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Below you will find lessons from a curriculum developed by the EPA, called Haz-Ed Classroom Activities for Understanding Hazardous Waste, developed to assist educators in teaching 7th through 12th grade students about the scientific, technical, and policy issues related to hazardous waste sites.  Haz-Ed is a compilation of interdisciplinary activities that focus on the often complicated and sometimes controversial issues surrounding environmental cleanup and the Federal government's Superfund Program.


  1. Act 01 - Waste: Where Does it Come From? Where Does it Go?
  2. Act 02 - Examining a Hazardous Waste Site
  3. Act 03 - RCRA
  4. Act 06 - Effects of Pollution
  5. Act 07 - Identifying Risks
  6. Act 08 - Hazardous Waste Cleanup Methods
  7. Act 09 - Making Decisions
  8. Act 11 - What the Community Can Do
  9. Act 12 - Federal and State Laws
  10. Act 13 - Creating the Future
  11. Warmup 3 - The Numbers Game
  12. Warmup 4 - Risk Concepts
  • Make a Difference:

  1. eCycling
  2. Reuse & Recycling Guide for Schools
  3. "Service Learning" Guide (English)
  4. "Service Learning" Guide (Spanish)

More Info

  • Use the Recycling Explorer interactive tool from "I want to be recycled" to learn what and how to recycle. 
  • EPA Environmental Education Resources for Teachers and Students
  • NYS - DEC Green Schools curriculum, awards programs & grants
  • Recycle Bowl- K-12 free recycling competition games, fact sheets & activities

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