Relocation Information

Before accepting a job in a new city, make sure you’ve done your research on the area. Learn about cost of living, real estate, and other important aspects of relocation.

  • Best Places Net  In 1985, Bert Sperling developed a software program named "Places, U.S.A." which allowed people to enter their personal preferences to find their own best place. is a natural extension of our work over the last fifteen years regarding demographics, preferences, and the selection of "Best Places" to live, work, or retire.

  • Consumer Guide to Moving and Storage  Making a move involves a lot more than just packing up your belongings and transporting them from one location to another. One of the most important things in any move is understanding the paper trail of documents that spell out the costs and the details of the move. Knowing about these documents and what steps to take to pin down important details can save you time and money and smooth the way to your new home.

  • DataMasters Cost of Living  DataMasters is a professional services firm specializing in Information Technology. Founded in 1971 to provide management level staffing services, our specialization in Data Processing began in 1977. DataMasters was the first firm in the local area to add contract consulting to a list of permanent staffing offerings. Then as now, DataMasters stands at the leading edge of the professional services industry. 

  • Escape Artists (Guide to Moving and Living Overseas)  A website that shows you how to restart your life abroad. With thousands of articles, contacts, resources, links and tools for finding overseas real estate, international employment, hidden enclaves, artist havens, unique destinations, offshore investments, and the requirements for living an international lifestyle. Since 1995, we have been helping escape artists just like you restart their lives abroad. Over 350,000 escape artists subscribe and read Escape From America Magazine and the Offshore Real Estate Quarterly. ...join them. 

  • How to Move  Moving your goods yourself can save you a great deal of money; here are ways to save on moving hassles as well.

  • The Salary Calculator  Measure your job compensation to the closest match in this database by searching on job title and location.

  • The USA CityLink Project  Since 1994, this has been the internet's most comprehensive listing of states and cities offering information on travel, tourism, and relocation. We offer detailed city guides as well as official and independent city and state websites.

  • Virtual Relocation offers comprehensive moving related services, as well as tools designed to reduce the time, cost, and stress associated with moving.

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