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April 29, 2016


CPCS 3rd 240 Riverknoll (RIT) 16-71340

RIT security reports the following; during the investigation of a sick student on April 18th, they determined that (V) Caleb T. Van Der Werf (DOB 3/7/94), an RIT student, was selling drugs from his dorm room at the above address. Van Der Werf was interviewed by MCSO and admitted to purchasing drugs on-line using “Tor”, a computer system that conceals IP addresses. The drugs are then delivered to his dorm by the US Postal Service. Van Der Werf admitted to selling the drugs on campus and consented to a search of his room. The search yielded 28 grams of powder cocaine, 20 grams of crystal MDMA, seven tabs of LSD, two grams of Amphetamine Sulfate, three grams of DMT, 1 gram of powder alprazolam and three pills of VyVanse. Van Der Werf informed deputies that another 100 tabs of LSD was due to be delivered by USPS in the near future. The drugs were confiscated and Van Der Werf was arrested. He was remanded to MCJ on $20,000/$50,000. 

Robbery 1st/Burglary 1st River Meadow Drive 16-72968

The victim occupants of the above address report that during the early hours of April 21st, several suspects forced their way into the location. One of the suspects went directly to a bedroom and stole cash and marijuana. The suspects then left. MFU is investigating.

Burglary 3rd 1 Miracle Mile Drive (Dakota Watch Company) 16-75294

Wilmorite Security (security for Marketplace Mall) reports that after the mall closed on April 24th, they observed a suspect enter the mall, walk down to the Dakota Watch Company kiosk and jump over the counter. Security approached and attempted to verbally engage the suspect, who exited the kiosk and ran out of the mall. The suspect was last seen running towards Applebees. Upon inspection of the kiosk, deposit bags cash were found to be missing. 

CPFI 1ST 950 Jefferson Road (Taco Bell) 16-73165

A manager at the above location reports that on April 21st, an unknown suspect attempted to make a purchase with a $100 bill. Employees tested the bill which showed as being counterfeit. The male then left the store. ECU is investigating.

Aggravated Harassment 2nd Valiant Drive 16-73864

The victim, who resides on Valiant Drive, reports that during the overnight hours of April 21st, an unknown suspect entered his yard and nailed air soft shooting targets on five trees along the edge of his property. 

Burglary 3rd Green Moore Way 16-73772

The victim, who resides in an apartment at the above address, reports that during the overnight hours of April 21st, an unknown suspect entered the apartment building and stole her bicycle. 

Menacing 3rd/Petit Larceny 2325 Marketplace Drive (Target) 16-75824

Reporting employee states that on April 25th, an unknown suspect shoplifted $281.96 worth of merchandise and walked past the point of purchase. The employee observed this and stood by the exit waiting for her. When the suspect approached, he asked for her receipt, which she did not have. After a brief conversation, the suspect put her hand in her jacket and said, “Do you wanna get shot?” The employee backed away and the suspect walked out the doors with the merchandise. 

Forgery/ID Theft/GL 1575 East Henrietta Road (Chase Bank) 16-76368

An employee of the above location reports that at 1043 hrs on April 26th, a female pulled up to the drive-up teller at the location and attempted to cash two stolen checks while falsely impersonating another person. The suspect presented a stolen NYS driver’s license and a stolen bank card and tried to pass them off as hers. Both checks were written to the person that the suspect was impersonating. The teller became suspicious when she observed that the suspect was wearing a wig and did not resemble the photo on the license. The teller also noticed that the bank card had been canceled. The suspect then drove away from the bank in a small, black SUV. MCSO ECU is investigating.


The reporting person is the father of a teenage girl. He states that the daughter has been communicating with an unknown suspect on Snapchat and Instagram. Between April 23rd and April 25th, his daughter sent numerous nude photographs of herself to the suspect via the internet. She did this because the suspect threatened to post nude photos of her that he’s already obtained if she refused. The suspect continues to communicate with the daughter and is demanding more nude photographs from her. 


Grand Larceny 4th 3892 Scottsville Road, (Scottsville Spirits) 16-62350

The owner of the above location reports that on April 4th, three suspects entered his store and began stealing property. One of the suspects began to distract the cashier by repeatedly asking for lottery reports. While the cashier was doing that, the second suspect attempted to steal the store’s cash deposit bag by crawling along the floor next to the cash register. The third suspect went into the back room and moved a flat screen television and large quantities of alcohol out the back door. He placed them on the ground and went to get his car. At about this time, the cashier saw the suspect on the floor and challenged him. The first two suspects fled through the front door. The owner became aware of what was going on and saw the television and merchandise outside on the ground. He went outside to investigate and saw the third suspect pick up the first two and drive away. The cashier reported that after the incident, she discovered her credit card was missing. It was later used three multiple times at another location. 

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