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GIS Technology

GIS Technology Vehicle

The GIS Technology Vehicle is outfitted for both day-to-day use, as well as emergency response situations.  The vehicle, Monroe County Unit 4 (MCU4), is used to support construction and mapping of County infrastructure such as sewers, fiber optics, trails and wetland mitigation projects. It is also used for educational outreach to promote the use of GIS and GPS within Monroe County. Aside from the daily uses, MCU4 is on standby to support any type of Public Safety mapping needs during search and rescues, training exercises, and festivals.

The exterior attributes of the vehicle include a 30ft mast with a 3G and 4G cellular antenna, pan/tilt/zoom camera, TV antenna, and radio antennas. It also has an ultrasonic weather station, storage for GIS equipment and instrumentation, as well as other various supplies.

The GIS Technology Vehicle was designed to provide an efficient, practical, and comfortable working environment. The vehicle interior is equipped with 4 workstations, rugged tablet laptops, 2 ToughBook W-2 tablets with GPS, a 24”plotter, a scanner/copier/printer, various Trimble GPS equipment including RTK devices, 32” SMARTboard, 55” LCD TV, county radios, conference tables, office supplies, a kitchenette and bathroom. In addition, the vehicle is integrated with equipment that renders it a mobile hotspot and enables access to the County network and the internet.


Trimble, a leading provider of advanced positioning solutions featured our previous vehicle on their web site. Trimble Article

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ESRI Software

ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) is the leader in the GIS software industry. Their products provide innovative and top of the line solutions for business and government. They provide software for desktops, as well as servers and mobile devices. ArcGIS is an integrated collection of GIS software products for building a complete GIS for your organization. This software comes in multiple versions as well. Desktop GIS products allow you to author, analyze, map, manage, share, and publish geographic information. Server GIS products allow GIS functionality and data to be deployed and accessed from a central environment. Mobile GIS technology allows you to deploy information systems on PDAs, laptops, and Tablet PCs. Hosted GIS offers a cost-effective way to include mapping and location services in Web-enabled applications. ArcGIS Online provides ready-to-use content and capabilities for ArcGIS users, including 2D maps, 3D globes, and reference layers.

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Pictometry Aerial ImagePictometry is a Rochester based company specializing in Aerial Photography, and producing images which can be linked to maps and other technology.

This is just a general announcement for all municipal entities who currently use or are looking to get Pictometry in Monroe County. Currently, the libraries and applications are being hosted on the Monroe County Pictometry Online Servers. The 2015 image library is now available exclusively on the Pictometry Online system. If you are an authorized user and would like an account please contact Scott McCarty at (585) 753-7502 or via email at or your organization's Pictomety Administrator. Authorized users are from all Town and village governments, as well as fire, police, ambulance, and school districts.

The Monroe County Pictometry Online address is and if you would like help documentation please click here.

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Geocortex Implementation

In mid-2013, the Monroe County GIS Services made a decision to migrate our web-based mapping platform from Adobe Flex to Geocortex. Geocortex is a web-mapping development platform created by a company called Latitude Geographics. Geocortex allows organizations that don’t have in-house code writing skills to develop advanced browser-based applications by utilizing preconfigured tools, widgets and viewers. Web map services are published through ArcGIS desktop and then imported into the Geocortex framework. Once a site has been built, you can then expand on it by using Workflow Designer to create more advanced querying tools and functionality. We also have the capability to generate detailed reports using Report Designer. A piece of functionality that has proven to be of great importance is the ability to link our map features to external databases. Our spatial and asset management databases both reside in Oracle making it a seamless integration into our mapping applications.

By navigating to the “Monroe Map Gallery” page, you will be able to take advantage of a large inventory of data that is maintained by Monroe County and other public agencies. Internally, we are able to use Geocortex applications to manage county assets in the office, as well as on mobile devices. We are currently in the process of migrating to a new enterprise asset management system that will be map-driven by Geocortex.

In the eighteen months that we’ve been using Geocortex, it has proven to be a critical tool in daily operations by serving up information to county personnel, as well as the public. If you have any questions regarding Geocortex, feel free to contact the GIS Division directly or visit Geocortex at

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Printers, Plotters, Scanners

In addition to the many standard printers found within the department, GIS also employs the use of a number of high-tech plotters and scanner. Plotters are used to print large high-quality wall-sized maps in full color. Scanners are used to make digital and/or physical copies of Record Drawings and Maps. The department currently utilizes 1 Oce ColorWave 650 Plotter,1 Oce TC4 Scanner, and 1 Z6100ps Plotter. These give us the capability to scan and print documents and maps at nearly any size necessary.

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