Public Hearing - 2018-19 programs

MCOFA Public Hearing Information Update for 2018-19 Programs

The Office of the Aging held it's annual public hearing to discuss 2018-19 programs on Monday, October 16, 2017 at Temple B'rith Kodesh at 2131 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14610 in conjunction with the Monroe County Elder Law Fair.  A public hearing is held annually to discuss the changes to the Four Year Annual Implementation Plan for program and service offerings of the Monroe County Office for the Aging.  This plan is updated annually to reflect changes in program and service needs for our community. An Abstract of these programs and services is posted below. For more information on future plans, please contact the Office of the Aging at (585) 753-6280.



The Monroe County Office for the Aging (MCOFA) was established by the Monroe County Charter in 1973. According to the 2010 Census, there is a population estimate of 747,727 individuals residing in Monroe County with 16.4% Over the age of 65 and 9.2% identifying as Under 65 and having a disability. While the population of Monroe County has decreased slightly from last year, there is an increase of .7% of persons age 65 and individuals under age 65 with a disability.

The Office for the Aging is responsible for planning, coordinating, funding and advocating for programs and services which meet the needs of Monroe County residents age 60 and over as well as information and assistance for individuals with disabilities, and caregivers of any age. Services are targeted to individuals with the greatest social and/or economic need, placing emphasis on serving those older adults who are low-income, minorities and/or those with physical and mental disabilities. 

Monroe County covers a geographic area of over 1366 square miles, serving urban, suburban and rural populations. The City of Rochester is the County Seat and it is the 3rd largest city in the State of New York.

Our budget consists of Federal and State funds with Local matching requirements and participant contributions. The Monroe County Office for the Aging is regulated by the New York State Office for the Aging and the US Administration on Aging through the Older Americans Act.

The Monroe County Office for the Aging follows Monroe County Purchasing and Procurement Rules and Regulations in determining provider agencies.

The purpose of this Public Hearing is to present proposed action under the Older American's Act and is also held to obtain input for the planning process outlined by the New York State Office for the Aging. The Monroe County Office for the Aging is mandated by New York State Office for the Aging to provide a list of priority services for January 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019. Our priority services are as follows:


  1. Nutrition:      We provide daily nutrition through our congregate and home delivered meals programs.  Last year we provided 115,434 congregate meals and 133,073 home delivered meals.  This was a 5.2% increase from the previous year for congregate meals and 8.4% increase for home delivered meals. Our goal is to increase congregate meal numbers every year.  The planned meal distribution for 2018 amongst the twenty (20) meal sites/senior centers is listed below - may increase/decrease dependent on final Federal and State allocations.
Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (Meal Site Only) 2,500
IBERO's Centro de Oro 11,000
Charles Settlement House (and Dunn Towers I and II) 12,500
Town of Chili 5,200
Community Place of Greater Rochester 8,000
Town of Greece 8,000
Town of Henrietta 12,000
Town of Hilton-Parma 2,700
Town of Irondequoit 10,500
Lifespan Downtown's Wolk Older Adult Center 9,000
MARC of Baden 4,800
Monroe Community Hospital (Meal Site Only) 2,000
Montgomery Southwest (SWAN) 5,000
Town of Ogden 4,500
Town of Pittsford


