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David Michael Barry, Jr.
Executive Director


Rochester-Monroe County Youth Bureau

Monroe Community Hospital
435 E. Henrietta Rd.
Room 1FE16
Rochester, NY 14620
Phone: 585 753-6455
Fax: 585 753-6281

Since 1960, the Rochester-Monroe County Youth Bureau has been a planning, funding, and coordinating agency which is dedicated to developing, implementing and evaluating a comprehensive system of services for youth in the Rochester and Monroe County community. We believe youth and their families deserve the best services possible.

To make this happen, we:

  • Help plan and coordinate services for youth
  • Assess youth needs to determine funding priorities
  • Promote partnerships with agencies and community providers for comprehensive services
  • Provide funding to youth service agencies
  • Monitor and evaluate Youth Bureau funded programs to ensure quality services
  • Coordinate Runaway and Homeless services for youth
  • Study/examine different segments of the youth services system and issues that affect youth
  • Advocate for legislation, systems change, and funding to improve/assist the youth services system
  • Create mentoring opportunities for youth to interact with seniors, professionals, and community leaders


We promote a positive future for all youth.


To create a community that supports a comprehensive range of opportunities for positive youth development.

Linking Research to Practice in Youth Development - What Works and How Do We Know?

Youth development providers are increasingly expected to base their programs and practice on research. Policy makers, state and local government, and funding agencies increasingly demand the use of evidence-based programs and/or practices to decide which youth development programs they should support. Service providers also have an interest in being able to show that their programs are effective and make a difference. The information provided in the following PDF “Linking Research to Practice in Youth Development – What Works and How Do We Know?” is provided as a guide and resource tool for those developing and implementing programs with youth.

        Download the Linking Research to Practice in Youth Development PDF


Register Now for The Annual Holiday Senior Ball!

In our continuing efforts to provide quality intergenerational programs and services to our community’s youth and seniors, County Executive Maggie Brooks, the Rochester-Monroe County Youth Bureau and Office for the Aging, are once again sponsoring this successful event. As in past years, the Ball will bring together our community’s senior citizens and high school seniors throughout the county at this interactive event. The Ball has proven to be a beneficial and enjoyable activity for our community’s older adults and youth to share and learn from each other’s experiences. The Ball will take place on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 from 5pm to 9 pm at the Double Tree Hotel. Students will also have the opportunity to earn community service hours by decorating and attending the event. All high school seniors are invited to attend the Ball as our guests for an evening of dinner and dancing. The Youth Bureau and Office for the Aging staff will be supervising the event, and we welcome staff members from participating schools to assist as chaperones. If you would like to join us at this event please register with us by December 5 with our Intergenerational Event Specialist, Flo Dorsey, at 753-6463.

The 2014 Annual Intergenerational Fall Clean-Up

On October 25th, County Executive Maggie Brooks was joined by members from Monroe County’s Offices for the Aging and Youth Bureau to hold the County’s 4th Annual Intergenerational Fall Clean-Up Program. This program seeks to bridge the gap between our community’s youth and Monroe County’s aging population. Over 300 local high school and college-age students will volunteer to assist residents with fall clean-up efforts in their homes in order to prepare for the winter season. Monroe County partnered with Catholic Family Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly Program and Lifespan’s Eldersource Program to identify over 80 residents' homes that would benefit most from the Intergenerational Fall Clean-Up Program. Volunteers gathered in groups to rake and gather leaves, sweep porches and walkways, and properly dispose of collected leaves and yard debris throughout the day.

Come Join the Monroe 200!

If you are someone between the ages of 20 and 30 years of age and want to make a difference in our community, then come join County Executive Maggie Brooks and be part of "The Monroe 200." This new initiative began on October 25th at MCC and now includes over 200 millennials from the region. With membership in the Monroe 200, you will have the attention of local leaders and will help define the type community you want to live in. No topic or idea will be off-limits, because our community shares a vested interest in identifying and understanding what your generation needs to make Monroe County home. We need you to help make it a success! In order to secure your spot in the Monroe 200, please send your contact information and resume ASAP to us at   

2014 Monroe County Intergenerational Fishing Day

On Monday, April 14th County Executive Maggie Brooks welcomed youth, parents, grandparents and area seniors once again as they visited the Fish Hatchery at Powder Mills Park to participate in the 6th Annual Monroe County Intergenerational Fishing Day. The Monroe County Fishing Advisory Board (MCFAB) also once again provided 100 fishing rods to the youth participating in this year’s Fishing Day. The NYS DEC provided lessons to all present on how to properly catch and release fish on the beautiful spring day. County Executive Brooks handed out certificates to numerous participants and good times were had by all. Thank you to all of our generous partners the Monroe County Fishing Advisory Board, the Reidman Foundation, the Monroe County Parks Department, the Monroe County Office for the Aging, and the NYS DEC.    


2014 Legislative Youth Awards

The Young Citizen of the Year and Willie W. Lightfoot Youth Advocate of the Year Awards were established by the Monroe County Legislature as one of the highest honors for youth and adult leadership, community service, advocacy and perseverance. The winners are dynamic Monroe County residents with the passion and drive to change the world, as well as identify and realize solutions to problems. They are committed to strengthening their communities and themselves. The awards pay tribute to outstanding citizens who have made a local contribution toward advocacy and action.

