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Zone A Weekly Crime Report

A- Zone Neighborhood Crime Watch
May 14, 2020 to May 20, 2020


Petit Larceny / Penbrooke Dr / 20-086473

Between 1700 hours on 5/12/20 and 2115 hours on 5/13/20 an unknown suspect stole a black Schwinn bike valued at $50 from the victim’s porch. 

Attempted Petit Larceny / Burrows Hill Dr / 20-086703

Over the past few weeks the victim noticed used catalytic converters missing from the bed of his truck when parked at his home.  These incidents have gone unreported.  He installed a Ring camera, deer camera, and a motion detecting flood light.  On 5/14/20 at 0130 hours he woke to the flood light being activated.  He looked outside and saw a pickup truck leaving at a high rate of speed. 

Shoplifting Robbery / 1601 Penfield Rd. (Tuesday Morning) / 20-087653
On 5/15/20 at about 1618 HRS a W/F and B/M walked into the above store and selected two comforters (valued at $49.99 each) before leaving without paying. The 911 caller followed the suspects outside where they had parked right by the entrance and confronted them and the male suspect actively fought her in order to maintain the merchandise, yelling at her to get away from his car.

Vehicle Larceny / Whitespire Lane / 20-088878

During the overnight hours from 5/16/20 into 5/17/20 an unknown suspect stole Canadian currency and two Anchor phone chargers from the victim’s Ford F150 pickup truck which was left unlocked in his driveway. 

Petit Larceny / 2160 Penfield Rd (Nouveau Wine & Spirits) / 20-088221

At 1510 hours on 5/16/20 a white female suspect wearing a grey t-shirt and blue / white leggings placed a bottle of Petron and a bottle of Crown Royal Peach valued at $83.98 in her purse and left the store without paying. 

Vehicle Larcenies / Canterbury Tr / Braunston Dr

During the overnight hours from 5/15/20 into 5/16/20 multiple victims report having property consisting primarily of loose change, cash, gift cards, and garage door openers stolen from unlocked vehicles which were parked in their driveway. 

Stolen Vehicle / S. Village Tr / 20-088070

During the overnight hours from 5/15/20 into 5/16/20 an unknown suspect stole the victim’s white 2018 Jeep Wrangler from the driveway of her home.  The victim stated she accidentally left the keys in the car after taking her child out of the car the previous day.  The Jeep has a black hard top and a silver GST sticker on the rear window. 

Vehicle Larceny / 2160 Penfield Rd / 20-089503

On 5/18/20 between 1015 and 1202 hours the victim parked her locked vehicle in the rear of the plaza at 2160 Penfield Rd.  When she returned to the vehicle her front passenger side window was smashed out and her purse and its contents were stolen.

Petit Larceny / Penbrooke Dr / 20-090479

The victim reports getting notification from UPS that his Google Pixel 4 XL phone valued at $900 was delivered at 1126 hours on 5/19/20.  He arrived home at 2000 hours and the package was missing. 




Petit Larceny / 14 Courtney Dr (Perinton Liquor) / 20-086196

On 5/7/20 a black female wearing a black jacket placed two bottles of Patron valued at $97.98 in her purse and left the store without paying.  Her face was covered by a surgical mask for most of the incident. 

Burglary 2nd, Petit Larceny / Mattock Pl / 20-089257

On 5/18/20 at 0130 hours, the victim woke up when they heard their automatic garage door open and then a chirp from their house alarm.  The victim went downstairs and found the door to the garage open and the exterior garage door open.  The victim’s Mercedes, which was parked in the driveway, was rummaged through. 

Vehicle Larcenies / Cambric Cir, Mattock Place                                                                                                     

During the overnight hours from 5/17/20 into 5/18/20 unknown suspects entered unlocked vehicles on Cambric Circle and Mattock Place.  Property was stolen from several vehicles.   

Burglary 2nd / G.L. 4th / Mattock Pl / 20-090255

At 0118 hours on 5/18/20 an unknown suspect entered the residence at 18 Mattock Pl through an unlocked man door to the garage and the unlocked exterior garage door.  A Samsung cell phone, wallet, and keys to multiple vehicles were stolen from inside the residence.  The suspect used the keys to unlock a Ford F150 pickup truck and then stole a 357 Magnum revolver and 12 gauge Winchester shotgun from inside the truck.


Suspicious Incident / Pittsford Palmyra Rd / 20-085727

On 5/12/20 the reporting person was hosting a zoom meeting for 90 people who are part of the Quantum Sails Design Group.  His meeting was “hijacked” by an unknown person who played a 25 second clip of child pornography on his monitor as well as the screens of the attendees. 

Vehicle Larceny / 2749 Clover Street (Lock 32 Park) / 20-086432

On 5/13/20 between 1800 and 1930 hours the victim left her purse and contents under the seat of her unlocked vehicle while she took a walk.  When she returned to her vehicle the purse had been stolen. 

Petit Larceny / 3195 Monroe Ave (Wegmans) / 20-085721

On 5/12/20 Loss Prevention observed Tyson Thomas (5/14/88) fill a shopping cart with groceries valued at $321.19 and leave the store without paying.  He was taken into custody without incident and issued an appearance ticket for Pittsford Town Court.

Menacing 3rd   / French Rd / 20-088138

The victim left a “restart ROC” rally at Pittsford Plaza on 5/16/20 at about 1345 hours.  The victim was driving on French Rd when a blue Honda Civic stopped suddenly next to a parked Amazon delivery van so that no traffic could pass on French Rd.  A male, approximately 40 years old, exited the Civic and approached the victim’s car screaming at her.  He hit the hood of her vehicle and kicked her vehicle as he continued to scream.  The male went back to his car, retrieved a bottle of hand sanitizer and waved it at the victim.  A witness heard him say, “you want something to protest, I’ll give you a protest.”  Deputies made contact with the registered owner, Morgan Bida.  Morgan admitted to the above incident and said he saw writing on the victim’s car related to reopening New York.  Bida turned himself in at A-zone and was issued an appearance ticket for Pittsford Town Court. 

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