Electronics Recycling

What You Should Know—So Someone Doesn’t Know Too Much About You!

By placing unwanted home computers at the curb for disposal*, you offer identity thieves an opportunity to learn a lot about you. Your account numbers, passwords and social security number may be left behind to dishonest people. When your computer is taken to be recycled, however, your hard drive can be reformatted and all of your personal information permanently erased.

*Effective 1/1/15, residents cannot dispose of certain electronic in their trash and waste collectors cannot pick it up (click here for details). Businesses/not-for-profits are required by law to recycle most e-waste.

What you Should Know About Electronics Disposal, the Environment and the Law

Most computer monitors and televisions contain about five pounds of lead. Computers also contain other elements that, if improperly disposed of, can be environmental hazards (including metals and rechargeable batteries). 

The NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act (effective 4/1/11) requires manufacturers to provide a free* and convenient way for consumers to recycle certain types of e-waste including: Computers, Televisions, Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT), Small Scale Servers, Computer Peripherals (to include any cable, cord, or wiring permanently affixed to or incorporated into such product.)
·        Monitors
·        Electronic Keyboards
·        Electronic Mice or Similar Pointing Devices
·        Facsimile Machines, document scanners, and printers (only those intended for use with a computer and weighing less than 100 lbs.)
Small Electronic Equipment (Small electronic equipment also include any cable, cord, or wiring permanently affixed to or incorporated into such product.)
·        VCRs
·        Digital Video Recorders
·        Portable Digital Music Players
·        DVD Players
·        Digital Converter Boxes
·        Cable or Satellite Receivers
·        Electronic or Video Game Consoles
Please click here for details of this law.
*NOTE: Some electronic waste collector sites are not affiliated with a manufacturer's acceptance program and a fee can be charged.

Where can you Dispose of/Recycle Electronics in a Secure and Environmentally-Safe Way?

There are several companies and municipalities in the Monroe County area that will accept computers/TVs from residents. Residents should call their local municipality to see if recycling programs are offered. Several programs are listed below. Click on the links, or call the listed numbers for details.

  • Monroe County ecopark (Cathode Ray Tube TVs and monitors - $10 each credit/debit card only)
    10 Avion Drive
    Rochester, NY 14624
  • Best Buy stores accept most electronic waste (CRT and some other TVs include a fee of $25 each)
  • ABVI-Goodwill
    Goodwill stores in the Greater Rochester area (Brockport, Greece, Henrietta, Penfield-Webster, downtown Rochester, Webster, Victor, Macedon and Perinton-Fairport) accept certain computer equipment (excluding cathode ray tube TVs & monitors) Free-of-Charge. All printer cartridges are also accepted. Program details can be found by calling 232-1111 or by clicking on its link above. This is a charitable gift and donation receipts will be given.
  • Sunnking, Inc.
    4 Owens Road
    Brockport, NY 14420
    Phone: (585) 637-8365
  • Regional Computer Recycling and Recovery
    7318 Victor Mendon Road
    Victor, NY 14564
    Phone: (585) 924-3840
  • Maven Technologies
    1450 Lyell Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14606
    Phone: (585) 458-2460
  • Imagine It Recycling
    565 Blossom Road, Suite D
    Rochester, NY 14610
    585) 872-5802
    Fundraising for charities and schools through the recycling of printer cartridges and small electronics (gaming devices, GPS devices, PDAs, cell phones, laptops, USB memory sticks, digital cameras, etc.). Imagine It has many convenient recycling boxes (grocery stores, schools, libraries, etc.). 

    Most computer manufacturers also offer recycling options for electronic equipment.

    Donate your Functional Home or Corporate Computers to Micrecycle

    Micrecycle is a not-for-profit program of Action for a Better Community that accepts certain usable computer components for reuse. The organization has distributed more than 7,000 refurbished computers to low-income families, schools, and other not-for-profit agencies that serve low-income residents of Monroe County. For a list of equipment accepted by Micrecycle call 585 224-4040.

    Rechargeable Battery, Printer Cartridge and Cell Phone Recycling

    State law requires retailers of Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cad), Button and Lithium Ion batteries to accept them back for recycling. These retailers include: Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, Staples, Sprint, Target, Radio Shack, Batteries Plus and Verizon Wireless. The Monroe County ecopark will also accept these batteries (alkaline batteries are not accepted). Effective Dec. 5, 2011, state law prohibits persons from knowingly disposing of most rechargeable batteries in the garbage.

  • Cellular phone retailers must, by NYS law, accept cell phones back for recycling or arrange for such via shipping. For printer cartidges, see the Imagine It link above. These items are also accepted by Monroe County’s Household Hazardous Waste program--click here or call 753-7600 (option 3).

  • NOTE--Regular household alkaline or zinc batteries can be disposed of in the trash. For a fee-based alkaline/zinc battery recycling program, visit: www.thinkgreenfromhome.com/batteries.cfm.

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