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Party Enrollment

Picture of party logos with names in background.By enrolling in a constituted party you can help designate candidates by signing petitions and voting in a primary election, however, you are not obligated to vote for your party’s candidate in the General Election, you may vote for any candidate from any party.

To vote in a primary you must register for one of the following constituted political parties by indicating your preference on the voter registration form: Democratic, Republican, Conservative,  Green, Working Families, Independence, Women's Equality or Reform.  You can also choose to write-in a party or not enroll in a party, but in either of these cases you will not be able to participate in a primary.

Additionally, if you are currently an enrolled voter and change your party status, your change will not be effective until after the next General Election.

Political Parties

  • Democratic (website)
  • Republican (website)
  • Conservative (website)
  • Green (website)
  • Working Families (website)
  • Independence (website)
  • Women's Equality
  • Reform
  • Other (Write in your choice of an unlisted party)
  • Blank (If you do not wish to enroll in a party)

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