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October 21, 2016


Auto Stripping 1335 Jefferson Rd 16-183118

Victim reports that on 10/10/16 an unknown suspect keyed his pickup truck while it was parked in the parking lot at the Jefferson Rd Post Office. The damage was to the tailgate and rear passenger side quarter panel of the vehicle.

PL 1225 Jefferson Rd 16-183529

Loss prevention for Tops Supermarket reports a black male entered the store on 10/07/16 and removed beer from the store cooler. The suspect left the store without paying for the beer.

PL 650 Hylan Dr 16-183653

Loss Prevention for Wegman’s reports that on 10/12/16 they observed a known larceny suspect enter the store and conceal a razor in the sleeve of his coat the suspect then left the store without paying for the razor. When the suspect was stopped in the parking lot he was identified as Michael Papalia by Loss Prevention officers. Papalia surrendered the razor to Loss Prevention officers and walked away stating “Just do a warrant.” Papalia left prior to MCSO arriving.

PL/CM 4th John St 16-184072

Victim reports that between 10/12/16 and 10/13/16 an unknown suspect smashed the driver side window of his vehicle parked in the parking lot of his apartment building. The suspects removed a back pack, lap top computer and a leather jacket.

PL 3333 West Henrietta Rd 16-183740

Victim reports on 10/12/16 an unknown suspect removed her back pack and a lap top computer from the front seat of her boyfriend’s pickup truck.

PL 3150 West Henrietta Rd 16-183587

Kohl’s loss prevention report on 10/12/16 they observed a white female enter the store and immediately head to the home fashion section of the store. The suspect then took a Kitchen Aid mixer attachment off the shelf placed it in her purse and exit the store without paying. The suspect was identified as Brandi Linquest DOB 06/23/79. Linquest was processed at the Mall MCSO office and released on an appearance ticket.

PL 25 Miracle Mile Dr 16-184457

JC Penney loss prevention observed a black male enter the store and select various items of clothing then the suspect entered the changing room of the store. When the suspect left the changing room the suspect was carrying a bag that appeared to contain the merchandise he carried into the changing room. Loss prevention checked the changing room and noticed the tags for the merchandise had been removed and left in the changing room. The suspect left the store without paying and was detained by loss prevention. The suspect was identified as Da’Jour Marques Wilson DOB 01/22/96. Wilson was processed at the Mall MCSO office and released on an appearance ticket.

PL 10 Miracle Mile Dr 16-184332

On 10/13/16 a white male suspect entered Sears and removed 2 DeWalt drills from the shelf and left the store without paying.

CM 2nd Brighton Henrietta TL Rd 16-185429

Victim reports that he noticed 2 possible bullet holes in the front window of his business on 09/30/16. The victim waited to report the damage until it was appraised by his insurance company. The window is a double pane glass window and the damage was only to the exterior pane of glass.

PL 3333 West Henrietta Rd 16-184960 16-184865

Loss prevention for Burlington Coat Factory states they observed a female enter the store and select merchandise from the shelf. The female then placed the items in her purse and exited the store bypassing all points of sale. The suspect went to a vehicle waiting in the parking lot bearing where she emptied the purse. The female then re-entered the store and selected more merchandise and again exited the store.

Loss prevention further states they recognized the female from a larceny on 09/27/16. On 09/27/16 loss prevention observed the same female and a male suspect enter the store and split up. Both parties began selecting merchandise from shelves. The two suspects then met up and the female suspect placed all the items in her purse. Both suspects then exited the store without paying for the merchandise. 

PL 1200 Marketplace Dr 16-181990

Loss prevention for Walmart report that a black male suspect was observed exiting the store with a red tote in a shopping cart. A review of the stores video surveillance shows the suspect place items in the tote in the electronic department and leave the store 

Burg 3rd/PL 3150 West Henrietta Rd 16-186347

Loss prevention for Kohl’s observed Bridget Gary conceal flatware from the store and exit the store without paying for the merchandise. Gary had been arrested for PL at the store in February and was issued a Trespass Admonition at that time. Gary was arraigned before Judge Pericak and remanded to MCJ on $1,000 cash or $10,000 bond bail.

PL 650 Hylan Dr 16-186375

Loss prevention for Wegmans obsereved a male order a submarine sandwich and chips and then conceal the sandwich inside a Wegmans bag he already had in his hand. The male then picked up other items from the shelf and proceeded to a checkout where he paid for the other items but not the submarine sandwich. The suspect was identified as Emanuele D’Ambrosio DOB 04/26/66. D’Ambrosio had a similar incident at the Lyell Ave store in 2005. D’Ambrosio was issued an appearance ticket.

Menacing 2nd Blaydon Loop 16-182585\

Victim states that on 10/10/16 he went to his ex-wife’s residence to visit his daughter. While at the location the victim became involved in a verbal argument with Shayon Riley, his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. The argument was over a cell phone. During the argument Riley pressed the phone into victim’s chest and then produced a black semi-automatic pistol. Riley pressed the pistol into victim’s neck and asked him “You wanna die?” The victim left and got into his car where he called 911. MCSO responded and took Riley into custody as well as seizing a Gluck 19 9mm handgun used in the incident. Riley was released on an appearance ticket.

PL 400 Jay Scutti Blvd 16-187250

Victim reports that between 1130 hrs and 1230 hrs on 10/18/16 an unknown suspect entered her vehicle while it was parked in the parking lot. Once inside the suspects removed a toy kitchen and assorted clothing.

PL Pinnacle Rd 16-186904

A foreman for Monroe County reports a county work crew was doing tree work on Pinnacle Rd on 10/17/16. While the crew was working an unknown suspect removed a chainsaw from the bed of the county truck they parked at the location.

GL 4th Beaconsfield Rd 16-186947

Victim reports on 10/17/16 2 trimmers and a gas leaf blower were stolen from his landscape trailer parked in his driveway.

GL 4th/UUMV/PL Chiltern Rd 16-186264

Victim states that during the early morning hours of 10/17/16 an unknown suspect stole her vehicle. The suspect also rummaged through a second vehicle.

GL 4th/CM 4th Eagan Blvd 16-186304

Shannon Barber reports that an unknown suspect entered her vehicle that was left unlocked in her driveway. The suspect took a wallet from inside the vehicle. The suspect also broke the glove compartment lock.  

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