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In January of 2019, New York State implemented new changes to the Enhanced STAR program. Enhanced STAR is a supplemental property tax relief for senior citizens age 65 and older with qualifying incomes. Enhanced STAR applies to the school tax portion of a senior’s property tax bill and can amount to hundreds of dollars in savings annually.

As a result of Albany’s changes to the programs this year, seniors seeking to claim the Enhanced STAR property tax credit or exemption were required to submit an income-verification form to their town tax assessor by March 1, 2019. Due to the confusion involved with this deadline, in addition to the complexities of the form and the income verification process, many seniors have found that they are ineligible to receive the Enhanced STAR benefit this year. The program is made only more confusing by the fact that some seniors receive the traditional Enhanced STAR property tax exemption – which would be applied to their tax bill – while others receive the Enhanced STAR property tax credit – which is sent by check – largely depending on when their home was purchased.

These changes have led to widespread confusion and concern as the September 30th school property tax payment deadline approaches. In fact, the program has even been called a “debacle” by town assessors who are being inundated with calls from concerned seniors. That’s why County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo is leading the charge to call on Albany to undo the recent changes to the Enhanced STAR program. Join her fight to force Albany to undo the Enhanced STAR “debacle” by signing her petition below:

“New York’s high property taxes are the number one reason many seniors find it difficult to remain in their own homes. It is unconscionable that Albany would make the Enhanced STAR program so complicated that many seniors are now ineligible, costing them hundreds of dollars in savings. New York State must reverse this “debacle” and provide our seniors with every cent of property tax relief they deserve.” – County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo

All petitions will be transmitted to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and the leaders of the New York State Legislature to demand immediate action to provide fair property tax relief for seniors in Monroe County and across New York.  

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