Expert Billing Procedures

Experts may bill the program directly. They must submit an itemized bill showing the dates and hours worked and the hourly rate charged. They may itemize the bill on the County Claim Voucher form or by whatever method the expert uses for billing. In every case, a County Claim Voucher form must be completed and submitted.

The expert must also attach a copy of the Court order authorizing the service. The order must be in an amount sufficient to cover the full amount claimed. If the stated hourly rate exceeds the rate from the chart below, the order should include a finding that "extraordinary circumstances" exist for payment of the higher rate.

You can obtain a copy of the County Claim Voucher form in PDF format from this site.


Forensic Pathologist - $250-300
Forensic Psychiatrist - $250-300
Psychiatrist - $250-300
Forensic Psychologist - $200-250
Psychologist - $150-200
Computer Forensics - $150-200
Physician Reading Records - $100-125
Specialist - Brain Injury - $200-250
DNA Analysis - $200
Ballistics - $200
Handwriting Expert - $200
Firearms Expert - $150
Interpreters – all - $65-85
All other experts - maximum of $150 without prior approval

Absent extraordinary circumstances, the above fees will be the maximum per hour paid out to expert witnesses. If you feel that extraordinary circumstances exist, you must get PRIOR approval for the expert’s fee.

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