Zone B Weekly Crime Report

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February 17, 2017


GL 3rd/Burglary 3rd 1 Miracle Mile Dr 178-022893

Employees of Metro PCS discovered several missing cell phones and tablets when they reported for work on 02/07/17. Mall video shows 2 male black suspects entered the mall from an unsecured east entrance doors. The suspects are observed walking to the Metro PCS Kiosk and kneeling down near the cabinet where the devices were stored. The suspects then leave the location.

GL 3rd 400 Jefferson Rd 17-022903

The victim left a vehicle running with the door open in front of DP Dough while he was loading garbage into the vehicle. The victim went back inside the building to get more garbage and when he came back outside he saw the vehicle driving away west bound through the parking lot.

GL 4th/CM 4th/PL (Vehicle Larceny) 3333 West Henrietta Rd 17-023234

The victim parked her vehicle in the parking lot at Planet Fitness. When she returned to the vehicle she discovered the passenger side window smashed out and her purse was taken from inside the vehicle.

PL 4695 West Henrietta Rd 17-020994

The victim and her husband were staying at the Fairfield Inn Hotel on 02/04/17. They left the room in the morning and when they returned the victim discovered 4 bottles of prescription medicine had been taken from the room.

ID Theft 2nd/GL 4th/CPSP 4th 1200 Marketplace Dr 17-022407

The victim reports her wallet was stolen from the back office at Edible Arrangements where she is employed. The suspect then used her Visa card to make purchases at various locations. Deputies obtained security video footage of all the fraudulent transactions and were able to identify the suspect as Mikel Bailey. Bailey was at Edible Arrangements on the day the wallet was stolen for a job interview. Bailey was located at his residence and transported to B-Zone. Bailey was released on an appearance ticket.

Burg 2nd/PL Vollmer Pkwy 17-024146

The homeowner reports he left his attached garage door open while he left to run errands. When he returned he noticed his sons bicycle was missing from the garage. The victim followed tracks in the snow until he lost them on Vollmer Pkwy.

GL 4th 1565 Jefferson Rd 17-026437

The project manager for Butler Till reports one of the company’s employees had a company laptop stolen from her while on a business trip. The laptop has been connected to the internet in Lake Bluff Illinois.

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