; Cheryl Dinolfo, County Executive

Board of Elections


Lisa P Nicolay
Republican Commissioner

Nancy L Leven
Republican Deputy Commissioner

Lashana D Boose
Acting Democratic Commissioner


39 W. Main Street
Rochester, NY 14614






In Person

The Board of Elections office is located in Room 106 on the 1st floor of the Monroe County Office Building

Check the Online Voter Information Portal To:

  • See if you are actively registered to vote
  • Check your current party enrollment
  • View your elected officials
  • Check your absentee ballot status

 Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Monroe County Board of Elections will only be open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9:00AM and 12:00PM.  Our office will be closed on Tuesday and Thursday.  For your convenience, please use the mail slot located at the entrance to the BOE office. All correspondence deposited will be processed the next business day. The Special Election scheduled for April 28, 2020 has been postponed to June 23, 2020.  Please continue to check our website for information updates. If you are unable to find the information you need, please email us at



    Download 2020 Political Handbook

    Administering Elections In Monroe County

    The Board of Elections Department of Monroe County is responsible for administering all aspects of elections in Monroe County to maintain and facilitate participation in a democratic system of government. The Monroe County Board of Elections conducts all national, state, county, city and town elections. The structure of this agency, its responsibilities and duties are mandated by New York State Election Law. Guidelines for procedures are provided by the rules and regulations defined by the New York State Board of Elections.

    The Monroe County Board of Elections is administered by two Commissioners of Elections who serve four year terms. The Commissioners are elected by the county committees of each political party and their appointment is confirmed by the Monroe County Legislature. The Commissioners, each assisted by a Deputy Commissioner and a full-time staff (with equal representation of Democrats and Republicans) provide the technical, clerical, and mechanical skills necessary to provide services; bilingual assistance; information and statistical data to county legislators, other county departments, governmental agencies and to the public.

    New York State Board of Elections

    40 North Pearl Street, Suite 5
    Albany, New York 12207-2729
    Phone: 518 474-6220
    TTY: Call the New York State Relay 711 (Hearing Impaired)

    Visit the New York State Board of Elections.

    Click here for Board of Elections materials available to purchase

    Elections Defined

    What is a Primary Election?

    Picture of US Capitol Building.A “Primary Election” is one in which only enrolled members of a party may vote for the purpose of nominating party candidates and electing party officers. In any election district, if a race is uncontested, no primary is held.

    A “Primary Election” is held on the first Tuesday after the second Monday in June before every general election unless otherwise changed by an act of the legislature. Polls are open for voting from 6am until 9:00 p.m.

    The board of elections canvasses the returns of the primary elections as early as possible within nine days from the day upon which the primary election is held. The board tabulates the number of votes cast for all the candidates for nomination to each public office or for election to a party position, and the number of votes cast for each such candidate. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be the nominee of his party in the general election for such office or will be elected to a party position.

    What is a General Election?

    A “General Election” is an election that is being held throughout the state or country on the same day. The most prominent example is the Presidential election held every four years. Examples of statewide general elections include the races for the New York State Governor and New York State Senators.

    Picture of Greece Map after redistricting.Monroe County Voting District Maps 

    The Board of Elections is now able to provide voters and the community with high quality, full color maps. All district maps are available for purchase at the Board of Elections office, however, some are also available for viewing online (see below).

    Visit the New York State Board of Elections for maps encompassing state and/or federal jurisdictions.

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    BOE Right Now

    Downloadable Forms:

      English Voter Registration

      Spanish Voter Registration

     Absentee Ballot Application

                English Language

      Solicitud de Papeleta

         en Ausencia Español
      Ballot Marking Instructions

      Voter Feedback Form


    • Voting by Absentee Ballot
      Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

      Standard Absentee Ballot Voting
      A voter may qualify to vote by absentee ballot if their duties, occupation, business or vacation requires them to be absent from their county of residence on election day or if they will be confined by illness, physical disability or for some other reason either on a temporary or permanent basis.

    • Attention Voters Voting by Mail

      Please do not discard your ballots if you received multiple ballots in the mail.  The ballots are different and contain different races.  When applying for an absentee ballot, there were three elections voters may be eligible for on June 23rd:


      1 -  the Democratic Presidential Primary Election (rescheduled from April)(all registered Democrats are eligible)


      2 -  the Special Election in the 27th Congressional Seat (rescheduled from April)(all registered voters living in that district are eligible)


      3 - the state/local Primary races (originally scheduled for June)(voters’ eligibility depends on party enrollment and district)


      Most applicants are eligible to vote in more than one of the three elections taking place on June 23rd.  Because of the uncertainty of whether the Presidential Primary was going to be held, the three elections required the creation of three different types of ballots.  Each ballot type requires extensive ballot and voting machine programming. 


      Because of the extensive volume of absentee ballot requests we’ve received for this election, we are continuously processing applications and we have had to contract with a mailing house for the purpose of mailing out those absentee ballots.  We are providing the mail house with weekly updates and are unable to project exactly which batches of ballots will be mailed when.  We apologize for any confusion.
    • Download pamphlet
      Working as an Election

      Poll Worker

      (N.Y. Election Law Section 5-304(3)
      A change of enrollment received up until February 14th each year will be effective immediately. Changes received on or after February 15th until seven days after the June Primary will be set aside and opened the seventh day following the June Primary and entered in the voter's registration record.


      Revised 2020 Presidential Primary Calendar including revisions from Chapter 56 / 2020 (allowing candidates to withdraw)

      Revised 2020 Political Calendar to reflect Executive Order 202.13 postponing the circulation and filing of independent nominating petitions

    Voter Information

    Go to voter app
    Get All Your Important Voter Information In One Place!


    Download List of Offices to be Elected in 2020

    Important Dates

    May 2020

    (Pursuant to Executive Order 202.13, the circulation and filing of Independent Nominating Petitions has been postponed beginning March 31, 2020 until further notice.)


    Important Upcoming Dates:

    May 29 - Last day to postmark or deliver in person a registration form for any June 23rd election

    June 16 - Last day to postmark an application for an absentee ballot for any June 23rd election

    June 22 - Last day to apply in person for an absentee ballot for any June 23rd election

    June 22 - Last day to postmark an asentee ballot for any June 23rd election