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December 8, 2017


PL 1100 Jefferson Rd 17-214570

Loss prevention for Staples observed 3 Black or Hispanic female suspects enter the store on 11/28/17. One female approached the ink cartridge display and concealed three Brother ink cartridges in her purse while the other two females distracted employees. The three suspects then exited the store without paying for the merchandise.

GL 4th 720 Jefferson Rd 17-214938

On 11/30/17 two female black suspects entered Ulta Beauty Supply and concealed 58 miscellaneous fragrances in their purses before leaving the store.

PL/Auto Stripping 3rd Clay Rd 17-215258

Between 11/30/17 and 12/01/17 the victim reports the rear passenger side chrome rim and attached tire, combined value of $380, were stolen off his pick-up truck

GL 4th 55 Alliance Dr 17-215205

Between 10/24/17 and 11/01/17, the victim reports leaving assorted jewelry and silver coins inside his work van. The victim didn’t notice the jewelry missing until 11/27/2017.

CM 2nd/GL 4th 300 Hylan Dr 17-217146

Between 12/01/17 and 12/04/17 three large industrial HVAC units had been removed from the roof of the location and were placed on the ground behind the location. During that time frame unknown suspects damaged two of the units by removing the copper and aluminum coils and compressors from the units.

PL/Harassment 2nd 2325 Marketplace Dr 17-217276

On 12/04/17 loss prevention for Target observed a white male suspect enter the store and remove a cell phone from the box and then conceal the phone in his front pocket. The suspect then left the store without paying for the phone. When loss prevention stopped the suspect outside the store the suspect punched the Target employee in the head and attempted to leave the location. MCSO located the suspect in the parking lot and transported him back to the store where loss prevention positively identified the suspect. The suspect was identified as Joshua Bajdas. Bajdas was released on an appearance ticket.

GL 4th/CM 4th/Auto Stripping 3rd 3850 East Henrietta Rd 17-217116

On 12/04/17 the victim parked her car at the Lookup Dog Park while she entered the park. When she returned to her car she discovered the front passenger side window had been smashed and her purse containing cash and credit cards had been stolen from inside the car. The victim further reported seeing a gray SUV in the lot. That description matches a BOLO from Ontario County of a gray Cadillac SUV involved in vehicle break-ins at fitness centers and day care centers. (FLG Activity)

GL 4th/CM 4th/Auto Stripping 3rd 3333 West Henrietta Rd 17-217491

On 12/04/17 the victim parked her car in the parking lot of Planet Fitness while she went inside. When she returned to her car she discovered the front passenger window was smashed and her purse containing multiple credit cards and cash was stolen from the car. (FLG Activity)

GL 4th/CM 4th/Auto Stripping 3rd 705 Calkins Rd 17-217459

On 12/04/17 the victim parked her car at Doodlebugs Day Care while she went inside to pick up her child. While inside a suspect wearing a white long sleeve T-Shirt, Black Vest and a white knit hat smashed the passenger side window of her vehicle and stole the victim’s purse from the front seat. The purse contained multiple credit cards, cash and Ray Ban sunglasses. A second vehicle at the location was entered by smashing a window but nothing of value was taken from inside. The victim and witnesses at the location report seeing a black SUV (possibly an Infiniti QX30) driving through the parking lot. (FLG Activity)

GL 3rd 10 Riverton Way 17-173072

The general manager for Brandy’s Mold and Tool Center noticed missing tools and equipment from the workplace. The manager confronted an employee named Matthew Macauly, who admitted to stealing the items and then pawning them at Ridge Coin in Irondequoit. Macauley took the items due to a gambling addiction.

Update Arrest:

MCSO reports the arrest of Matthew Macauley for the above incident. Macauley admitted to taking the tools and pawning them. On 12/03/17 Macauley was arraigned in Henrietta Town Court where he was released ROR.


Burg 2nd/GL 3rd 159 Robert Quigley Dr 17-148341

The victim reports between 1700 hrs. and 2330 hrs. on 08/22/17 an unknown suspect entered her home by removing the screen from the kitchen window. Once inside the suspect removed a TV, electronics, and her engagement ring.

Update Arrest:

MCSO reports the arrest of Joel Hills DOB and John Rowe for the above incident. MCSO was able to locate and recover the victim’s property at a local pawn shop. The information gathered from the pawn shop led to the identification of Hills and Rowe as suspects. Both suspects were arraigned in Henrietta Town Court. 

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