***UPDATED*** DMV SERVICE ALERT -- WEDNESDAY AUGUST 8, 2018  -- AFFECTS ONLY NEW OR UPGRADES TO REAL ID AND ENHANCED ID/PERMIT/LICENSE - The previously reported scanning issue has been resolved at all main branch locations and we *are* able to process Enhanced and REAL ID documents at the Henrietta, Greece and Irondequoit offices. However, the issue is still affecting our 3 mobile locations.  Until NYS resolves the issue, we are unable to process new or upgrades to REAL ID or Enhanced licenses, permits, or IDs at our mobile DMV locations.  All other transaction types are currently able to be processed.  We are awaiting further information from the state on how and when this issue will be resolved, and will continue updating this message as we receive word.

Get ready for NYS Real ID!  Not sure what documents you need to upgrade?  Try the NYS DMV Proof Wizard!

Auto License Bureau

Picture of license plates and DMV forms.

Book an appointment with Monroe County Auto License Bureau (DMV) using SetMore

Acting as an agent for the State of New York, the Monroe County Clerk administers the County’s Auto License Bureau.

Information about Accomodations for People with Disabilities

DMV Services and Information

  • Driver Licenses
  • Non-Driver Identification
  • Learner Permits
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL)
  • Plate Surrender
  • Enforcement Transactions

You can find detailed DMV information, answers to many motor vehicle questions, complete several basic transactions, and access the most commonly used forms by using the link provided below to go to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles website.

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Information:
New York State DMV
DMV Phone Numbers
DMV Forms

Telephone Service

DMV information is also available by telephone at 518-486-9786. In addition to a 24 hour automated service, live operators are available during normal business hours.

Eye / Vision Tests

For those customers who need a vision test to renew their licenses, please know that Monroe County Auto License Bureau offices are able to provide this service and renew your license in a single visit.  (An appointment will make your trip even faster!)  You are not required to visit an optician or ophtamalogist to renew your license.

Hours and Locations

View the Auto License Bureau hours and locations or call the Monroe County Auto License Bureau 24-hour Hot Line at 585-753-1604.Picture of the inside of Auto License Bureau.

DMV Mobile Services

The Monroe County Clerk's DMV Mobile Service visits three locations a day, five days a week - one on the County's east side, one of the west and one in the City of Rochester.

Forms of Payment

The Monroe County Clerk’s Office and Auto License Bureaus accept cash, checks made payable to “Monroe County Clerk,” and all major credit cards.

Parking and Traffic Tickets

The Auto License Bureau does not handle parking violations and cannot answer your questions about parking tickets. We do not regulate parking. Contact the locality if you have parking tickets or questions about local regulations. Failure to answer parking tickets may result in barring renewal of your auto registration or a registration suspension.

In Monroe County, traffic tickets for moving violations are handled by local courts. In the City of Rochester, the New York State DMV Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) handles non-criminal moving violations. Criminal traffic violations in these areas, such as DWI or reckless driving, are handled by criminal courts. Contact the local criminal court.

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