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Zone C Weekly Crime Report

C-Zone Neighborhood Crime Watch
November 7, 2019 to November 13, 2019


Burglary, Grand Larceny / 26 Archer Rd / 19-191504

The victim reports between 11/3/19 at 1030hrs and 11/5/19 at 2100hrs an unknown suspect(s) entered the victims residence by unknown means and stole a white gold emerald ring, white gold diamond ring, white gold emerald and diamond ring, and $400 in various denominations of cash and coin. The victim stated that some of the coins were hidden throughout her house. The victim believes her son committed the theft since no sign of forced entry was observed and because the coins were hidden. The victim was uncertain where her son is living. Deputies to follow up.

Grand Larceny 4th (from vehicle) / 18 Benedict Dr /19-192282

Victim reports that between 11/5/19 1600hrs and 11/6/19 0745hrs an unknown suspect entered his unlocked Dodge Ram pickup truck and stole approximately $2100.00 worth of property. Items stolen include 4 JBL box speakers ($300.00), 2 MTX box speakers ($899.00), 4 MTX channel amplifiers ($329.00), a Benchmade assist knife ($549.00), and $10 in loose change. According to deputies, the victim called on 11/6/19 but wanted to wait on a report to see if insurance would cover the loss. Deputy Payne found another report filed by the victim on 2/14/19 for property stolen from his bedroom valued at $960.00. An insurance claim was filed in this case as well (CR #19-019603). Deputy Payne’s report.

Burglary 2nd, GL4th (Auto) / 234 Archer Road / 19-195167

The victim reports between 1200hrs and 2030hrs on 11/11/2019 an unknown suspect(s) entered her unlocked residence, gained access to the victim’s vehicle keys and stole the victims 2007 Gray BMW 328i with NYS REG# JJP6416. The victim reports nothing else in the house was disturbed. No signs of forced entry were observed during the investigation. The victim believes her ex-boyfriend may be responsible because he knows where the victim lives but offered no other reason for suspicion. Deputies checked the address of the ex-boyfriend with negative results. Deputies will continue the investigation.

Burglary, Petit Larceny / 44 Fenton Road / 19-193692

The victim called 911 on 11/9/19 to report that an unknown suspect(s) entered an enclosed summer room attached to the rear of the house and stole an unknown make and model snow blower. The victim stated that last time he observed the snow blower was 6 weeks ago. No signs of forced entry were observed on the residence. The victim is currently looking for information regarding the snow blower to assist patrol in the investigation. Deputies to continue the investigation. 


Menacing 2nd (No Pros) / 122 Linas Way /19-192675

The victim reports that on 11/7/19 suspect Landen Gleason came to his residence to retrieve some property. The victim states that Gleason was aggressive from the beginning. When the victim approached Gleason to exchange property he saw a knife in Gleason’s hand. An argument ensued, at which time Gleason pointed the knife at the victim and threatened to stab him. Victim stated that he grabbed Gleason, and with the help of his girlfriend, they were able to get the knife away from Gleason. The victim was not interested in prosecution. He asked deputies to tell Gleason to never return to the location. There were no injuries.

Criminal Mischief 3rd (Juvenile Arrest) / 7060 W. Ridge Rd. / 19-194245

On 11/10/19 at approximately 1115 hours, Deputy Cubiotti arrested Eric J. Lent 8/13/04 of 145 Latta Rd. in the Town of Greece for Criminal Mischief in the 3rd Degree.  On 7/11/19 Lent shot at a 2004 Ford dump truck with a BB gun causing damage to a passenger window and a trailer tire.  The total dollar amount of the damage is $481.  Lent was issued an appearance ticket for Family Court and will be contacted by the Monroe County Office of Probation.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


Petit Larceny (from vehicle) / 104 Butcher Rd /19-187774

Victim reports that between 11/4/19 1730hrs and 11/5/19 0600hrs an unknown suspect entered his GMC Sierra pickup truck and stole a silver HP laptop valued at approximately $300.00. Victim believes that his vehicle was unlocked. He states that nothing else was taken.

Petit Larceny (from vehicle) / 19 Parkwood Lane / 19-192555

Victim reported that between 11/6/19 2300hrs and 11/7/19 0800hrs an unknown suspect entered her unlocked vehicle while it was parked outside of her apartment. The suspect stole a pair of Apple Airpod headphones valued at $200.00. Victim’s neighbor has a low quality security camera. They were only able to see someone wearing a dark colored hoodie. That person was last seen walking northbound on Parkwood Lane. Deputies to follow up


Burglary 3rd, Grand Larceny 3rd / 7265 Buffalo Road / 19-194719

The victim is also the owner of Ehrmentraut Auto shop located at the above address. The victim reports between 11/10/19 at 2030hrs and 11/11/19 at 0600, two unknown suspect’s entered the Auto shop by forcing open the rear door. Once inside the suspect stole approximately $51,000 in tools from multiple mechanics working at the location. The complete list of tools is still be compiled by some victims. Further, the suspects attempt to cut open a safe at the location. The suspects cut the hard drive for the DVR and the cables for the surveillance system so only a portion of the incident was caught on camera. The DVR was taken and submitted into property for investigation. C Zone CIS will continue the investigation.

Suspicious Condition / 75 Palmer Road / 19-195598

Deputies responded to the above address for the report of a suspicious condition. The reporting person called 911 after her 9 year old son reported on 11/11/19 between 1130hrs and 1200hrs he observed an unknown male dressed in all black wearing a ski mask approach the side door to the house and knock three times. The male promptly left the location after the 9 year old looked out the window. The male was reported to enter a large black SUV and leave the area. The only descriptive feature provided by the 9 year old was that the male had brown eyes. The 9 year old was home alone with his sister. A neighborhood canvass was conducted with negative results. No cameras were observed in the area. Patrols should give this area special attention during their shifts and be aware of any similar reported suspicious incidents.


Nothing to report.

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