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3/21/19 - Service Alert - Eastside Mobile DMV

The Eastside Mobile DMV is currently unable to transmit photographs and scanned documents to the state, preventing it from processing most license transactions, including all upgrades to REAL ID or Enhanced documents.  New York State DMV, which maintains the equipment, has been notified of the issue and is working to provide necessary parts and a technician to install them.  We urge individuals with license transactions to please patronize another location.  Check back here for the latest updates.

Picture of DMV entrance doorIMPORTANT: Metro Mobile DMV Temporarily Relocated!

Effective Monday, March 18, 2019, the Metro Mobile DMV is temporarily relocated due to construction at the CityPlace building.  It will be located in the Wegman Building, with the entrance located at 20 N. Plymouth St., until the opening of our permanent, full-service downtown DMV in summer 2019.

The image to the left (click it to enlarge) shows the correct door to enter to access DMV services, near the corner of Main and Plymouth.  This flyer may also help customers locate the new entrance.

Please note that while there is ample street parking, particularly on the opposite side of Plymouth, along with a paid lot that is open to the public on the opposite corner of Broad and Plymouth, the spaces immediately adjacent to 20 N. Plymouth that are signed "No Parking" are for the loading and unloading of Hochstein School patrons and students only.  Hochstein provides valuable services and programming to a number of people throughout the day -- including individuals with mobility issues or disabilities -- and these spaces are crucially important to them.

Picture of Mobile Service van.

The Monroe County Clerk’s Mobile Service visits three locations a day, five days a week—one on the County’s east side, one on the west, and one in the City of Rochester.

We process routine DMV transactions.  While mobile service office provides the most convenient location for DMV services, please note that due to staff and equipment limitations it is not the fastest option.  For the quickest service possible, a DMV branch appointment is strongly recommended!

Mobile Service Hours and Locations

Due to record high demand for DMV services, driven primarily by the REAL ID requirements taking effect in October 2020, customer volumes at mobile DMV locations are at an all-time high and walk-in wait times are higher than they have been historically.  We strongly encourage you to consider making an appointment at a DMV branch office instead for faster service.

Picture of people using Mobile Service.The Monroe County Clerk’s Mobile Service brings DMV services to convenient locations near you!

Hours of Operation

  • Mobile Service locations are open from 10:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. (permit testing until 2:30 p.m.).

Metro Mobile Location - *NEW ADDRESS* 20 N. Plymouth Ave.

  • Effective Monday, March 18, 2019, Metro Mobile will be operating at 20 N. Plymouth Ave., around the corner from the former CityPlace location, to accommodate construction.  Please see the announcement at the top of this page for more detailed directions.

Eastside Mobile Location

  • Mondays: Webster Town Library, 980 Ridge Road
  • Tuesdays: Penfield Town Hall, 3100 Atlantic Avenue
  • Wednesdays: East Rochester Village Hall, Eyer Building, 317 Main Street
  • Thursdays: Pittsford Town Hall, 11 South Main Street
  • Fridays: Perinton Town Hall, 1350 Turk Hill Rd

Westside Mobile Locations

  • Mondays: Parma Town Hall, 1300 Hilton-Parma Corners Road
  • Tuesdays: Chili Town Hall, 3333 Chili Avenue
  • Wednesdays: Ogden Town Hall, 269 Ogden Center Road
  • Thursdays: Clarkson Town Court, 3655 Lake Road 
  • Fridays: Gates Town Hall, 1605 Buffalo Road

Mobile Service Transactions

Driver licenses, permits and non-driver ID cards

  • Apply for or renew operator and motorcycle licenses, permits, and non-driver ID cards;
  • CDL renewals (except with HazMat or towing endorsements);
  • Written tests for operator and motorcycle permits;
  • Duplicates for all types of licenses, permits, and non-driver ID cards;
  • Amendments to all types of licenses, permits, and non-driver ID cards;
  • Enhanced Driver Licenses / REAL ID
  • Conversions of out-of-state driver licenses to New York (Metro Mobile only).


  • Renewals;
  • New plates for passenger and commercial vehicles, trailers and motorcycles;
  • Duplicate plates for passenger and commercial vehicles, trailers and motorcycles;
  • Amendments to registrations for all vehicle types;
  • Plate transfers (from one vehicle to another) for all vehicle types;
  • Plate surrenders.

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Forms of Payment

The Monroe County Clerk's Office and Auto License Bureaus accept cash, checks made payable to “Monroe County Clerk,” and all major credit cards.

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