Programs and Services

The following programs and services are provided or funded by the Monroe County Office for Aging and Adult Services.

Picture of elderly couple playing cards.

Adult Day Service


Rochester Regional Health System
Phone: 585 325-2800

This is a social model, adult day service program. The five-day a week program helps physically and mentally frail older persons to continue living in the community by providing a supervised and structured program, or call NY Connects at 325-2800.

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Caregiver Assistance


Alzheimer's Association
Phone: 585 760-5400

Training for persons caring for an older relative or friend, along with information and referral.



Hillside Family of Agencies
Phone: 585 436-0370

A weekly support group, SKIP Generations, is held for relatives who are raising their grandchildren. Topics include parenting skills, money management and legal issues.



Catholic Family Center
Phone: 585 325-2800

Caseworkers provide assessment, short-term problem solving, crisis intervention and advocacy for participants of senior centers, senior groups, and for homebound older persons throughout Monroe County. They assist senior citizens in applying for benefits such as food stamps, tax credits, SSI, etc.

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Lifetime Care
Phone: 585 730-8800

Educational, informational, cultural and health/fitness programs are offered to persons age 55 and older. Located at Lifetime Care, a wide variety of classes enable older adults to renew past interests and learn new skills. OASIS offers many volunteer opportunities, including intergenerational programs.



Phone: 585 325-2800

Older workers, age 55 and over, are provided with part-time employment opportunities in non-profit agencies for job training, which can lead to permanent employment.

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Financial Management


Phone: 585 325-2800

Caseworkers and trained volunteers provide a voluntary money management service. Individuals requesting assistance receive a variety of services including needs assessment, financial planning, assistance in obtaining benefits, credit counseling, and bill paying. See agency about any associated costs or suggested contributions.



Monroe County Legal Assistance Corporation - Law NY
Phone: 585 325-2520

Assistance and/or advocacy is provided to older Monroe County residents in regard to legal issues including Social Security, SSI, Medicaid and other public benefits, landlord-tenant problems, simple wills, utility problems, and power of attorney.

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Health Promotion

Health Insurance Information, Counseling and Assistance Program (HIICAP)

Phone: 585 325-2800

This program provides free, accurate and objective information, counseling, assistance, and advocacy on Medicare, private health insurance, and related health coverage plans. HIICAP helps people with Medicare, their representatives, or persons soon to be eligible for Medicare.

Home Support


Case Management Service
Catholic Family Center
Phone: 585 325-2800

All persons receiving EISEP services are provided with case management, assuring appropriate and cost-effective care. General components include screening, assessment, development of a care plan, authorization of in-home services, and on-going monitoring and evaluation to ensure appropriate services are being provided.

  • In-Home Services
  • Various Aide Agencies
  • Housekeeper/chore and personal care services are available for frail older persons. An EISEP case manager develops a care plan and authorizes services. Fees are determined according to financial need
  • Ancillary Services

There is no cost for eligible participants meeting certain income guidelines. There may be a cost share for some individuals and participant contributions are always welcome to enhance services for more older adults. An eligible person cannot be denied service for failure or refusal to contribute outside of required cost share.


Phone: 585 325-2800

This program is specifically designed for individuals being served through the Elder Abuse Prevention Program. Services include transportation, social and medical day care, and in-home aide services.



Catholic Family Center
Phone: 585 325-2800

Friendly visiting, housekeeping, light chore service, and escorted transportation to medical appointments or grocery stores are provided to frail, isolated persons throughout Monroe County.

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University of Rochester Medicine Home Care, Visiting Nurse Service
Phone: 585 787-8397

One or two meals are provided to persons aged 60 and over who are homebound due to illness or disability, and who are unable to prepare their own meals. Meals are available five days per week, with provision for weekend meals if needed. There is no cost to eligible participant but there is a suggested contribution of $3.00 per meal. For individuals earning more than 185% of the Federal Poverty Rate, we ask for individuals to consider contributing closer to actual cost of meal: $7.40/meal). For 2017 the Federal Poverty Rate is: $22,311 for a single family household, $30,044 for a two family household.

Eligible participants cannot be denied service for failure to contribute. All Collected Contributions go back into the program to enhance the program and reduce wait lists.



Monroe County Office for the Aging
Phone: 585 753-6499

Phone: 585 753-6458
Phone: 585 753-6517

Monthly Nutrition Education information available at area meal site locations.

One on One counseling with one of our Registered Dietitians available at any congregate meal site, in the homes of our Home Delivered Meals participants or at the Monroe County Office for the Aging for all eligible participants at no cost to participant. There is a suggested contribution of $10 for 1:1 counseling. For individuals earning more than 185% of the Federal Poverty Rate, the suggested contribution is $100.00 per 1:1 counseling session (closer to actual cost of delivering service). For 2016 the Federal Poverty Rate is: $21,978 for a single family household, $29,637 for a two family household. This counseling service is available to persons age 60 and over.


Senior center participants and recipients of home delivered meals are provided with nutrition information to help them maintain good health and prevent the onset of nutrition-related diseases.

Congregate meals are available for anyone age 60 and over, the spouse of a person aged 60 and over or an adult disabled child who lives with a particating eligible person. There is no cost for eligble participants, but there is a suggested contribution of $3.00 per meal. For individuals earning more than 185% of the Federal Poverty Rate, we suggest considering a contribution closer to actual cost of meal: $7.40/meal). For 2017 the Federal Poverty Rate is: $22,311 for a single family household, $30,044 for a two family household.

