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Thank you for booking an appointment at our Irondequoit, Henrietta, or Greece DMV office at https://monroedmv.setmore.com/ .  This page was created to provide some important advice about how to make the most of your DMV appointment and make your visit even faster.

1.) We really mean "Skip the Line!"

When you arrive for your appointment, please head directly to the information counter and stand near the "Do you have a reservation?" sign.  There is no need to wait in the initial queue for the information desk if you have an appointment!  If you receive an "A" or "B" ticket at our information counter and you have an appointment, our staff made a mistake! This happens extremely infrequently, but if it does, you won't be called up by the next available cashier.  But don't worry -- head back to the information desk and our staff will fix this for you immediately.

2.) Make your appointment even faster by filling out forms ahead of time

By making your appointment online, you have made your visit to DMV much, much shorter, but there is even more you can do ahead of time to speed things up.  The best way to make your visit faster is by printing and filling out any required forms ahead of time.  (Don't worry -- if this isn't possible, for example due to lack of a printer, we will have what you need at the branch.)  All State DMV forms are available at https://dmv.ny.gov/forms .  If you are registering or changing ownership of a vehicle, you will almost always need two forms: MV-82, “Vehicle Registration/Title Application” and DTF-802, “Statement of Transaction,” also known as the "sales tax form."  If you are applying for a license, permit, or non-driver ID card, the form is MV-44, “Application for Permit, Driver License, or Non-Driver ID Card.”  (Starting in early 2018, there is now one, unified form for standard, Enhanced, and REAL ID documents, although some of our offices may still be depleting old stocks and the old (pink and blue) forms are still perfectly acceptable.)

3.) Make sure you have the right proofs for a REAL ID, or Enhanced ID, permit or license

If you are coming in to get an ID for the first time or you are upgrading your “standard” license to an Enhanced or REAL ID – make sure you have the appropriate proofs of identity.  The state DMV provides an excellent online tool that can help you built a checklist for the documents you need at https://process.dmv.ny.gov/documentguide/ .  The single most common item that people miss bringing in is a "linking document" connecting your birth certificate to your other proofs (e.g. marriage certificate, legal name change, divorce decree) if your name has changed since birth, including due to marriage.

4.) Did you request an accommodation, including an interpreter?

Many accommodations require no special setup or coordination on our end -- for example, we can always provide audio instead of written testing.  However, if you schedule an accommodated appointment that includes anything else, please contact the deputy in charge of organizing accommodated appointments at 585-753-1641, particularly if you require an ASL interpreter, as this requires us to schedule an interpreter through our private service.

5.) Try "E-Z Visit" if you're registering a vehicle you bought in a private party sale

If you are registering a vehicle that you just purchased in a private party sale, you may want to try the “E-Z Visit” system, which generates a barcode that our cashier can use to enter all of your information and the vehicle’s information automatically by scanning it!  (This eliminates the need to fill out form MV-82.)  You can check out the system at https://process.dmv.ny.gov/ezvisit/ .

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