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Help Keep Our Hard Earned Dollars in Monroe County!

You Can Help!

Get your registration and driver’s license back faster and keep your taxes in check with Renew Monroe!

Renew Monroe! is an initiative to keep your hard earned dollars working right here in Monroe County. 

By renewing your vehicle registration and driver’s license with a local DMV office, you are directly helping to keep your property taxes in check.  Each time you use a local DMV office, 12.7% of the fee is kept in our community. 

Let's think about it.

The cost to renew a Class D standard driver’s license is $64.50 and when processed in a local DMV in Monroe County, $8.19 or 12.7% stays here at home.  Additionally, a vehicle registration of $75.00 keeps $9.53 in Monroe County.  If every resident in Monroe County renewed their vehicle registration and driver’s license in a local DMV office, Monroe County would keep over $3.2 million dollars annually working here at home.  This is real money!  When you do business online with the State DMV or by mailing to the State, your dollars go directly to Albany.  

Benefits of using a local DMV office and Renew Monroe!

  • You keep your hard-earned money in Monroe County and help keep your taxes in check.
  • No more waiting - you walk out with your documents in hand.
  • You are served by a knowledgeable and friendly member of our community and your questions get answered on the spot.

Why wait for weeks for your documents from the State or be one of the many who never receive their online ordered document?  Become a part of Renew Monroe! today.

Simple and convenient ways to renew your vehicle registration:

(If paying by check, please make payable to "Monroe County Clerk.")

  1. Mail your renewal to our local office in Henrietta for 24 hour turnaround at Monroe County Auto License Bureau, 2199 East Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14623.
    *If you use the pink envelope provided with your renewal notice, you must cross out the bar code on the renewal document.
  2. Use the convenient drop box located inside each of our DMV branches.
  3. Use our Express lines at any DMV branch to get back your registration on the spot.
  4. Use our Mobile DMV Units that visit the towns on the east and west side of the county and are in the City of Rochester five days a week.

Simple and convenient ways to renew your driver’s license:

  1. Use our Express lines at any DMV branch to get back your license on the spot. 
  2. Use our Mobile DMV Units that visit the towns on the east and west side of the county and are in the City of Rochester five days a week.

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Henrietta, Irondequoit and Rochester DMV Branches will reopen by appointment only on Thurs. 6/18/20. 

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