Zone C Weekly Crime Report

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September 8, 2017


Stolen Vehicle GL3 Audino Lane 17-160902

On 9-9-17 (1730) a male white suspect (appx.20y/o) met the owner of a Suzuki GSXR Motorcycle at the above address. The owner had listed the motorcycle for sale on Craig’s List. The suspect took the motorcycle for a “test drive” and never returned. The bike (white/black/blue in color) had no plates on it at the time of the theft.

Stolen Vehicle UUV Fisher Road 17-161639

On 9-11-17 (0730-1400) an unknown suspect(s) stole a 2013 Hyundai Veloster from the driveway of the residence located above. The vehicle was reportedly kept secured.


PL 8389 West Ridge Road-Crosby’s 17-158351

On 9-6-17 (1755) a white male suspect walked into the above store and stole a display of lighters. The suspect was wearing a striped sweatshirt with his hood up.

Larceny to a Vehicle GL4 Gilmore Road 17-158645

Sometime between 9-1-17 (0400) and 9-07-17 (0824) an unknown suspect entered a vehicle at the above location and stole a Keltec P32 Semi-Automatic Handgun, loaded magazine, Garmin GPS, $20 bill, (4) packs of cigarettes, and loose change from inside.


Larceny to a Vehicle Lake Road 17-159109

On 9-17-17 (1800-2100) an unknown suspect entered an unlocked vehicle at the above location and stole a Garmin GPS Unit.


CM4 (likely Attempted Burglary) Malloch Road 17-157973

On 9-6-17 (0934-1005) an unknown suspect broke the garage window on the rear of the residence located above. A screen cut to a front window on the residence was also located. No entry made. The glass break alarm went off at the above date and time alerting the victim to the incident.

Attempted Burglary2, CM4 Ridgefield Drive 17-154197

On 8-31-17 (0630-1930) an unknown suspect opened the first floor bathroom window at the residence located above and cut the screen. A south side entrance door was also found ajar. Depressions were located in the grass, by the window with the screen cut, which led away from the residence towards a construction site on Spotts Circle. Nothing appeared disturbed or missing from inside the residence.

Burglary2 GL4 Chili Riga Center Road 17-158697

On 9-7-17 (0910-0950) an unknown suspect(s) entered the above residence and stole $700 dollars in rolled coins, $300 dollars in mint proof coins, jewelry, and a cloth sac. Entry appeared to have been made through an unlocked bathroom window. A lawn chair was moved and placed under the window. The burglar appeared to have left through the rear garage man door.

Attempted Larceny to a Vehicle Bromley Road 17-162052

Sometime between 9-11-17 (2130) and 9-12-17 (0800) an unknown suspect(s) entered an unlocked vehicle located above and opened several interior compartments in an apparent attempt to commit a larceny-nothing taken.

Larceny to a Vehicle Bromley Road 17-162053

Sometime between 9-11-17 (1730) and 9-12-17 (0700) an unknown suspect(s) entered an unlocked vehicle located above and stole a black bag, a pair of glasses, a Dell Latitude Laptop computer, a wallet and its contents, NYSDL, multiple Credit/Debit Cards.


PL East Avenue 17-162597

On 9-12-17 (1845-1945) an unknown suspect(s) stole a blue 20” boys Mongoose bicycle (with a ripped seat). The bicycle was left outside the Seymour Library during the aforementioned time period.

PL Lake Road 17-162220

On 9-11-17 (0425-0443) an unknown suspect(s) stole approximately $500 worth of scrap metal from storage boxes behind an Auto Business located above. 

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