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I Oppose James Moore's Release On Parole

James Moore is serving a life sentence for the savage rape and murder of 14 year old Pamela Moss in 1962. Following the murder, Moore told police he was sexually obsessed with Pamela and confessed to strangling then raping her (in addition to Moss, Moore also admitted molesting dozens of other young girls). Upon sentencing, Pamela Moss’ family agreed to not seek the death penalty if they and the community could be assured that James Moore would never again be free.  Moore and his attorneys accepted this condition, and James Moore was committed to life in prison.

Changes to NYS law, however, have allowed James Moore to become eligible for parole every 24 months, a result that would not only place the community at risk but would also demonstrate an alarming disregard for the agreement that allowed Moore to elude the death penalty for his deplorable crime.

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley stated, "In 1962, all sides entered into an agreement that James Moore would be allowed to avoid the death penalty if he were to spend the rest of his life in prison.  To put Pamela’s family and the community through this parole hearing every two years is fundamentally wrong and violates the spirit of the agreement that allowed the perpetrator of this appalling crime to live. James Moore should remain in prison."

I want the Parole Board to know that I join Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley in opposing James Moore's release from prison.

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