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Tax Sale Certificate To Be Sold August 20, 2019 For Unpaid Taxes of 2019
Monroe County Treasury
Rochester, New York
August 15, 2019

Pursuant to Monroe County Tax Act, I shall sell at public auction Monday, the 20th day of August, 2019 commencing at 10 A.M. at the County Treasury, Room B-2, County Office Building in the City of Rochester a tax sale certificate on each parcel of land as assessed and as hereinafter described, to pay the taxes, interest charges and expenses thereon at the time of said sale.  If necessary, such sale shall continue from day to day until each tax sale certificate shall be sold.  NOTE: The sale will result in the transfer of the tax lien, as a legal interest in the property to the County, and NOT the immediate transfer of title to the property.  In order to transfer title to the property because of this sale, the County must wait one year before instituting legal proceedings and then can only institute such proceedings if the tax lien with any additional charges, is not previously paid.  PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THE SALE OF THE TAX LIEN WITH THE IMMEDIATE LOSS OF TITLE TO THE PROPERTY.  

Director of Finance-Chief Financial Officer

Monroe County Treasury

The Treasury Division of the Department of Finance is responsible for the collection fees and taxes within Monroe County. A new on-line portal to View and Pay property taxes is now available. Please go to the Real Property Portal and click on "View / Pay Taxes" to begin.

Please refer to the Tax Bill Payment Instructions for helpful information.

Please feel free to e-mail your questions or comments to the Treasury Office.

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