartments found both apartments had been rummaged through.

GL 4th 3995 West Henrietta Rd 17-009469

The store manager for 7-Eleven states that 2 black male suspects entered the store around on 01/16/17. One of the suspects engaged the store clerk in conversation to distract her while the other suspect went to the back room. It was later discovered several packs of cigarettes were missing from the back office area.

PL 3445 Winton Pl 17-009240

The victim parked his car in the parking lot at his place of employment on 01/16/17 the victim went to his vehicle while on break and noticed the passenger side door open. A tool bag and tools were missing from the vehicle.

GL 3rd 1100 Jefferson Rd 17-009263

The manager of Guitar Center reports an unknown suspect stole a guitar from the store.

PL 300 Hylan Dr 17-009829

The manager of Oshkosh B’Gosh states a black female suspect entered the store and selected boys clothing. The suspect then responded to the register where she engaged the manager in conversation about customers shoplifting. The suspect then left the store without paying for the merchandise.

GL 3rd 1540 Jefferson Rd 17-004302

The manager for Sunoco reports that between 01/04/17 and 01/08/17 an unknown suspect removed a shipment of lottery tickets that came into the store.


An investigator for Sunoco states an employee came forward and admitted to stealing the lottery tickets. The employee paid restitution to Sunoco for the stolen lottery tickets. Sunoco declines prosecution.


Robbery 3rd/GL 3rd 1 Rochester St 17-008162

On 01/14/17 a male black suspect entered the Chase Bank and proceeded to the counter where he pushed a customer away from the counter. The suspect then took money on the counter that the customer was depositing. The suspect also reached over the counter and removed money from the cash drawer. He left the bank in an unknown direction.


PL 166 West Main St 17-005197

An employee for Weider’s Ace Hardware reports that between 01/07/17 and 01/08/17 a Nest Smart Thermostat and a Honeywell Smart Thermostat were stolen from the store.


PL 407 Robert Quigley Dr 17-009146

The victim states he purchased a cell phone from Boost Mobile online. He became concerned when the phone did not arrive. Boost Mobile informed the victim the phone was delivered via UPS on 01/10/17.

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