Mounted Unit Recognized

The Sheriff's Office and Rochester Police Department Mounted Unit receive Educator of the Year Award from Genesee Valley Equine Clinic, LLC.

Excerpts of letter from Genesee Valley Equine Clinic, LLC.

Our 2012 Educators of the Year are out there every day for all of us, making our lives safer. They and their mounts also work as ambassadors for horses, bringing animals into the lives of people that seldom have the opportunity to even see a horse. We are pleased to present this year's award to the Rochester Police Mounted Unit and The Monroe County Sheriff's Office Mounted Patrol in recognition of their contribution to our community over a period of several decades.

Although the City and County units operate under separate jurisdictions, they often train together, share resources, and collaborate to cover local events. Both the city and the county have benefited from the presence of mounted units. An officer on a horse has a tremendous advantage, and is able to spot trouble and take action before an incident accelerates. One mounted officer is equivalent to 15-20 officers on foot in a crowd control situation. Even more importantly, the horses can break up crowds in a much less confrontational way. A man on a horse is a powerful image psychologically as well as physically, and the presence of a mounted unit is an effective and visible deterrent to crime.

In addition to their law enforcement and public safety duties, the mounted patrols are constantly interacting with the public to build better relations with the communities they serve. The reassuring clip clop of hooves on the pavement is associated with a feeling of safety and changes the way people view the police. As one mounted officer put it, "No one ever asked to pet my police car."

As part of their regular duties the mounted units have a presence at ceremonial events such as funerals and ribbon cuttings, sports events, and festivals. All officers and all horses undergo extensive training to perform well at all kinds of functions. The horses must be quiet and adaptable, and many are on their second careers. The officers have tremendous pride in their job, which is very evident anytime you visit the barns. They educate people all day long about horses and police work whenever they are on an assignment.

Genesee Valley Equine Clinic, LLC.

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