Zone A Weekly Crime Report

A- Zone Neighborhood Crime Watch

July 12, 2018 to July 18, 2018


Larceny / 2479 Browncroft Boulevard (Hearing Aid Works Audiology) / 18-124620

(V) states that on 2/9/18 (S) entered the store inquiring about a pair of hearing aids.  (S) provided an insurance card to order a pair of hearing aids, but was informed the process could take several months.  (S) pleaded with (V) and eventually (V) loaned (S) a pair of $4,800 hearing aids that were to be returned when his order came in.  On 5/7/18 (S)’s order came in, but he refused to come in and return the loaner hearing aids.  (S) eventually stopped responding to (V) and has yet to return the product.  Patrol to follow up.



AUO 1st (Arrest) / Green Valley Drive / 18-124579

On 7/11/18 at approximately 0225 hours Multiple A-Zone deputies attempted to stop a group of 3 dirt bikes that were driving recklessly in the area.  The group refused to stop and deputies went back on routine patrol.  While doing a special attention in the area, a deputy located Marquise Lee (28 y/o) in a front yard of Green Valley Drive with a crashed dirt bike.  Lee was found to have 28 suspensions on 12 different dates and subsequently arrested for AUO 1st.  Lee complained of hip pain and was eventually transported to Strong Hospital.  

Criminal Mischief /  Chenin Run / 18-126241

Multiple victims of the same household report that between 7/6/18 & 7/13/18 an unknown person slashed or drove a screw into their vehicle tires.  There were 4 different victims, all of them residing at 34 Chenin Run.  All the victims report having issues with a neighbor, but there were no cameras in the area and a neighborhood canvas yielded negative results.


Vehicle Larceny / 111 E. Jefferson Road (YMCA) / 18-124838

(V) states that on 7/11/18 between 1400 & 1500 hours an unknown person entered her unlocked vehicle and stole a Kate Spade wallet containing credit cards from her glove box.  While driving home she received a text message from Chase stating that her credit card had been used.  Furthermore, (V)’s credit card was used at the Henrietta Best Buy for $1,490.38 & $1,295.99 and at the Henrietta Walmart for $775.44.  There were no cameras in the immediate area of the theft and a neighborhood canvas yielded negative results.  Patrol to follow up.

Criminal Possession of a Weapon (Arrest) / Crestview Drive/E. Jefferson Road / 18-125654

On 7/12/18 at approximately 1857 hours patrol Deputies responded to Crestview Drive at E. Jefferson Road for the report of an MVA.  Upon investigation it was determined that the driver of one of the vehicles, (S) Matthew Nichols (55 y/o), was intoxicated and was subsequently arrested for DWI.  Upon an inventory search of the vehicle a loaded 9mm Berretta pistol along with 2 full magazines were located in the vehicle.  (S) later admitted that the pistol was his and that he had purchased it legally in Florida, but has been living in NY for over a year and never bothered to get a NYS pistol permit.  (S) was arraigned in front of Judge Shaddock from CPF & CPW 3rd and released to pre-trial services.    

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