Eligible participants cannot be denied service for failure to contribute. All Collected Contributions go back into the program to enhance the program and serve more older adults.


Each year the New York State Office for the Aging and the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets issues a limited number of coupon booklets to the Monroe County Office for the Aging. Each coupon booklet is valued at $20. The booklets are for adults age 60 and over only.  The booklets are available on a first come, first serve basis and are limited to one per qualifying person. Individuals must be 60 years old or older and meet income guidelines. An individual’s income must be at or below 185% of the current year’s federal poverty level (see below list of coupon distribution sites) or the individual must receive or be eligible to receive SSI, public assistance or Section 8 housing subsidy.

Farmers Market Coupons may be redeemed only at approved farmer’s market sites. Farmers who accept the coupons will display a sign stating they accept the coupons. A complete list can be found online at the New York State Department of Agriculture and Market's website.  A list will also be provided when the booklet is given to the qualifying person.

Coupon booklets will be available at the locations listed below. The coupons may be used at approved area Farmer's Markets beginning July 1st. Due to popularity and limited supply, please call the distribution site to check on booklet availability.

Centro de Oro Senior Center                                      Charles Settlement House
817 East Main Street, Rochester                                    71 Parkway, Rochester
Phone: (585) 256-8900                                                Phone: (585) 277-0813
                                                                                  (Also available at the Dunn Towers Congregate Meal Sites) – same contact number

Chili Senior Center                                                      Community Place of Greater Rochester
3235 Chili Ave., Rochester                                            145 Parsells Avenue, Rochester
Phone: (585) 889-6185                                                Phone: (585) 288-0021

Greece Community and Senior Center                      Henrietta Senior Center
3 Vince Tofany Blvd.                                                    515 Calkins Road, Henrietta
Phone: (585) 723-2425                                               Phone: (585) 334-4030

Hillside Children’s Center/SKIP Generations           Hilton Senior Center
89 Genesee Street                                                      59 Henry Street, Hilton
Rochester, NY 14611                                                   Phone: (585) 392-9030
Phone: (585) 436-0370

Irondequoit Senior Center                                         LIFESPAN Downtown
154 Pinegrove Avenue, Irondequoit                               25 Franklin Street, Rochester
Phone: (585) 336-6078                                                Phone: (585) 232-3280

MARC of Baden St.                                                     Montgomery Southwest Senior Center
86 Vienna Street, Rochester                                         10 Cady Street
Phone: (585) 325-4910                                               Phone: (585) 436-3090

Ogden Senior Center                                                Perinton NORC/SOFI
200 South Union Street, Spencerport                          4646 Nine Mile Point Road
Phone: (585) 352-3250                                             Fairport, NY 14450

                                                                               Phone:  (585) 377-7830

Pittsford Senior Center                                            Rochester Regional Adult Day at Park Place South West
3750 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford                                   89 Genesee Street
Phone: (585) 248-6235                                             Rochester, NY 14611

                                                                               Phone:  (585) 368-3942

Rochester Regional Adult Day at Park Place South West
89 Genesee Street
Rochester, NY 14611
(585) 368-3942

Senior Companions                                                  Sweden Senior Center
620 Westfall Road                                                     133 State Street, Brockport
Rochester, NY 14620                                                 Phone: (585) 637-8161

Webster Senior Center
1350 Chiyoda Drive, Webster
Phone: (585) 872-7102

YMCA Locations:

Eastside                                                                     Maplewood

1835 Fairport Nine Mile Rd                                         25 Driving Park Ave

Rochester, NY 14526                                                  Rochester, NY 14613

Phone: (585) 341-3084                                             Phone: (585) 341-3085


920 Elmgrove Rd

Rochester, NY 14624

Phone: (585) 341-3075

Effective April 1, 2017, the following 2017 poverty income guidelines are to be used in identifying low income elderly.

These updated guidelines were published in the Federal Register: January 25, 2017, Annual Update of the HHS Poverty Guidelines,( 81 FR 4036 pages 4036-4037).

              Size of Family      185% of Federal Poverty Rate

                        1                                  $22,311

                        2                                  $30,044

                        3                                  $37,777

                        4                                  $45,510

            For each additional family member at 185%, add:   $  7,733

Hunger Hides

If you or someone you know appears to be struggling to pay bills; has to decide between buying their medications, food and/or the electric bills, or it appears that they have limited to no food in their home, they may be food insecure. These friends and family members may be eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as Food Stamps). To apply for SNAP benefits, you can go to or, if 60 or over, an individual 21 and over with disabilities or the caregiver of someone 60 or over call 325-2800 for application assistance.

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Senior Programs


Monroe County Office for the Aging
Phone: 585 753-6280

Twenty-one senior programs, located throughout Monroe County, serve residents ages 60 and over. All offer a nutritious meal and many offer a complete calendar of recreational, cultural, educational, health and social service programs. Transportation service is available at many programs.

For a List of Senior Center Nutrition Program Sites, plesae go to:



Medical Motor Service
Phone: 585 654-7030

Vans provide transportation to and from senior centers, as well as shopping, medical, recreational and other social trips scheduled by the center.

Catholic Family Center (STAR Porgram)
Phone: 585 325 2800 

Transportation is coordinated by a mobility specialist for persons age 60+ throughout Monroe County.                                                                                                         


Volunteer Opportunities

Phone: 585 753-6280

Many Office for the Aging programs are operated with the assistance of volunteers. If you are interested in offering your time and talent to one of these programs, please call the Office for the Aging for more information.

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