; Cheryl Dinolfo, County Executive

Pavement Preservation Principles

The general principle in pavement preservation is to perform the right treatment at the right time. Applying the most appropriate lowest cost treatment to roads in good condition keeps them in good condition and avoids costly paving and rehabilitation projects. The 660 centerline miles of roads under the jurisdiction of Monroe County vary in nature from rural to urban and there are a variety of pavement maintenance treatments that can be applied to our road system. By utilizing low cost pavement maintenance treatments we are able to annually maintain many more lane miles of county roads and keep many more miles of roadway in good condition. Working on roads and installing low cost maintenance treatments on roadway that are in good condition preserves previous investments and costs about 1/5 of the cost of asphalt repaving and rehabilitation. The benefits of this approach take time to realize, however since implementing this approach 10 + years ago we are seeing some improvement in the overall condition of our road network in spite of level or reduced budgets and increased and rising material and labor costs.

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