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October 4, 2018 to October 10, 2018


Burglary / Bay Road / 18-177629

(V) states that he lives at the above address with his 3 roommates.  (V) said on September 29th he noticed his 2003 class ring and a gold necklace on his dresser were missing.  Furthermore, he went in his closet and found that his small safe was open and empty.  Missing from the safe was a variety of coins worth approximately $100.  After interviewing the roommates it was determined that Tasha Durand (32 y/o) and her boyfriend, frequent contact Jeremy Webb (29 y/o), were in the apartment during the thefts timeframe.  A check of LeadsOnline determined that Durand had pawned multiple items at Ridge Coin.  The items were later identified as (V)’s.  The coins and jewelry were taken into custody and placed in property.  Webb also has 2 outstanding warrants out of the city of Rochester.  Patrol to follow up. 

Stolen Vehicle /  Empire Boulevard / 18-179244

(V) reports that between 10/6/18 & 10/7/18 (2000-1100) an unknown person stole her 2017 Honda HRV (FSJ4780) which had been left unlocked with the keys left in it.  Video cameras in the area were checked which revealed a short, thin B/M wearing a dark hoody and dark pants steal the car at 0333 hours on 10/7/18.  A neighborhood canvas yielded negative results.  Patrol to follow up.

Criminal Possession of Stolen Property /  Five Mile Line Road / 18-180555

On 10/9/18 at approximately 1623 hours patrol responded to The Grand Vi nursing home for a medical call.  Upon arrival he spoke with a manager who was having an issue with an employee for an unrelated matter.  Patrol spoke with (S) Travis Hirschfelt (30 y/o) who was upset because he couldn’t take his work tools home with him.  While speaking with (S), several silver coins were observed in the front seat of his vehicle.  (S) said that he got the coins from his father, but changed his story multiple times.  Eventually (S) confessed to stealing the coins from a home in Greece that he installed carpet at.  The coins were taken into custody and patrol to follow up.


Burglary / Waterworks Lane / 18-178680

From 10/5/18 at approximately 1530 hours to 10/6/18 at 0800 hours, an unknown suspect entered the above location by an unknown means.  While inside of the location the suspect stole a Roto Zip power tool, Dewalt impact gun, Drywall hammers, and a bag of misc. tools.  The tools belonged to a contractor who was making repairs to the home.  A neighbor reports seeing a male dressed in dark clothing wearing a book bag and also had on reflective shoes in the area on 10/6/18 at around 0045 hours.  Patrol to follow up.

Auto Stripping / 816 Pittsford Victor Road (Park & Ride) / 18-179695

(V) states that between 10/5/18 & 10/6/18 (0815-0725) an unknown person removed his catalytic converter from underneath his vehicle while it was parked at the Park & Ride.  (V) said that when he picked the car up from the location it was extremely loud so he brought it to the Muffler Shop where it was determined that the theft had taken place.  There were no cameras located in the area.  Patrol to follow up.

Criminal Possession of Marijuana (Arrest) / Fairport Road @ Baird Road / 18-178639

On 10/6/18 at approximately 0306 patrol stopped a 2007 Hyundai (HCR7133) in the area of Fairport Road and Baird Road.  Upon speaking with the driver the strong odor of marijuana was observed coming from the vehicle.  (S) Zeron Bratcher (22 y/o), the driver of the vehicle, was asked to step out after several attempts to try and conceal something.  7.6 ounces of marijuana was found both in the vehicle and on (S)’s person along with numerous baggies.  (S) was brought to A-Zone where he was processed and released on an appearance ticket.



Shoplifting Burglary / 3195 Monroe Avenue (Wegmans) / 18-176211

(R), a loss prevention employee for Wegmans, states that on 10/1/18 at approximately 2247 hours he observed (S1) Daniel Collazo-Garcia (42 y/o) & (S2) Maria Rivera (59 y/o) were observed stealing $92 worth of Red Bull from the location.  (R) said that both suspects were banned from the location back on 9/21/18 for the period of 2 years.  (S1) also has outstanding warrants out of the city of Rochester & Irondequoit.  Patrol to follow up.

Shoplifting Burglary (Arrest) / 3195 Monroe Avenue (Wegmans) / 18-177024

(R), a loss prevention employee for Wegmans, states that on 10/3/18 at approximately 1524 hours he observed (S) Michael Cicero (50 y/o) was observed stealing $5 worth of cough syrup from the location.  (R) said that the suspect was banned from the location back on 9/14/17 for the period of 2 years.  (S) was subsequently remanded to MCJ by Judge Shaddock on $500/$1,000.   

Criminal Mischief / Resisting Arrest /  Butternut Drive / 18-177946 & 18-177982

On 10/5/18 at approximately 0001 hours  deputies responded to the above address for the open line with arguing in the background.  After arriving on scene deputies were immediately confronted by (S) Jeffrey Peters (41 y/o) in the front yard. (S) was bleeding from his head and waving a knife, and engaged in a verbal confrontation with police.  As the deputies were attempting to take (S) into custody, he grabbed patrol around the neck before being restrained and placed in cuffs.  Pittsford ambulance responded to check (S) for a head laceration he received from head butting a glass door in the house prior to deputies arrival.  (V), the mother of (S), stated he became enraged when she refused to give him $20.  (S) trashed the house, destroying the kitchen and shattering a glass door with his head.  (S) became more enraged when (V) called 911.  (S) remained confrontational with Deputies at MAZ, as well as stripping naked, attempting to choke himself with his pants, and putting his head in the toilet after he urinated in it.    (S) was remanded to MCJ on $2500 cash/bond for Criminal Mischief 3rd, Menacing a Police Officer, Criminal Obstruction of Breathing, Harassment 2nd, & Resisting Arrest.

Burglary / Monroe Avenue / 18-180195

(R), a painter at the construction site, states between 10/8/18 & 10/9/18 (5:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.) an unknown person pried open a work trailer door and stole a black MITIM power washer, 2 Dewalt power sanders, and (4) 100 ft extension cords (Total value of $1,400).  A check for cameras and a neighborhood canvas yielded negative results.  Patrol to follow up.

Larceny / 35 Framingham Lane / 18-179034

(V) reports that between 9/29/18 & 10/5/18 an unknown person stole approximately $10,000 worth of jewelry and a $500 Wegmans gift card from a tote in a locked room in their home.  (V) said there are several aides that are constantly in their house because their daughter has severe autism.  The jewelry is described as (15) 24k solid gold bracelets, 2 pairs of 24k gold earrings, 1 18k gold earring with small diamonds, 1 18k solid gold necklace pendant,  & a 14k gold diamond ring.  Investigators tOcto follow up. 

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