YAR Shines at 2014 Global Youth Service Day

On Saturday, April 12th Youth As Resources (YAR) participated in Global Youth Service Day by volunteering at Foodlink. GYSD celebrates and mobilizes millions of young people who improve their communities each day of the year through service. The YAR board wants to focus on and help to end hunger and poverty locally as one of their community service project goals for the year. Foodlink is the Feeding America regional food bank in Rochester, NY. They save and redistribute more than 16 million pounds of food annually to a network of 450 member agencies in a 10-county service area. The agency's mission is to end hunger and to leverage the power of food to build a healthier community.

2013 Intergenerational Holiday Seniors Ball

On Wednesday, December 4th, over 450 senior citizens and area high school seniors gathered together for the 4th Annual Intergenerational Holiday Seniors Ball. This annual event has become a favorite for our attendees and this year's Ball did not disappoint. Students from Bishop Kearney, Spencerport, All City, Aquinas, Charlotte, East, Eastridge, Fairport, Mercy, McQuaid, Pittsford Mendon, Rush-Henrietta, School of the Arts, Webster Schroeder, Wheatland, Pittsford Sutherland, Hilton and Marshall joined in the fun with seniors from all over Monroe County.


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2013 "Stop the Violence" Conference

On Wednesday, October 23rd, community groups and residents from around Monroe County gathered together with DHS Commissioner Kelly Reed, the Youth Bureau and other county departments in recognition of October being National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The "Stop the Violence" Conference at Monroe Community Hospital was created to advocate for the victims of domestic violence and to educate the community about the dangerous threats of trafficking, abuse, and domestic violence in the community. Volunteers from organizations such as the Center for Youth Services, Bivona, From Darkness to Light, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Angels of Mercy, Alternatives For Battered Women, and Safe Journey presented various aspects while discussing the issue of domestic violence and the resources we have in our community to not only help past victims, but to prevent future victims as well.

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2013 Fall-Fit-Fest

On Saturday, October 12th, over 40 youth and adults from around Monroe County gathered together for the first ever "Fall-Fit-Fest" with Conkey Cruisers at the El Camino Trail in the City of Rochester. The event was created to continue the Youth Bureau's efforts of healthy living for our community's youth. Seniors and youth from the Conkey Cruisers program joined together for an afternoon of fitness and fun which included a cruise through the El Camino Trail, and fun and games with Rec On the Move, Park Ave Bikes, and the folks with 5-2-1-0 "Be a Healthy Hero" Campaign. Conkey Cruisers utilizes bicycling to get neighbors moving towards a more active healthy lifestyle will inspiring others to stay active, make healthy food choices, decrease obesity rates, and create a positive image of their neighborhood.


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2013 Young Citizen of the Year Awards

On Thursday, June 13th, over  70 youth and adults from around Monroe County were honored for their contributions to our community. This year's Young Citizen of the Year Awards ceremony took place at the home of the Rochester-Monroe County Youth Bureau, Monroe Community Hospital The Young Citizen of the Year Awards were established by the Monroe County Legislature as one of the highest honors for youth and adult leadership, community service, advocacy and perseverance. The winners are dynamic Monroe County residents with the passion and drive to change the world, as well as identify and realize solutions to problems. They are committed to strengthening their communities and themselves. The awards pay tribute to outstanding citizens who have made a local contribution toward advocacy and action. An individual is eligible for consideration if he/she has exhibited outstanding leadership and performed extraordinary acts on behalf of others or whose achievements have greatly enhanced the quality of life for Monroe County, or has served as a role model for youth advocacy. As you are completing applications, please be as specific as possible and include the full complement of contributions the youth has made to the community. Specifically include achievements beyond those that are academic and sport related.

2013 Prom Safety

On Friday, May 10th Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks launched the County’s 2013 Prom Safety Campaign to help local young people make the right choices about alcohol and other drugs on prom night. Brooks unveiled a new brochure for parents and students offering safety tips, facts regarding teen drinking, and other helpful information about making prom a positive and memorable experience. “This time of year, local young people aren’t only making decisions about dresses, tuxedos, and limousines - they will also be making important choices on prom night that could affect the rest of their lives,” said County Executive Brooks. “By communicating openly about the many dangerous risks and positive opportunities presented on prom night, parents and students alike can do their part to make this prom season a safe one in Monroe County.” The “Monroe County Guide to Prom Safety” was created as a tool to help promote open dialogue between parents and their children about staying safe on prom night. In addition to providing helpful preventative information, the guide also includes a sample “Prom Pledge” that parents and students can sign together. Please click on the provided link to sign your own copy of the this year's "Prom Pledge."

Youth As Resources (YAR)

Youth As Resources seeks to empower and engage youth as partners with adults in creating positive community change and development. Youth and adult members govern the YAR board which provides mini grants to local youth in order to develop and carry out service projects that addresses a clear community need.

