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Get your registration back faster and keep your taxes in check with Renew Monroe

And take advantage of our newest service - Reminders by email and text message when your license or registration is about to expire!  Click here to sign up.

The Monroe County Clerk’s Office recently launched Renew Monroe!, an initiative to keep our hard earned dollars working in our community.

Many people do not realize that every time the State mails you that little pink envelope to renew your vehicle registration, they offer you only three options. Each of the State-provided options sends your money off to Albany and then you have to wait and wait to get back your registration sticker and card.

Well, all of those little pink envelopes add up to big dollars. In fact, Monroe County has lost over $3.5 million since the State began excluding counties from the options they inform customers of and began processing mail, phone and online vehicle registration renewals.

Because when you use any of the options the State offers, Monroe County doesn’t receive a single dollar. That’s right not one dollar, all of your money goes directly to the State.

However, through Renew Monroe! we can change that by using three local and easy ways to renew your registration and keep your dollars working at home.

You can:

  1. Mail your renewal to our local office in Henrietta, instead of the State’s office in Utica.
  2. Use the convenient drop box located inside each of our permanent DMV offices.
  3. Use our Express line at any DMV branch to get back your registration on the spot.

Best of all, any way you choose to use Renew Monroe!, we’ll process your registration within 24 hours and 12.7 percent of your fee is kept in our community.

Monroe County has a proud tradition of everyone pitching in to do their part. That is why I am sure this program will be a great success. If every vehicle owner in our community chose Renew Monroe!, we’d keep over $500,000 here annually. This would help not just Monroe County’s bottom line, but our taxpayers as well.

Please think the next time you receive your pink renewal envelope in the mail and choose to keep your money working here at home.

Download the Renew Monroe! Press Release (100k PDF).

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Renew Vehicle Registrations at Local DMV Offices

Get your registration back faster and keep your taxes in check!

Monroe County keeps 12.7% of your vehicle registration renewal fee when it is processed locally, but NOTHING if you mail it to the State or renew over the Internet!

Every dollar from registration renewals kept in Monroe County helps keep our taxes as low as possible.

The process is simple.

Simply choose one of our three convenient, local options.

  1. Mail your registration renewal notices to:
    Monroe County Auto License Bureau
    2199 East Henrietta Road
    Rochester, New York 14623

    Note: If you use the pink envelope provided with your renewal form, you must cross out the bar code on the renewal document.
  2. Use the convenient drop box located inside each of our permanent DMV offices.
  3. Get your document back on the spot by using the Express service at any office!
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Apply for Passports at County Clerk’s Office

Use the best passport service and keep your taxes in check!

By applying for a passport through the Monroe County Clerk’s Office, you can help keep taxes in check while receiving the best and most convenient service available!

Monroe County keeps $25 of every passport application completed through the County Clerk, but nothing if you apply through the Post Office!

The process is simple.

Simply choose one of our three convenient, local options.

  1. Visit the County Clerk’s Office
    39 West Main Street
    Downtown Rochester

    Open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday
    Note: No appointment needed! Photos available!
  2. Passport Express!
    Every Wednesday at the Pittsford Town Hall and every Thursday at the Greece Town Hall
    Open from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
  3. Passport Saturdays!
    The last Saturday of every month at the County Office Building (downtown)
    Open from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.

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