Lifetime Assistance's "The Lodge on the Canal" (Sweden) 4,500
Town of Webster 10,200
Town of Wheatland 3,000
Meals on Wheels (Formerly VNS, now UR Homecare) 139,727
  1. In-Home Services:     Services to keep our seniors in their home can vary from personal care level 1, personal care level 2, homemaker chore services, caregiver companion services and personal emergency response systems (PERS).  These services are provided through our subcontracted providers in the Enhanced In-Home Services for the Elderly Program (EISEP), Support to Aging Resident’s (STAR) Program and our Caregiver Respite programs.
  2. Transportation:     Through our subcontracted providers, we provide transportation to and from senior centers, medical appointments, grocery stores and more to allow for increased independence of older adults.
  3. Jobs:       Through our office and our subcontracted providers, we offer employment opportunitites to individuals in the human services field. These include case managers, phone advisors, home care service providers, drivers and more. The Monroe County Office for the Aging will work with our provider agencies to identify additional employment opportunitites and professional development opportunitites to provide skills learning, plans for advancement and career ladders. We will target opportunities to older adults still interested in working and those interested in providing care and support to our older adults and caregivers in the community. In addition, MCOFA works with an area provider agency to provide Senior Corp Services Employment Program for job readiness training and employment opportunities for low-income older adults still able and interested in working.
  4. Information and Assistance:  Through our office and subcontracted providers, we offer information and assistance on community-based long term care service options for persons 60 and over as well as persons with disabilities and caregivers of any age.  In addition, subcontracted providers will provide options counseling, case assistance and application assistance for individuals 60 and over.
  5. Caregiver Services:    Through a subcontracted provider, caregiver services provide respite and support groups to caregivers caring for the older loved ones and for grandparents caring for the grandchildren.  We contract with several agencies for this program. 
  6. Health and Wellness:    Through a subcontracted provider, we provide several health and wellness programs to assist individuals in improving and/or maintaining the overall health and wellness. These programs include: A Matter of Balance and/or Tai Chi for Arthritis, PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active Rewarding Lives), PATHS (Professional Assessment and Treatment for Homebound Seniors) and GAP (Geriatric Addictions Program).
  7. Health Insurance information and Counseling (HIICAP)/:     Through a subcontracted provider we provide health insurance information counseling and assistance to older adults. This program helps older adults understand health insurance plan information to make unbiased decisions on the most appropriate plan for the individual.  The Medicare Open Enrollment Period for this year is October 15th through December 7th.
  8. Legal Assistance:     Through a subcontracted provider we provide legal assistance on issues such as income security, health care, long-term care, housing, utilities, adult protective services, defense of guardianship, abuse, neglect, and age discrimination. Legal assistance is targeted towards older individuals in social and economic need.

Funding and Contributions for Programs: 

Programs are funded through the US Administration on Aging, New York State Office for the Aging, Monroe County Office for the Aging, United Way, subcontracted providers and individual contributions.

No eligible person can be turned away for failure or refusal to contribute to a program or service, with the exception of programs requiring a cost share. 

Individuals should consider contributions they are comfortable with. All contributions are put back into programming to provide additional services to older adults in need. Individuals may contribute anonymously though contributions by check, money order or credit card will be accepted and will not be tracked to an individual. Contributions can be made to the subcontracted provider agency directly, or to the Monroe County Office for the Aging: 435 E. Henrietta Road, 3rd Floor Faith, Rochester, NY 14620.

Suggested Contributions:

·       Congregate and Home Delivered Meals: $3.00 per meal; Actual Average Meal Cost: $7.40/meal

·       Transportation: $1.50 per one-way trip; Actual Average Trip Cost: $7.95 per one-way trip.

·       Nutrition Counseling: $10/one hour session; Actual Average Cost: $100/one hour session

Individuals with incomes at or above 185% of the poverty income guidelines are asked to consider contributions in line with the actual cost of service.

Effective January 1, 2017, the following 2017 poverty income guidelines are to be used in identifying low income elderly. These updated guidelines were published in the Federal Register: January 31, 2017, Annual Update of the HHS Poverty Guidelines,( 82 FR 8831 pages 8831-8832).

Size of Family Unit

100% Poverty

110% Poverty

125% Poverty

150% Poverty

175% Poverty

185% Poverty

200% Poverty

































































The Office for the Aging remains strong in its commitment to assist people to remain in their homes and community for as long as they choose and can safely do so with supports. The priority services listed above are the majority of the programs we have in place to achieve this goal. These programs and services are part of a larger network of partnering agencies, funders and providers that help create collective impact throughout Monroe County.

Comments for the 2018-19 plan were collected through Friday, December 1, 2017. Though the deadline for comments has passed, the Monroe County Office for the Aging welcome's community engagement and comments on our programs and services at any time. Please call our offices at (585) 753-6280 or email:

Comments submitted for the 2018-19 Plan Included:

  1. The need for continued support of Elder Abuse Programs and ensuring that Elder Abuse continues to be a high priority area for Monroe County Office for the Aging;
  2. Sustained and increased funding to meet the growing needs of the NY Connects Long Term Care Service and Supports Information and Assistance Program which anticipates a growth of 25% in call volume in the coming year;
  3. Continuation of funding to support families impacted by Alzheimer's Disease and other Related Dementia; and
  4. Continued support of the SKIP's Generation Program to support Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

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