To find out more about YAR, please click here

The 5th Annual Cardboard City

In August 2013, a collaborative of members from Youth As Resources, Youth Voice One Vision, and Nazareth College, once again raised awareness for homeless youth/youth in transition service providers in Monroe County. The annual Cardboard City event provides the opportunity for Monroe County youth to spend the night outdoors to engage in a Service-Learning experience with community leaders, peers, and program providers. Youth and adults participated in a series of activities that increase awareness and understanding of the plight of homelessness in our community.

County Executive's Call to Action to Prevent Bullying  

Ten years ago, a cross-section of concerned community members formed the Community Task Force on Bullying Prevention that included representatives from local school districts, the County Departments of Mental Health, Public Safety and Youth Bureau, law enforcement agencies, human service agencies and parents. The work of the task force was recognized nationally and Monroe County was cited in the national “Stop Bullying Now!” campaign’s tip sheet on “What Communities are Doing.” Unfortunately, one only has to turn on a computer or television, or read a newspaper or magazine to know that bullying has captured our local and national attention once again.

Organizations and agencies serving youth must be given the tools and resources necessary to maintain physically and emotionally safe environments for our younger residents. Therefore, with the assistance of the RMCYB, the County Executive hosted a Call to Action to Prevent Bullying (CECTA) on March 20th at Monroe Community Hospital. The CECTA brought people together from across Monroe County who work with youth; including parent/teacher associations, school superintendents and personnel, youth organizations, mental health professionals, law enforcement officials, church leaders and youth leaders, and our youth.

The CECTA was led by bullying prevention experts including internationally renowned, Dr. Samuel McQuade from the Rochester Institute of Technology, who helped define the many factors that contribute to environments where bullying persists and also outlined the ongoing commitment that is necessary to create and implement culture change. Also presented at the CECTA were the County Executive's 7 Steps to Prevent Bullying and Pledge To Prevent Bullying (located below) which encourage the community to take advantage of moments to do the right thing, provide support to targets of bullying and send a firm message to those who engage in bullying behavior that it will never be tolerated.

Please contact us at 585-753-6455 with any questions or concerns about bullying.

Download the 7 Step Action plan for CECTA

2013 Monroe County Intergenerational Fishing Day

On Friday, April 5th 2013, youth, parents, grandparents and helpful seniors gathered together with County Executive Maggie Brooks at the Fish Hatchery at Powder Mills Park to participate in the 5th Annual Monroe County Intergenerational Fishing Day. After a terrific presentation by the New York State Department of Conservation explaining the various kinds of marine life in NYS, as well as demonstration on the proper method of catch and release, participants both young and old fished throughout the park on a crisp, sunny spring morning. Fish are released into the creek by the staff at the Fish Hatchery for the event. The Fish Hatchery provides an enjoyable and educational visitor experience, regardless of age. It also serves an important conservation function for the environment of our region. The Monroe County Fishing Advisory Board (MCFAB) once again generously provided their donation of 100 fishing rods to the youth participating in this year’s Fishing Day. The members of MCFAB study the problems associated with maintaining and improving the Monroe County fishery, including: lakes, bays, rivers, ponds, streams, and canals, to determine needs for improved access, support facilities and services and to advise the County Legislature, the County Administration, and local governments as to actions that could be taken to realize the full potential of the County’s fishing resources. All participants enjoyed this year’s Fishing Day, and will no doubt return in 2014.

Youth Yellow Pages

The Youth Yellow Pages offers resources, services, and support for youth in Monroe County.

The Youth Yellow Pages is in its fifth printing and was recently updated by the Rochester-Monroe County Youth Bureau. This guide is also available in hard copy by calling the Rochester-Monroe County Youth Bureau at (585) 753-6455.

Download the Youth Yellow Pages (297k PDF)

The Youth Yellow Pages is the companion guide to the Adult Guide to Youth Services. The Adult Guide to Youth Services is also available in hard copy by calling the Rochester-Monroe County Youth Bureau at (585) 753-6455.


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Adult Guide to Youth Services

The Adult Guide to Youth Services offers resources, services, support and good ideas for parents and others who care about youth in Monroe County.

The Guide is in its seventh printing and was recently updated by the Rochester-Monroe County Youth Bureau. This Guide is also available in hard copy by calling the Rochester-Monroe County Youth Bureau at (585) 753-6455.

Download the Adult Guide to Youth Services (232k PDF).

Download the Drugs Chart (94k PDF) companion to the Adult Guide to Youth Services.

The Youth Yellow Pages is the companion guide to the Adult Guide to Youth Services.


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Capacity Building

Picture of boy building project in classroom.

Capacity Building (formerly Best Practices Partnership) Mission

The Best Practices Partnership is a voluntary group of management level youth and family providers that come together to learn, share, communicate, plan and empower each other. Along with the Best Practices Implementation Team, funders, organizations, staff, youth and families, the Partnership identifies and develops the critical organizational elements and functions that must be impacted to implement and maintain best practice consistent with Community Youth Development philosophy.

This includes:

  • Developing consistent frameworks for implementing Best Practice
  • Identifying barriers and issues to implementation and recommendations to address and resolve.

Partnership Members


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