Monroe County School Kids Influenza Prevention Project (MCSKIPP)

What is Influenza?

  • Influenza (flu) is a serious illness that causes a great deal of sickness and missed school days among school children, teachers and other school contacts.
  • Each year, flu claims the lives of about 36,000 Americans including almost 100 children.
  • School children often spread flu to infant siblings and grandparents.  In these family members, flu can be very serious.
  • Flu vaccine is now recommended for nearly everyone 6 months and older.

What is MCSKIPP?

MCSKIPP is the Monroe County School Kids Influenza Prevention Project.  The project is designed to increase the number of school children who receive flu vaccine.

Participating Schools

In coming years, we hope to include more schools.  In 2014, only certain schools from the following districts will participate:

  • Brighton, Churchville-Chili, East Irondequoit, Greece, Penfield, Pittsford, Rochester, Spencerport

Key Facts About MCSKIPP for Participating Schools:

The schools, Monroe County Department of Public Health, the COMET Informatics LLC, and the University of Rochester Department of Pediatrics are all working together on this project. 

  • We encourage all school children to receive the flu vaccine.  You can do so at your doctor’s office, the Monroe County Department of Public Health, or your school if it participates in MCSKIPP.
  • We are working closely with school officials to offer one Vaccine Day during December.
  • On Vaccine Day, children whose parent completed the consent form will be given flu vaccine in select schools.  To give consent, check your school website.
  • Nurses from the Monroe County Department of Public Health will give the vaccine. They have a lot of experience giving vaccines to children.

MCSKIPP Contacts

If you need to speak to someone about MCSKIPP, please contact us at (585) 315-8482.


Vaccine Information:

Flu Information from CDC:

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