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July 10, 2017



Burglary 2, CM 4th, PL Stenwick Drive 17-107921

Sometime between 6-22-17 (1500) and 6-23-17 (0936) an unknown suspect forced the door open to a vacant apartment and stole an Xbox1 Game System and controllers from inside.

Attempted Burglary 3rd/Criminal Mischief Fisher Rd 17-112321

Between 6/29/17 2030hrs-6/30/17 0900hrs. On the morning of 6/30/17 victim found the latch on his shed damaged. It appeared that someone unsuccessfully attempted to get into the victim’s shed. It did not appear that anything was missing from the shed.

Attempted Burglary 3rd/Criminal Mischief Fisher Rd 17-112349

While investigating the above attempted burglary Patrol spoke with a second victim on Fisher Rd. This victim also noticed that his shed latch had been pried open. It did not appear that any items were missing.

C.M. 2nd/Auto Stripping 3rd Powers Ln. 17-122942

Victim reports that between 2100hrs on 6/30/17 and 0543hrs on 7/1/17 unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s vehicle, a black Chrysler 300, which was parked unlocked in the lot of the apartment complex. The vehicle had also been damaged by the suspect(s) who scratched words onto the hood of the vehicle. Pry marks were located on the door frame and all headlights and taillights had been broken. Nothing was reported to be missing from the vehicle.

Attempted PL (Larceny to a Vehicle) Davinci Drive 17-113647

Sometime between 6-30-17 (2000) and 7-01-17 (0800) an unknown suspect rummaged through an unlocked work truck parked at the location. The victim did not call 911 until 7-2-17. No property was taken from the truck.

Burglary 2nd/P.L. Battle Green Dr. 17-114292

Victim reports that between 1900hrs and 2130hrs on 7/2/17 an unknown suspect entered the open attached garage at the location and stole a Nishiki Pueblo bicycle.


Petit Larceny West Ridge Rd 17-112254

Victim reports that between 6/28/17 1800hrs and 6/30/17 0741hrs unknown suspect stole two ladders from an unsecured area along the side of his home.


Burglary 2nd PL Bass Run 17-115521

Sometime between 6-24-17 and 7-4-17 (1931) an unknown suspect(s) stole a new Black and Decker string trimmer from a screened in porch at the above residence.


UUV West Ave 17-115295

On 7-3-17 (1430) the victim allowed a black female and a black male to take his 2001 black BMW X5 SUV from his property. The suspects told the victim that they were going to take the vehicle to their home on Burritt Road to have it checked out by a personal mechanic, as they were interested in buying it from the victim. The victim stated that the vehicle was supposed to be returned in a couple of hours, but never was. The victim had advertised the vehicle for sale on Craig’s List and received a call from a male from “Henrietta” who set up the above meet. The male black was further described as 5’11” 180lbs, 30y/o, blck t-shirt, khaki pants, large scar across his temple. The black female was further described as 5’6” 145lbs, 30 y/o, brown dress.


Petit Larceny Cedar Ter. 17-113085

Victim reports that between 2000hrs on 6/30/17 and 1239hrs on 7/1/17 her bicycle was stolen from the rear of her apartment. No suspects or witnesses were identified.

Robbery 2nd/Assault 2nd West Ave. 17-114472

Victim was walking through Hilton Village Park when he heard several people walking behind him. The victim was pushed from behind and fell down a hill where he became unconscious. When he came to he discovered his medication consisting of 28 pills of Oxycotin, 14 pills of Oxycodone, and 84 pills of Xanax were gone. Also take was $40 which the victim had in his wallet. MCU will be continuing the investigation.

UUMV Cedar Ter. 17-114955

Victim reports that on 7/3/17 at 2215hrs he left his 2018 Suzuki GSXR-1000 parked on the sidewalk leading to the rear door of his residence, and went to visit his girlfriend across the street.


UUV 3rd Buffalo Road 17-100862

On 5-30-17 (1545-1630) a known suspect drove a 2009 Black Mazda CX7 without the permission of the owner. The individual obtained the keys to the vehicle by asking to borrow the keys to retrieve property from inside the car. The vehicle broke down and became inoperable during the course of the UUV. No prosecution at victim’s request.


CPFI 1st Lake Rd. 17-113141

Suspect came to the Crosby’s convenience store and attempted to make a small purchase of $5.00 and gave the cashier a $20.00 bill. Upon checking the bill with a counterfeit checking pen it was determined that the bill was indeed counterfeit. The bill was not accepted. The suspect then produced a real $20.00 bill and the transaction was completed. The counterfeit bill was retained by the store and turned over to responding deputies. 

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